Harry and Meghan an African Journey our REACTIONS 049

Hello Sussex Squad, today, we have Professor Maynard, Stephanie, Freepeeper, and Ms HesterPayne on the podcast to share our takeaways positive, constructive, and negative from the documentary. This episode was recorded on Tuesday



Take aways

  1. Harry and Meghan will not play games
  2. His mom taught him values
  3. They have a sense of mission
  4. Meghan’s friends warned her
  5. Explain the tabloid culture
  6. Stiff upper lip
  7. Surviving vs living
  8. No one has asked if they are ok


The spin

  1. William furious
  2. HM and C fake “support”
  3. Deny racism (new mom angle)
  4. They are fragile
  5. They not coping with royal duties
  6. William fake concern
  7. Question Harry Mental health



We want fairness not sycophants


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