Empty Planes: A story

Here is a short video on the PR the others pulled on Thursday to make the Duke and Duchess of Sussex look bad for flying a private jet.

Here is a link to the report: https://t.co/UJlrWpwinM

The company ended up flying at least 2 empty planes for this PR!

– 2 empty planes flew 100 miles (x2 = 200 miles) SOUTH first, from Humberside airport to Norwich
– then 1 plane flew NORTH empty some 400 miles from Norwich to Aberdeen so it could operate the next flight back to Norwich
– 1 plane flew NORTH 400 miles from Norwich to Aberdeen with Cambridges and other passengers.
To fly 400 miles, the planes covered 1,000 miles. This a distance between Norwich and Iceland!!! On the top of this they didn’t pay for carbon offset.

This video also highlights how Royal reporters are so quick to judge Harry and Meghan for any perceived slight while they twist themselves into a pretzel to defend the others. These are the people entrusted by the establishment and courtiers to bring you Royal news.


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