Harry and Meghan are doing better now! … 090

Hello everyone OluwaHarriet, Michelle, and FreePeeper were on the podcast today. Below are the topics we discussed.

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  2. the teenager therapy podcast: most trolled person in 2019 look at our last video with Meghan alone. a)almost unsurvivable, d) they are in a better place, c) journal, d) honored RBG, e) breastfeeding exhausted f) in vulnerable found a community, not a sign of weakness (example how I shared my most vulnerable moments) g) toxic masculinity h) take control of your life online turn off the recommended I) you have to talk about things stigma strives on silence see propaganda article 1-King has been weaned 2-Birds loved 3- Still caring 4-New Snickers 5-Heartbreak. What we consume will affect us like we said the last podcast we have to stop consuming the stuff is not good for you. (What I admire the most is that they took action. They left! Some are not able to. I admire that Meghan is still caring and sweet and not hardened by this. I’m glad the young hosts were so comfortable with them and had a meaningful conversation.) Meghan: I was tired.Harry: She was exhausted. She was breastfeeding. The difference is important. No more brave faces. I think him making this distinction was so telling that through it all, it was just them against the world. It was a beautiful moment but so heartbreaking too. To settle the nerves of the interviewer… Meghan sweetly said, “Breath!”******** Keep breathing everyone… breath! Another highlight for me was at the beginning… they were introduced by title Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Graciously said thank you and then they said: “Hi! I’m Meghan and I’m Harry”.Β  They don’t need or live for titles because titles don’t define them!!
  3. The Malala international day of the girl: Takeaways. Harry ties in the importance of girls’ education with climate change. Having access to education leads to a stable income and in turn leads to women being less vulnerable to natural disasters! Meghan in 2016 when she traveled to Rwanda and then in 2017 she visited India to focus specifically on girls’ access to education.Β  Thank you Sherry for that reminder that she sold artwork of African children to pay for wells If you educate a man, you educate one person. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation”
  4. Unprotected by the institution and prevented from defending herself
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1 thought on “Harry and Meghan are doing better now! … 090

  1. Keisha Alexander

    I think the past two interviews Harry and Meghan have done has pretty much blocked any global expansion Will and Kate can make on the issues of mental health and early child hood.The two biggest things that their work has focused on. Anything in those areas that they try to move on outside of the UK they will be asked the treatment of Harry and Meghan and why they didnt offer any support. Climate change is the only outlet they have for global reach that they wouldnt get asked about them. But in going down this road they open themselves up to conflicts with Charles, people watching their airplane and helicopter usage, their multiple homes. The Cambridges have backed themselves in corner on this I dont know if they realize it yet. That Earthshot wasnt a big splash no news outside of the UK and there literally is a whole award thats been around for years already doing pretty much that now.


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