Can the British conservative press succeed?

A documentary by the British Independent Television company on the Sussexes’ Southern Africa Royal Tour has just been shown on Independent Television.  It did lay bare what the royal couple have experienced until they took legal action against the Gutter on Sunday, the Daily slime Mirror and the sewer Sun.

The overriding impression is the lies that the newspapers have made, which the Duke stated in his statement in South Africa and the Duchess concurred in the documentary.  She was asked what she felt about their situation and her response was very revealing.

She said when she first met the Duke her friends in the UK said he was a great guy, but the British tabloids would destroy her.  She naively felt it could not be that bad.  She said she has tried to develop the British sensibility of keeping stiff upper lip about all the lies that have been written and say nothing, but that was destroying her internally.  She said the press has to play fair.  If she did something wrong, she would put up her hand and say sorry, but it hurts when lies are deliberately told and no attempts are made to correct them.

She was asked what to do next.  Her answer was that marriage life is meant to be happy, but not this way with constant attack by liars.  She said, she is taking it one day at a time and consoles herself with her husband and son, whom she described as the best.

The Duke was asked about his relationship with his brother.  He said the relationship is okay, but as happens with siblings a few things happen sometimes.  He loves his brother and knows his brother loves him too and would always be there for each other.  Now he has a family to protect and look after, as any man would do for theirs.  They are on different paths and have not seen each other for a while.  I think he knows something about the wicked machinations going on at Kensington Palace against his wife, he is not telling.

Autumn 2018 after returning from their Royal Tour, there were some newspaper journalists who were boldly claiming that the wedding honeymoon of the Sussexes was over.  That was because the tabloids and serious newspapers like the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, the Times and the Sunday Times journalists, not necessarily only the royal reporters, were quickly off with lies and attacks against the Duchess for no reason at all other than she had had a very successful Royal Tour to Oceania, which overshadowed her sister in law.  We all remember the lies that began with Robert ‘the slob’ Jobson and continued until her Wimbledon visit with her friends.

But then, there was no honeymoon at all.  The Mail Group – daily Gutter and Gutter on Sunday – have continued their determination to attack and undermine the Duchess by whatever means and at every turn.  Unfortunately, they have been aided by the Duchess’s own estranged idiotic father and demon demented half-siblings.

The day after the Royal Wedding, when the world was rejoicing with the Sussexes, the Daily Gutter, as part of its coverage, used its front page to write an editorial criticising the newly titled Duchess.  In the editorial headlined, MEGHAN MARKLE’S MANIFESTO, they criticised her feminist views and warned her against dabbling in politics.  It was surprising because her only known political pronouncements were on Trump and voting for Mrs. Clinton.  They have never stopped.

Even after they sued the three tabloids and most have kept their distance, up popped Camilla Tominey in a Daily Telegraph article last week about the Sussexes.  She claimed, the Sussexes are now isolated from the Royal Family and that was according to her source.  This is how she starts her lies and other idiots pick up as truth and publish as facts.

If they are isolated from the Royal Family, which is a big one and made up of individuals, which of them gave her that story?  And which of them are isolated from the Sussexes?  We should remember that she and the tabloid journalists have links to the staff and handlers of the Cambridges.  They feed them with dirt to spread about the Sussexes.  If she began this unsubstantiated story and others picked it up, then that creates a state of crises around the Sussexes, even though that is a lie.  That was what the Sussexes were referring to, lies.

Last Thursday, a senior editor with the Daily Gutter was reviewing the next day’s newspapers at Sky News Television.  He read from his own newspaper of the lavish coverage they had given to the Cambridges’ Pakistan Royal Tour.  He was full of praise for Kate the Duchess of Cambridge saying she has grown nicely into her role.  His reviewing colleague then referred to the Sussexes’ South Africa Royal Tour, which he said was going nicely until their condemnation statement and legal case against the Gutter on Sunday.  Thereupon the senior editor interjected that he does not really like the Duchess, because she preached too much.  That meant as a conservative journalist, he totally disapproves of the Duchess’s views on women empowerment, education for girls and employment for women.  The journalists on both his newspapers, the two Gutters, wish the Duchess of Sussex would keep her mouth shut and behave like her sister in law.  That fortunately for us, is not in her DNA.

Just today in the Sunday Times, Royah Nikka, the only person of colour among the royal reporters, wrote something she said was exclusive.  The story was made out of the snippets of the documentary shown earlier and shown fully today.  Her claim was that the Sussexes were taking a break for six weeks from royal duties.  They would be going to spend the time with the Duchess’s mother in Los Angeles.  If that was not a security nightmare for the Royal Family, what is?  There is no place to hide and security would be very risky.   It would also be a gargantuan security headache for the mother.  Where is the space to accommodate the family and the accompanying security details?

Los Angeles would be a boon for paparazzi and any number of freewheeling journalists to make their life even worse than staying at Frogmore Cottage.  But then, that is the fake news these dubious people start and then spread all over the world within seconds.  Before ten o’clock in the morning, British Autumn, news media in the UK and Australia were reporting it, just from one unsubstantiated source.  As the Duchess said in the documentary, even when these people are corrected, they continue to misrepresent stories about her.

In the documentary, she seemed to be tired with the UK.  If it was not for her husband and son, she might decide this was not the place for her.  She wants to be happy and not vehemently lied about so much.  She is living life each day as it comes and that is no life for anyone, royal or not.

One hopes that they would summon a mighty courage somehow somewhere to combat these troubling times.  Some people in the British media have been determined to destroy the marriage by constantly faking news about her.   She has been forging along with fortitude and hopefully, the support she has in the global space would encourage her to push on.  Giving up now would hand over victory to racists, bigots, and idiots in the newspapers.

A lot of young women and girls have pinned their hopes on her.   Some women and girls in South Africa interviewed in the documentary said that the Duchess inspires them to reach for higher goals in their lives.  The same sentiments were expressed in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Morocco, Tonga, Ireland and in the UK. I would, therefore, plead with the Sussex Squaddies to renew our efforts to defend and actively support the Sussexes, including the innocent lovable cute Master Archive.

I think we should in our different ways, send messages to Sussex Royal, Buckingham Palace, SW1, London or to their Instagram account offering our strong support to them.  We should say, we want them to stay here, not go anywhere, to fight on and not give in to racists, bigots, and thuggish journalism.

11 thoughts on “Can the British conservative press succeed?

  1. Free Spirit

    Hi Mr Gilbert,

    This is a question for you:
    Why can’t the BRF stand up for themselves, and show unity as a family? They are being treated really appallingly by their own press. Are they ‘scared’ of them? Yes the press has freedom of speech in a democracy and all. But they are abusing this freedom. This is not a game. What ‘game’ is this anyway?

    With all the issues the BRF has, shouldn’t they be respected? As the highest traditional institution of history still alive? (keeping aside the Royalists and non-Royalists view aside) In a country who still sings “God save the Queen?” Yea, held accountable, etc; but the way the gutter press is going about, they are treating the BRF as a circus. To be ready to perform, when they say “Jump”! “Dance”!

    Have a look at how the Japanese Emperor is treated with respect. They don’t have an Empire anymore, but they are not treated like trash, they are still given respect by the government and the people there.

    I thought the British people were decent (most of them), they had manners and were courteous. But it seems not.

    Hope you can help me understand this.


  2. Free Spirit

    Dear Mr Gilbert,

    Thank you for your article, and I especially enjoyed your colourful adjectives used for the gutter press and the ‘slob’ (yes he is one, isn’t he?). I watched the documentary, and I was very impressed with both the DDOS’ work and how composed they were while answering tough questions.

    I believe the DDOS decided to make this documentary to tell their stories themselves, and they knew that the spin masters at gutter press news desks will be spinning them till no tomorrow, after the tour ended. This documentary really showed who they were as people with hearts, compassion, soul and a deep empathy for all people. And the genuineness with which they really want to help people. Whether they stay or leave, I will continue to support them.

    For the moment, the DDOS are not quitters, they are fighters, laying bare their stories and their hearts, they were speaking directly to the people, who know them and support them. And their story is a true story coming from them, not through some hired goons masquerading as journalists (they are jokers really). I would like the DDOS to fight for what is right, like they (Harry in particular) said, they are people with strong moral principles and a set of values (taught to him by his mother, Princess Diana). So to expect them to just give up and leave, would to undermining them and sending them the message they are weak, and their love and family is not worth fighting for.

    As a Sussex fam supporter, like all other supporters in this group; we would all want the DDOS to have nothing to do with the cesspit that is the BRF. But if we keep saying, that we want them to leave, will be playing directly into the hands of the same conservative press who want them gone. It is a difficult time for them now, and I also understand that the Sussexsquad members mean well for them. I feel, we should support them in their quest for justice and the demand for fairness. They are doing what they feel is right, and doing this for Archie as well. Like the Duke said, he wants to be a role for little Archie, and he is doing it. So all the more, we should back him up for trying to reveal the blatant double standards of the gutter press.

    The world now knows that there is a double standard there, they are aware of the tabloids’ lies and vilification, the blatant racism and xenophobia towards the Duchess. How much longer can the gutter press carry on. The DDOS have chosen to fight, and I will be there to support till the end.

  3. Donna Edwards

    A wonderful Article. You have a great deal insight into the dilemma with the Sussexes and the British media. I would like for them to stay in the UK if that is what they want to do. However, the most important thing is their sanity. If they leave the UK, Harry and Meghan will continue doing charity work somewhere in the world because it is in both of their DNA.

  4. Dell Lumpkin

    Thank you Mr.Gilbert
    I think Harry and Meghan steps should be ordered by the Lord and not by man. They should seek God and follow peace within because what we think they should do could be a different direction God has for them. I pray that they get there guidance from God. Take this time to seek his will for them as a family. God Is working mighty things in the lives of this family to help and encourage people globally and satan don’t like it, so satan is working through man trying to destroy them and their marriage, because there is power and strength In unity. They need our prayers. Thanks for all you do you are a blessing

  5. arnold sanders

    I don’t know how I feel. Part of me wants her to leave. Part wants her to stay. I don’t know.

  6. Pamela Brownjenkins

    Thank you Mr.Gilbert, I believe Harry and Meghan and King Archie are the light in that disfunctional family, if they leave the light will be gone. I hope they stay strong and know that they have a whole army of angels behind them. Thanks again for your well written article. Please keep them coming, I look forward to reading them.
    #Westandwithsussexes #weloveyoumeghan!

  7. TVM

    Thank you very much for this. The political angle is quite often ignored by the Americans. We are currently going through a Brexit process and to a lot of these people Meghan represents what they are trying to separate from. – an inclusive, political and economic framework.
    In this vein, I want to highlight a clever snippet from the documentary. Not many people discussing when Tom (the journalist) cut to an old interview with Princess Diana when she was accused of being a political operative for Labour policy. Labour is our left wing (woke) party. Diana denied this. White conservatives like to own (Saint) Diana, but Diana at the time was more akin to Harry and Meghan and she suffered for it.
    Your column is always appreciated- regards

    1. Free Spirit


      I think you have hit the nail on the head. Yes, there is a political angle.

      But what I don’t understand is, why is the BRF not calling all the lies out? Times have changed. Why can’t they do something about it?

  8. Mahevo

    “Unfortunately, they have been aided by the Duchess’s own estranged idiotic father and demon demented half-siblings.” Nicely said. I enjoyed the article. Keep them coming. My energy is renewed. I am ready to fight for another 12 months… hopefully it won’t be needed since they would have won their case and the RRs will be careful what to put in.

  9. Zanye

    Agree with your conclusion. And they will stay and fight.

    Harry while in South Africa said Change is coming and I believe him. The British press may try to fight it but it is coming whether they like it or not.


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