Sussex Squad We Will Never Be…. Royals! 066

Sussex Squad, Sorry for the delay in getting this out! We recorded on Sunday, however, we have been extremely busy. Please bear with us! In this episode, we had our girl Linda from Uganda back on the podcast to talk about charities and the differences between a foundation and non-profit org and many more! Enjoy!
Tina and Michelle 💜

1. Invictus ticket sell out
2. The Sussex Updates
3. Jon Bon Hovi
4. The remaining appearances in the UK 28 Feb – 9 March
5. Andy pants on fire Gloria Allred SCHOOL BUS AT BP
6. When to celebrate our emancipation and Squaddies Name Change💃🏼💃🏼
7. The real
8. And more!!!

Itinerary for #HarryandMeghan
Feb 28: Harry and Bon Jovi
March 5: Meghan and Harry, Endeavor Award
March 6: Harry, opening of a Brit motor racing museum
March 7: Meghan and Harry, Mountbatten Festival of Music
March 8: Meghan, International Women’s day
March 9: Meghan and Harry, Commonwealth Service

Invictus Athletes who need help
Hans Poirier
Jeff to Invictus
Dan Philips
Ken Vokey
Mark Clougherty

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1 thought on “Sussex Squad We Will Never Be…. Royals! 066

  1. Sheffaneese Knight

    Love what you do. Continue to support our King and Queen, Meghan and Harry. Supporting from Jamaica


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