Harry and Meghan are the blueprint the rest follow 089

Harry and Meghan are the blueprint the rest follow

Hello everyone OluwaHarriet and Michelle today. Below are the topics we discussed.

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1. Vote

2. Camfed final numbers

3. Walking wounded thing #PrinceHarry

4. Time 100 (I wanna be #MeghanMarkle hostage 😂)

5. America Got Talent

6. Lawsuit (Omid’s book fiction, the cost, date set, Meghan will call 4 witnesses, fail 3, will last 7 to 10 days, change in lawyers, etc)

7. Meghan saying parts of FF is fiction and other parts came from daily mail itself

8. They didn’t offer the self-defense training to Meghan! I can’t believe they didn’t! Wow!😱

9. Truthhurts on twitter: When Dickie’s racist behind is going like “Harry didn’t do anything wrong by encouraging people to vote. The Queen has said the same thing”.  Child, what is he up to? 😂😂😂😂

10. Vote

11. Jobson wants Harry to remove himself and his son from the line of succession. 🤣🤣🤣

12. Piers crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

13. Marmalade Mussolini

14. When you talk ish about someone and the person respond back or ppl defend the person you were talking ish about doesn’t make the person you were talking ish about or ppl who are defending them, bullies. Don’t puff your chest, you can’t be mad when we puff back.

15. Trump: It’s not H&M’s fault that they said reject hate and the president and others took it to mean him. Maybe the president should do a better job of disassociating from hate groups. Everyone everywhere should reject hate – it’s not a political statement.

16. This attempt not to seem racist tells me everything about how they’re freaking out on how their image post-Meghan has been shattered but their Queen took all their money they are complaining about the South Africa tour!

17. Problem is Willnot the Terrible has never been told the truth about himself and is a pathological narcissist. He’s a lost cause. The other one may even be worse. She won’t last long if she’s even a little ethical or has a moral compass.

18. South African tour.

19. #SussexSquad please file a complaint with the ipso against the telegraph for the outright lie that Camilla Tomieny made against #MeghanMarkle . At no point did Gloria say Meghan was calling anyone on behalf of Joe Biden. Meghan was performing her civic duty as an American encouraging fellow Americans to get out and vote! She never said who they should vote for! Just that they needed to vote!

It is time we start seriously pushing back. Yeah, we have a social media presence, podcasts, fundraiser, etc. we need to start making ipso do its job. Follow the steps below to report her.

1. bit.ly/ipsoreport

2. Headline: It’s hard to see any way back into the Royal family for Harry and Meghan after risky decision to appear in US voting video

3. bit.ly/cttelegraph

4. File: 👇🏾

For those on IG you will find the links in our bio

1. Article she lied in

2. Report Camilla to IPSO for lying

From LSA

Too much nastiness has happened since the announcement of the exit and now. The BRF gave blatant signs via the press of disliking the Sussex marriage and want Harry to come back alone. Going back as working members would be bad because nothing will ever change. Besides Harry’s family in the ghetto are crazy. It will be unsafe for Meghan and Archie to come back in the fold.

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Tina & Michelle 💜

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