DupliKate, stop it … no, really stop!


Maria Chang

WE the people respectfully request that the female occupant of KP get her own life, Please!  Duchess Meghan’s pain is not yours to co-opt. Lest you forget, you’re the fine home county girl with very close family ties that remain strong even in marriage.

Duchess Meghan, on the other hand, was painted as the interloper with the messy family. If you want your own messy family, there’s no need to ‘borrow’ Duchess Meghan’s life. Since she has not claimed them, you have the entitled, petty, problematic husband, the alleged pedophile uncle and the hypocritical jealous father-in-law; you were there first, so they are all yours.

There is a male family member who “inadvertently” sold Nazi memorabilia in his store. Maybe you can have him explain his understanding of “inadvertent”. I am told you also have a problematic uncle in the ‘entertainment’ industry who has long been more than generous to your family. Ask nicely and he will return to embarrass you. Well, he could try to embarrass you, but the press will likely paint you as the victim who needs to be protected.

They are overflowing with sympathy, for you, which seems to mean there is none to spare for Duchess Meghan. With her, their aim seems to be, “the many ways they can cause her the most distress and embarrassment.

Do you know what else you can have? Duchess Meghan’s wardrobe. Your fondness for copying Duchess Meghan’s style puts you in company with the millions of people who already do. Remember, she was the top fashion influencer last year. You can even continue with your ‘sudden fondness’ for speeches, and we won’t remind you that your materfamilias said being a royal is not about giving speeches. You can even go around hugging everyone you meet, the press will think it endearing, they save the “broken protocol”, for Duchess Meghan.

We do have one favor to ask, lay off the Black children, please. We find it highly suspicious and very problematic that you now seem unable to get through an engagement without being photographed hugging a Black child. Stop requesting photo ops with Black children, please. Yes, we said request, because we find it highly unlikely it’s coincidental. Black people are not props.


Last and most importantly don’t you dare attempt to “profit” from Duchess Meghan’s pain. The internet is a thing, Google is our friend and it does not take much searching to find evidence of the thousand and one articles about how your loving family rallied around you after the birth of your first child. 

Remember your materfamilias, the “live-in-nanny”? So, after years of painting a glowing picture of your time as a new mother, it is suspicious that you are now claiming the opposite in the midst of Duchess Meghan garnering worldwide sympathy for the loneliness she suffered after the birth of her first child.  

If you did indeed “suffer,” as you say, then why were you not more empathetic to your brother-in-law’s wife?  Why have you never said Duchess Meghan’s name; why have you never talked about her child? Why during the length of her pregnancy did you not ONCE express any sympathy for her? Where was your empathy for a new mother? Where was your duty of care as the patron of the newborns? Did you never once think how the press harassment might have affected your brother-in-law’s child? The brother-in-law who always looked out for you, who defended you. 

Did you never appreciate the hypocrisy of claiming to be a champion of the cause when evidence shows you are the opposite? And, as if your lack of compassion were not enough, you have now decided that like Meghan you suffered too. Well, “not like Meghan” because that would require you acknowledging her and her suffering. Instead, you are attempting to co-opt the “lonely new mother” in the Royal Family as your badge of courage deserving of sympathy. Just think had you offered Duchess Meghan empathy and understanding you might have been able to present it as a shining example of your selflessness. 

Duchess Meghan’s pain is not a storyline you can recast, with you in the starring role. Whatever your intention, rethink your strategy, play to your strength and stay in your lane. The craven attempts to ‘adopt’ Duchess Meghan’s pain seems crass and unfeeling.

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13 thoughts on “DupliKate, stop it … no, really stop!

  1. Elizabeth Badu

    This is on point and there’s nothing to add excellent article, l can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Kate

    Well said..praise to your article. I hope that the people who’s always on the negative side of Meghan will realize what copykate is doing.
    More please..

  3. TVM

    My favourite article thus far. Do you know what else they steal – sussexsquad ideas. Listening back to one of you December podcasts, it’s as if Michelle is giving them ideas. Too bad they do not know how to execute them. Thank you for this article.

  4. Trinette L Mitchell

    It’s insane how on point this article is!

    Sussex Squad, we have to continue to stay prayed up for Harry & Meghan. They, too will overcome this crap and those that try to benefit from the Sussexes success will soon fail.

    I, for one, am over this nonsense! The sooner the monarchy falls the better!

  5. Sasha

    Awesome and factual! I was speechless when I saw her hug that child in Bradford. Then have four photos of her with a black child at her following engagement.

    I have to wonder what the hell is she playing at! Trying to be like Meghan… but when it doesn’t come natural and genuine, the child will look away!

  6. Sam

    well said, even the make up makeover was inspired by Meghan . suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but upsetting to see K gain while M is vilified

  7. Chandra McDonald

    This article was poignantly on point! Try as she mite, Kate can never duplicate Princess Meghan ( that’s right, I said it), for she is truly an exquisite and unique designer’s original, that has been fashioned, chosen and gifted by God to shine in such a time as this. Keep shinning Princess Meghan,

  8. Jane

    Could you repost these articles on places like Medium and reddit and twitter? Just anywhere you can. It is not getting enough views here. Thank you.

    1. Tina Post author

      We post all the articles automatically on twitter and we don’t have the resources or the time to republish on Reddit or medium (we don’t have a medium account and this website is where our article reside)

  9. Gladys

    The hypocrisy of it all, the jealousy, oh, i am tired😑 but lets keep the Sussexes in our prayers for we see now the British Media is campaigning for their failure & stirring up hate within the Canadians using security.

  10. Joyce

    Thank you for a well written piece. I must say I am speechless and not surprised. The whole hypocrisy is beyond me. The RF keep exposing themselves to the world, how they have been jealous of H & M. We have to keep calling it out as well as supporting the Sussexes, we will be praying for them.


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