Duchess of Sussex and the British Press ft Professor Melissa Murray 046

Hey everyone! We have Professor Melissa Murray here with us today!! Tina fangirl the whole time!! This episode was recorded on Monday before the lawsuits, so, unfortunately, I couldn’t ask her anything about the lawsuits. Prof is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Yale Law School. She also clerked for Sonia Sotomayor, then of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Errrkkkkk life goals for Tina!) and Stefan Underhill of the US District Court for the District of Connecticut. She is a member of the New York bar. Murray teaches constitutional law, family law, criminal law, and reproductive rights and justice, among other courses and she is a regular contributor on MSNBC.

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Topics we covered 1. If Meghan was one of your girlfriends, what would you tell her she’s doing right and what, if anything, would you advise her differently? 2. What piqued your interest in the duchess and when?  3. Duchess’s situation is the epitome of a situation where you’re butting up against people with unearned privilege who you outperform regularly. What lessons do you take from how she is handling her situation? And how can we apply those lessons in our daily lives  4. What do you think about the royal family’s seeming complicity or laissez-faire attitude about the press abuse? 5. More girlfriend questions, how would you advise her to protect her sanity in the face of the madness?  6. What has Meghan done that you are most proud of or can most relate to? Something where you said to yourself, “Now if I was in her position, that’s exactly what I would’ve done?” 7. What do you think is the difference between a political and humanitarian issue? How would you define each? Given whenever Meghan does something the U.K. press always tries to bin under political.    #istandwiththesussexes

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