#Megbots Activated 007

Hey guys FYI #Megbot 97548394 also known as Tina is in rare form today. I will try to reign her in as much as possible. But let’s start the show! – M

For today’s show, we talked about Prince Harry’s solo engagement in Birmingham, his speech at WE Day.

Meghan Markle being appointed Vice-President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and her participation at the International Women’s Day Panel in Kings College London.

Harry attending a series of meeting at the ITB Berlin Convention on behalf of the Royal Foundation.

Then we will highlight some of the impact of Meghan on the many charities she endorsed and visited.

And we will address the palace new social media guidelines, CNN expose, gender fluid, Megbots, and how the press has go on to attack Harry because he brought Meghan on stage and his speech on WE day the press is upset about it.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Don’t forget #sussexsquadletters that we are sending out to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so we can engulf them with love.

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