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Hello Sussex Squad!! No big show notes today!!

Below is such an initiative by us SussexSquadPodcast in partnership with My Duke and I and Sussex Set Podcasts Links To all 3 podcasts below! I hope you take your time to read the information and most importantly participate 😊.

In celebration of Meghan and Harry’s upcoming anniversary and Archie’s birth,We have launched a way that you all can record messages of love and support to the Sussexes #SussexSquadPositivity will starts NOW till Saturday 18 May! –

We will pull all of the positive messages together into a podcast episode and will also attempt to send those recording to the #dukeandduchessofsussex . –

So how do you record a message for SussexSquadPositivity?

DM @sussex_squad_podcast on twitter and IG or email us. Once you’ve been verified aspart of the squad a link will be sent to you to record your well wishes.

Say what country you are from and keep to 2 mins. –

SussexSquad let’s block out the hate with positivity.

You can find all 3 podcasts on iTunes at: 

Sussex Squad Podcast

Sussex Set

 My Duke and I Podcast

Thanks for joining us for this episode the Sussex Squad Podcast. We sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed this episode!

Please don’t forget to send letters to Harry, Meghan, and Archie  by using hashtag #welcomeArchie on envelope and in letter!

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex

Clarence House

London SW1A 1BA


United Kingdom


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