Happy Anniversary Harry and Meghan! They said thanks for Archie Day !

Here are some topics we covered!

They said thanks for Archie Day
Happy Anniversary
Happy that no royal household wised happy anniversary
all the vendors posted about the anniversary
watch party
Trended on anniversary
Well-child thank you
Scotty’s little soldiers
Don’t read Katie Nicholl fanfic in the Sunday times
Why do RR keep saying Adele like Meghan is not from LA
Netflix’s series and a book about Epstein/Andrew

Here are the charities we believe will make the most positive impact in our current environment:
Nourish – A nonprofit organization registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa that provides food and hygiene products for over 100 children on a daily basis. https://bit.ly/2JMzzer

Children’s Aid- Located in NYC, this organization provides health, food, and housing services to kids in the foster care system. https://bit.ly/3c5OKM9

Boys and Girls Club of Canada- the largest child-and youth-serving agency in Canada that provides life skills and mental health services. https://bit.ly/2XjmyBg

Well Child: https://bit.ly/3adLjkX

Let’s make #ArchieDay the biggest global online fundraiser that we possibly can. Let’s make Harry and Meghan proud, grow Sussex Squad to be bigger than ever, and make a kid’s day a little better than it was yesterday. Let’s get to work.
We hope you enjoy it!
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