#PrinceHarry please cut ties now!

#Sussexsquad watch this video in parts! we recorded a podcast tonight youtu.be/tavkqSKqceA link in bio! It will be available everywhere else tomorrow morning! I have to say that I am beyond appalled and angry at the #BritishRoyalFamily #BritishRoyalReporters #royalreporters #monarchists we knew things were bad with how they treated #MeghanMarkle but realizing for real that we were right about them literally trying to kill her and her child is disturbing! It is evil! #PrinceHarry please cut ties now! Only go back for weddings, funerals period! These people tried to and are still trying to kill your wife because they are racist anti-American etc! #camillatominey pretty much said that today! #findingfreedom #omidscobie #carolyndurand

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