More context to sun paying palace officials to leak on Harry and Meghan

Read more here: Sun leaks abt Prince Harry

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#SussexSquad we wanted to put this video together and add more context to the reporting today from Byline investigates Dan Wooton and the Sun magazine paying £4K to William and Kate’s employees to leak information about Harry and Meghan.

On numerous occasions, Dan Wooton bragged about this. The first was in October then in January. In January, he admitted on Twitter that he tried to get the Sussexes to engage with him on 28 December because at that time he knew based on the fact the palace had leaked to him Duke and Duchess’s plan to be finally independent. He tried to get them to give him an exclusive which the Sussexes basically said pound sand. On January 7th the Sun newspaper published that the Sussexes were leaving and on January 8th the Sussexes released the statement that they were leaving because they refused to be held hostage by both the royal family and the British press.

Tom Bradby said as much in the clip we included. He said Harry didn’t want to put anything on paper for fear of leaking and sure enough, it leaked to Dan Wooton.

Also, remember the paparazzi pictures we saw of Meghan in London last year coming from lunch with Christain Jones the Cambridges communications secretary (a former press secretary to a Brexit pol), most likely he called paparazzi to get that. He was hired without consultations with the Sussexes at the time that the Sussexes were still under KP. Christian is the person ppl is speculating is also leaking to Dan. That is in addition to Jason and one other person.

This is nothing new for us here at #sussexsquadpodcast as Tina and Michelle have discussed extensively over the last year and a half how the royal family is playing games with Harry and Meghan’s mental health and live! Especially Meghan’s!

We are just happy #HarryandMeghan is no longer in that cesspool!

Read more here: Sun leaks abt Prince Harry

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