Harry did NOT tell Meghan off!! πŸ›‘

Thank you @peoplesprincess2.0 on Instagram for this video!

It has been frustrating to get people not to listen to hateful trolls https://instagram.com/peoplesprincess…

Thanks again! @peoplesprincess2.0 ・・・

I keep seeing this clip and these articles that draw nonsensical conclusions about it. To be honest, I didn’t think this edit was worth the time because it brought me no joy to know that human comprehension and understanding isn’t as common as it should be. I continue to be disappointed by the media even with my very low expectations of them, its disheartening to know they lie so much even in situations that are witnesses by millions. There’s a whole video that shows context, because isn’t that what humans do? React to situations based on context but, Meghan and Harry were chatting and smiling before and then suddenly they are “tense” and annoyed with each other for no apparent reason because that’s what fits their narrative. So I’m adding some truth about any tenseness witnessed in these few seconds. It’s funny that Meg and H shared so many cute moments that day and it’s this they’ve used to try to badly smear them when we’ve all watch them be loving to each other always. Thanks to Harry for looking out for Meghan and for the media for again highlighting how much he cares about her well being.

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