People need to find some perspective regarding Meghan

By Heleneg

Meghan did what most politicians don’t- she made a promise and kept her word She hit the ground running: moved to a new country, learned new customs, endured major life changes, and then thrived… delivering successful project after project, empowering communities, representing the UK. She’s done all of this with a smile on her face and with complete authenticity.

She did this even when it was clear people believed that she couldn’t, even when many wished she wouldn’t. She’s had to do this in the face of people who have betrayed her and have attempted to humiliate in front of the entire world.

She’s had to do this in the midst of one of the most vulnerable periods that any woman goes through in her life: pregnancy, a time period where your mind, your body, your emotions, your outlook, and your priorities change forever. She’s had to do this in the face of a system that pretends that things are the way they are because that’s the way they have always been, when in fact, the way things are is the result of the conscious deliberate choices of real live, actual people.

Some of these people are individuals only interested in furthering agendas that either give them clout, money, or power. Some are people who would just rather she not exist and have created entire narratives and social networks devoted to destroying her reputation and her well-being with truly sick and deranged generated content. Some are people that have seemingly convinced others to dismiss journalistic wrong-doing and crap reporting because “it happens to everyone,” and “that’s part of the job” as if that’s a valid excuse from having an iota of integrity.

Meghan’s job is not to provide fodder for the never-ending fictions created for public consumption and personal profit.

It’s not to be a live-action blow-up doll punching bag at the whim of the mental anguishes carried by whoever happens to have a platform. It’s not to be traumatized by the media or for a public that has no interest in challenging uncouth, unsavory, untrue headlines, articles, and talking points and seems content to pick apart women for whatever crime they perceive they’ve done.

It’s not to endure unreasonable and unprecedented requests for access to an infant that has no title and is just figuring out object permanence.


Because there is nothing in this world that gives people license to treat someone else like a commodity.

Because having a public role does not conscript Meghan to a miserable existence for the amusement of the masses.

Because Meghan deserves more than to be chronicled by individuals who see her every move as a sensation designed for trolling and clicks.

Because she deserves more than people so incensed by her existence that everything she does is a crime.

Because she deserves not to be denigrated for being herself and then sucked dry by those who seek to silence her and remake themselves in her image.

Because she deserves more than people who dress up cowardice in the face of blatant disregard, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and hatred as “neutrality” and “tradition”.

Because she deserves to not be surrounded by unscrupulous gossips and clout chasers who smile in her face and talk shit behind her back.

Because she deserves not to be pilloried or judged by people who cannot perceive her worth because her mother is a Black Queen.

Because she deserves not being gaslighted and abused for daring to live out loud and for being herself.

Because she deserves more than death by a hundred thousand cuts.

Because she deserves the opportunity to be surrounded by love and sunshine by people who love and respect her.

Because her public life does not condemn her to a personal hell.

And because like all human beings, she has the right to live a life of freedom, happiness, and joy.

So to her haters, please find some perspective, and leave Meghan Markle alone!!!!!

Wishing her the most amazing holiday with her family!

*Editors note: This was first posted on twitter and we were given permission to report here to a wider audience.

2 thoughts on “People need to find some perspective regarding Meghan

  1. Gladys

    Oh Heleneg, i’ve shed some tears while reading this piece of yours for it’s so well articulated, yes THEY SHOULD LEAVE MEGHAN ALONE & it has to start from the palace & their jealousy dwellers.


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