The Changing Narratives from Camilla Tominey regarding Duchess of Sussex

Here is a quick video we did to show how the narratives always change when it comes to Duchess of Sussex Meghan. She did the cookbook in September of 2018. The British Press Camilla Tominey of the Telegraph eviscerated her for having the gall to empower these women of colour. They went as far as linking these women, Meghan, and this great cause to negativity! It was so bad the local churches in the area had to speak up to support the ladies at this mosque as a show of solidarity. At a time, Harry and Meghan were targeted! Today Camilla wants the Duchess to work with grassroots people! How? When she did the last time she was tied to horrible people who committed acts years before Meghan ever set foot in the U.K.!

Now with British Vogue the British Press are losing their minds because the want to be able to call her Meghan Markle the Actress or self centered! She destroyed their narratives because she is not on the cover and she is uplifting women!

The problem Camilla has with Meghan is that she is Black and an American. A lot of royals have done what Meghan did with no issues!! These narratives need to be called out quickly with facts! Enough is enough! This needs to stop!

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