The Hypocrisy of the British Royal Family!

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So Kate knows the importance of pregnant women not being stressed because it helps not only the mother but the baby too but while Meghan was pregnant someone in her camp leaked that Meghan made her cry (basically Amy Cooper Meghan weaponizing her white tears against Meghan). She never once stood up and said “what we are not going to do is attack a pregnant woman because ONLY she is my sister in law but I care her and about the development of that baby in her belly”

The queen didn’t put a stop to the attacks like she did for Diana and Kate when the press got bad!

Charles said nothing that his daughter in law and his future grandson will be stressed to the point of killing both mother and child!

Well William, what can we say! This is someone who when Archie was born! His first blood nephew from his only brother he responded that he had a nephew already (Pippa’s child) like Archie doesn’t exist!

That family is pure TRASH 🗑! Trash trash trash!


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1 thought on “The Hypocrisy of the British Royal Family!

  1. Tee Lawrence

    It really saddens my heart. In fact I have never seen such criticism all my life and the attitude of Williams during Meghan’s first Christmas with the family was terrible even the last one we saw during the commonwealth service is appalling. Shame on Kate and Williams, I think he has forgotten totally that he will be the king one day though I doubt his leadership skills.
    I never believed that anyone could talk down on any member of the Royal family like this…but it’s so obvious that it’s an insider thing. Imagine
    beautiful, intelligent and innocent Meghan joining a new family and they bullied her out instead of welcoming her with open hands but jealousy will not allow them. Kate and Williams are very boring people, no leadership capabilities and don’t see them as friendly.

    A radio presenter compared Harry’s son to baby chimps and nobody is the Royal family said anything. It’s easy for anyone to criticize these people because the Royal family could not defend them and I think they love the criticism but I believe in Karma.. God will fight for you Harry and Meghan.


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