Manipulating Royal Children for Publicity

Is manipulating a child acceptable by their parents?

Be it far from me, an ordinary, but all the same, a concerned citizen, to complain about the manner the Cambridges manipulate their children to serve their purposes. However, it should be highlighted and discussed.

The world seems to enjoy seeing children act in all sorts of ways, either ridiculously funny or just plain laughter to brighten and lighten an occasion. Prince Louis and his senior sister have done that in public. Master Archie did that in Cape Town, South Africa. In some societies in the developing world, children have been used by parents on begging expeditions for money from the public. That is the exploitation of innocent children.

However, when the Cambridges deliberately manipulate their children to serve their own purposes, there is not a scintilla of murmur from the United Kingdom news media. There is not a day gone by when one does not see in the tabloids and sympathetic conservative newspapers reporting Prince William or Duchess of Cambridge saying something or the other about one of their children.

With the Sussexes away on a long break from royal duties to recharge their ‘batteries’, the media space is wide open to hear terrific ideas and plans for the charities the Cambridges champion. They have rather been leaking stories about their children to sympathetic newspapers. That is something no royal family member has indulged in before. It does indicate how low they are prepared to go to court public sympathy, not by dint of hard work.

Can anyone imagine what would have been the news media reaction, if the Sussexes use their son as a prop to garner public sympathy and support?

Diana, Princess of Wales did that a few times, like when her sons were older and on necessary occasions. They were shown with her in public places. However, not like what the Cambridges are doing. Even then, she still had time for her charities and made a few public speeches in her time.

The Duchess of Cambridge cannot string two sentences in front of four people. That scares her to death. Even where someone has written a speech for her, she still has a problem reading it and making herself heard. She is just terribly terrified. Hence, her duties have mainly been turning up, smiling, waving and going back. It is no surprise therefore, her children are being used as props as opposed to what should be done.

Unlike the Cambridges, the Sussexes are totally different. Even though Master Archie at only seven months old, is more popular than all the royal children, the parents do not manipulate that. They have only said something about him at events when they have been asked about him. There are no leaks to sympathetic newspapers. Master Archie is not totally closed off.

I do remember when the then Ms. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged over two years ago, some in the newspapers and on television news programmes felt they had to give the new lady on the block advice. Most said Ms. Markle would benefit greatly from the experience of the Duchess of Cambridge. Because she had hanged around Prince William forever and eventually married him, they thought she had something to impart to the newcomer.

How wrong they were. There is absolutely nothing really to learn from Duchess Cambridge. Whatever had to be learned about the family, has come from the Duke of Sussex and her father in law Prince Charles. Duchess Meghan is highly intelligent and has learned quickly to the dismay of her detractors. They would not admit that in public, but that is the case.

For someone who has a degree in international studies, with two foreign languages in the toolkit, it is no surprise that she has used that to navigate through the archaic institution we have. I have a sneaking suspicion that the mandarins at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office can see the potential in deploying that background and position of the Duchess of Sussex post-Brexit. Britain has not seen the potential of the Sussexes yet.

22 thoughts on “Manipulating Royal Children for Publicity

  1. Joyce

    They are not only using their children but courting the press more. Last week there was a meeting with the press at KP to say there is going to be a big announcement over the holiday period regarding some initiatives they planning to make public. A few days later , the holiday destination of the other family was leaked by the press and BP was forced to make a statement, no initiative has ever been released at this time by any of the palaces at this time of the year and the purpose of that meeting is still not clear. What was the big announcement that could not wait until after the holidays and when will it be made public?

  2. M

    Mr, Gilbert, right on target with this article. Even more so after the Christmas walk from church (shaking my head). It truly is a shame. Oh Well when it comes time to pay the piper 😯 because we know when you give an inch, they are going to want a yard.

  3. Rose

    If you watch that interview they all did together as the “fab four”, you can see how worried William was about Kate being overshadowed. He kept pushing her to talk, and giving her credit for stuff, and she was doing the self effacing thing. Whether he has been directly involved in the sabotaging of the Sussexes or not, his team probably picked up on his unease and went to town. He certainly doesn’t appear to have done anything to reign it in. Harry always talked about trying to help his brother because he thought William had the harder road. There has been no indication of William trying to help, instead there were instances of growing the Sussexes under the bus, who can forget the private jet fake outrage and what followed.

    As for using the kids, I have no doubt they will have their first Walkabout at Sandringham.

  4. Paula

    Brutally honest. Thanks for the read.
    Life is so wonderful. I remember there were “leaks” that Harry wanted Meghan to learn the ropes from Kate but she kept it away with claims of mother duties. Now neither she nor her husband can take credit for Meghan’s adaptability. It obviously did not stop their promoters.
    I kind of enjoy listening to Kate’s speech. It’s like a spy trying to transmit a message while the enemy is using the changing room … Nerves, rushes, whispers 😂 Too bad it appears her mother gives better speeches.
    I will say though that sometimes when parents are proud of their kids and something related to their own experience with their kids is on the table, it could lead to the parents talking about their kids, I don’t think in such a case it’s manipulating the children.
    However, the most obvious manipulation of their children is their Instagram and Twitter profile. They changed that photo when they officially removed the Sussexes. That was the Cambridges most like photo and it was a very superficial behaviour… Not acceptable because their handles are of “the Duke and duchess of Cambridge” not the “Family of the Duke and duchess of Cambridge”. Their children are still not working royals. I actually laughed out loud (for real) when I saw the Sussexes profile picture because I just could see the two households personalities shining through. One was about self promotion while the other was about promoting an official status. And I just loooove that elegant
    IG Sussexroyal profile picture.

  5. Gladys

    So true Mackie500, the Cambridge friends, family & staff are surely the ones behind the hate campaign.

  6. M

    Truly shameful, this was their time to “shine”,
    yet they can’t even do that. Instead of picking drape for the palace, they should try doing some actual work for the benefit of country. Having a crown on your head does not mean you are liked, loved or wanted; Marie Antoinette and the Romanoffs to name a few.
    Thank you Mr. Gilbert 😉

  7. Mackie500

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for exposing the hypocrisy of the Cambridges. I strongly believe that their friends and staff are the ones heading the hate campaign against the Sussex’s out of pure jealousy.

    1. Gladys

      So true Mackie500, the Cambridge friends, family & staff are surely the ones behind the hate campaign.

    2. Vicky

      Another great article Mr Gilbert. The rest of the royal family should wake up from their slamber cause using the children for good coverage and publicity can only fool the gullible. Coming 2020 majority of Brits are tired of fake smiles,smiles and shaking hands we would like to see the impact of their work. 8yrs of waving is enough 2 or 3hrs of their time a day won’t kill them, they’ve got away with being lazy for a long time.

  8. Carmen McCullough

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for an assessment that is spot on.
    The Sussexs have left the Cambridges scrambling to catch up. This is the new normal. Showing up and smiling will only do it for those who are as ancient and archaic as the monarchy. The Millenials expect much more.
    The Sussexs aren’t competing, there is no rivalry coming from that camp. Wills will be.King and the Sussexs are doing what they do best.
    I only wish you had a larger audience.

  9. Gladys

    The thing is the sorry Cambridges are doing what they’re being told by those nasty Palace courtiers at KP & yes the idiotic tabloid gossipers & the silly Royal reporters who are so interested in who is & should be loved/adored most, remember the 3 aeroplanes & the private jet saga? the idiots😕

  10. Earlene B Torres

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert, for bringing another insightful perspective to what SHOULD be addressed as “proper parenting ” skills that, like many other sesitive qualities, the Cambridges lack. It is scary to think what their children will think in the future when they become teenagers and crave for their privacy (as most do when experiencing “angst”). IF they abhor media intrusion and realize they can’t stop it because their parents manipulated their access from the get go for sympathy, they best be prepared for the backlash. Where is their sense of responsibility to claim their cause for “mental health” in this situation? Seems like it’s the idiots that are running the asylum in KP and the media are the orderlies orchestrating the bedside manners. Smh.

  11. Dominique Ravenel

    Article extrêmement pédagogique et instructif sur le rôle des enfants royaux. En vous lisant cela ne fait que confirmer que KP et les Cambridges n’ont jamais une approche visionnaire de l’évolution et de la pérennité dune monarchie.

  12. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again good article. This is also very enlightening and food for thought, but for the Cambridge s l keep saying they are low of the lowest they will go to any extent to
    Seek sympathy from the public, it’s very sad. Well until your next article have a very merry Christmas.

  13. Nicole

    Thank you again, Mr. Gilbert!!!! You are spont on. I wish your articles reached millions to combat the tabloids lies. I wish there was a journalist in the UK with your wit and no biased agenda.

  14. Mo roberts

    Wow! Thank you mr Gilbert, what a statement, Britain has yet to see & appreciate the full potential & impact of the Sussexes, i thought i was the only one thinking like that, thank you for stating this! I had a good guffaw at the DOC not able to strings two words together, on point again!! Lol, Mr G, you are the Man! 😎

  15. Winifred Morris

    Thank you Mr Gilbert you surely don’t mince words you are clear and to the point thank again. I was listening to an episode of the heir pod and Scobie did mentioned that now that the Sussex’s are away others will be happy for the attention to be on them even though they will not admit it but they are not even doing that for themselves like you mentioned using this opportunity to show case what’ they do

  16. Kimberly Ramsey

    Thank you for educating this reader on the norms of royal children’s press presence. Surely the Palace can make available media training on as needed basis, rather than substitute access to minor children for lacking adults or parents.


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