New Month same ‘ol Fan Fiction from the Press about the Sussexes 054

Hello Sussex Squad! Tina and Michelle here!! We want to apologize early for all the laughing we did in this episode.. but some things are just funny! LOL! Hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great thanksgiving! Enjoy the episode!


1. Reached the tree goal (Missoma and we are Invictus also planting trees) Join in the fun if you’re able to: Plant a tree, Donating – charities selected by @sussexgtforest (donation link on their profile) Or just spreading the word! Taking place between 23rd Nov to 6th May 2020 (Archie’s first birthday!)🌿Check out more information here
2. Archbishop
3. Harry landmine comments
4. Uyinene Foundation Launch
5. Byline Investigates has a YouTube Katie Nicholl named in investigation locked her ig account
6. Thanksgiving messages
7. New picture released on 2-year wedding engagement anniversary (Do you think they know their fans wanted a new image)
8. Mr. Gilbert latest articles fire 🔥 go read it! THE ROYAL FAMILY NEEDS THE SUSSEXES TO KEEP THE ROYAL SHIP AFLOAT
9. Rod Stewart doesn’t think Doris deserves to see her only child for the holidays; this is bigger than Meghan.
10. What exactly has Betty done to impact humanity
11. It’s December know your status get tested
12. Abigail Spencer talks about her BFF Meghan 💕
13. Facebook group
14. Gift for Patreons I ordered the wrong things

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