How to send Christmas Cards to TRH Duke and Duchess of Sussex

We got this from @_duchess_of_sussex (Thank You So much!) on IG we figured it will be best we post this here on YouTube and on WordPress for those who are not on social media!

CHRISTMAS CARD 🎄| If you would like to send the Sussex family a Christmas card or a letter this Christmas. I’ve got the details below! I plan to post my Christmas card to them tomorrow (4th December) 🎄. I also plan to send another card to Princess Eugenie and Jack maybe the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall (note: they have different mailing addresses to the Sussexes, just ask me and I’ll give it to you) .


TRH The Duke & Duchess of Sussex
Clarence House
United Kingdom

– On the envelop address the Royal by their title e.g. HRH The Duchess of Sussex – if you’re just writing to Meghan but if you’re writing to Harry too. It would be TRH The Duke and Duchess of Sussex .

– While I still like to maintain a sense of formality within the letter itself, I do tend to use first name basis in the actual letter when I write to the Sussexes e.g ‘Meghan’ to make it more personable. But it’s up to you! .

– There is no need to send an extra envelope or an extra stamp because the Palace takes care of it. They send their own envelope (with the Sussexes joint monogram that reflects the change in households 👑)
– PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Do not forget to put your return address. If you do not put a return address they will not be able to respond to your letter ✉️ . .

– Yes! The correspondence team replies (well tries to reply) to everyone 🌎, I’ve always received a response. My longest wait has been 10months…other than that I’ve received a response within two months of sending them. As the run up to Christmas is a busy period, they are unlikely to give unique replies to everyone so expect a photo card of our beautiful Sussex family with a nice message at the back 👨‍👩‍👦

– Stamps will depend on your country. Letters sent internationally requires more stamps than a letter sent to someone in your country. Letters that are not a standard size, shape, or thickness may need more stamps.

– Often people get confused by the mailing address, while Harry, Meghan and their son Archie live at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. Their mailing address is actually at Clarence House, which is where the Correspondence Team is based!


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