Lainey, you need to eat ALL of your “Food”

Lainey, since you are talking about eating your “food.” I want to make sure that I point you to the leftovers you haven’t eaten and still need to eat!

On this issue, I only care about Meghan Markle’s feelings and how you contributed to the attempts to destroy her! The majority of your stories about Meghan were used to abuse her from all corners of the world. In the U.K., the abuse got amplified because you sold yourself as been “connected” to Meghan.

Why? Is it because her friends Ben and Jessica won’t betray her by leaking to you? So you decided to take an active role in the destruction of her alongside the racist British royal family and press?!

Please understand that my issue with you isn’t that you may have reported negatively on Meghan; if you have a valid criticism, that is fine. While I and many others who care about Meghan may not like it, most will understand if you are fair and not spewing hateful dangerous bile at her. For you, it has been contrary, 80% of your reporting on Meghan has been dog whistle to others so they can abuse and destroy Meghan. People took your vitriol as gospel because they thought you “knew Meghan” and were “connected” to her via the Mulroneys. That “connection” gave you credibility, thus allowing others to take abusive cues from you to destroy this woman all because she fell in love.

For almost four years, you have made it seem like you had inside scoop about Meghan through your association with Ben Mulroney. Now that the association doesn’t serve you, you decided to set the record straight, after all these years, your perceived “connection” to the Mulroneys by extension Meghan benefited you greatly and landed you on many tv, talk shows, etc. as a Meghan Markle expert. As you can see, Lainey, Jessica and Ben weren’t the only ones who had power because of their connection to Meghan. You gained a lot of power and access because of your perceived relationship to the Mulroneys. Your commentary on Meghan was automatically treated as facts or true by many in the press and the public. That emboldened the racist white supremacists in the British media to use your words to attack, abuse, and attempt to destroy Meghan!

While an apology is an essential step in moving forward, the excuses you gave were downright insulting to any sane person listening. Here is why; you limited the scope of what people were upset about to around 2006-2008 and completely misled those you were apologizing to that this was past behavior when it wasn’t.  Further, you attempted to make excuses for your vile vitriol by saying that was what the gossip world was like in the early 2000s. Finally, you kept saying you have addressed your despicable behavior in the past and have done the work to rebrand yourself. Well, Lainey, the reason your apology comes off insincere is because you have continued your abuse of women, primarily black women, AFTER you acknowledged that you were problematic in the past and said you are committed to working on changing.

Why should we believe this time?

There are multiple incidents within the last six months, where you have been problematic. Until you are honest with yourself and those you are apologizing to, then your apology is just performative. There are many examples of coded language and insidious anti-black woman abuse you have rained on many.

Lainey Gossip Abuses Meghan MarkleLainey Eat your food
lainey lui vile othering of Meghan Markle

For Meghan specifically, there are times you claim to be on Meghan’s side for something, and then you nitpick and criticize her for the most ridiculous things like daring to hold her belly while pregnant.  You started the abusive coverage by the press attacking Meghan for holding her bump. You don’t know if that was a protective thing she did because she was under attack every minute she was pregnant. Even Harry was moved to tears when he recollected the time Meghan was pregnant during an awards ceremony. It is a miracle Baby Archie survived the abuse you and your racist cohorts rained on that poor woman!

In a very recent example, you called Meghan an attention whore and a bridezilla over a story that made Kate look like a Karen. On a podcast last week, you then excused Kate’s white supremacist behavior of weaponizing her white tears against a black woman because she can’t dictate to the bride what people should wear at the wedding that wasn’t hers.

This is why I cannot take your brief moments of clarity seriously when your micro-aggression towards Meghan has not only caused hurt and contributed to Meghan Markle being abused, and it also hurt a lot of black women worldwide.  You have refused to see and eat that part of your “food.”

I won’t accept a half-assed apology from someone who hasn’t done enough to truly cover the totality of the hurt and abuse they rained on Black women. You can have people like Marcie excuse your behavior but understand that the rest of us black women in the real world will continue to stay on your neck until you come to terms with the totality of your abuse!

Personally, any apology coming from you feels inauthentic. You have always taken great joy in bringing down other women, and you continue to pit women against each other by comparing them; for Example, Kate vs. Meghan.  You don’t get to exclude yourself from that narrative. You don’t get to ask for grace while you continue to try to take down someone else. The empathy you seek from us is not the empathy you have given to others!

So no Lainey, your apology is not accepted! Apologies don’t have to be accepted, especially when the apology is half-assed. Accept the totality of your vile abuse and honestly show that you are genuinely sorry and then do the consistent work to get ppl to accept that you are no longer that person.

Eat ALL of your food Lainey not just some of your food!


Below are a sampling of Lainey Lui’s Anti-black woman, homophobic, vile bile that she has put out in the world.

Lainey Lui abuse of Janet Jackson Lainey Lui abusing Cameron DiazLainey Gossip homophobicLainey hating on meghanLainey Just vileLainey gossip vile attack on Jada pinkett smiithlainey lui vile towards a chile Shiloh

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8 thoughts on “Lainey, you need to eat ALL of your “Food”

    1. Tina Post author

      We already talked about Lainey. if you scroll down on the article you commented on we have a podcast on lainey. Also please listen to our last two podcasts we talked about the excerpts for the book

  1. Joyce

    Thank you dear Tina, all I know is Laine and all those who have profited by making The DDOS life a misery will never find peace for the rest of their lives. They will continue to be unhappy and the almighty God will make them pay for their deeds. This has been my prayers to these people,they will never have peace nor happiness, until they repent and stop their abuse and hypocrisy.
    We will continue to support the Sussexes with all we have.

  2. Gael Lewis

    Thank you Tina for serving Lainey the undigested junk food she forgot to ‘eat’ when she made her half-baked ‘apology.’ I hope intelligent people reading this will judge for themselves how paltry her offering was. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. Jocelyne Brady

    Very well said. Lainey Lui is a mean person who uses people to advance her own agenda.

  4. Rose

    Wow, I was not a regular reader of Lainey Gossip, Checked it out once after I saw her talking the host who called Meghan uppity, but I had no idea! She is nasty! There is gossip and then there is gossip, but this was downright hateful and mean. I wonder what makes somebody feel so superior to everybody else, that they can dish out this kind of venom, and still sleep at night. I am hoping she didn’t have a very large circulation.


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