The Parallels Between Meghan and Michelle Obama 035

Hello everyone, in today’s podcast, Tina will be chatting with Professor Maynard examining the parallels between Mrs Michelle Obama and Duchess of Sussex. In a way, this is a continuation of our conversations from Episode 28. In light of the British Vogue guest edit and the interview between Meghan and Michelle, we thought this was an amazing time to continue discussing the topic here.

Don’t forget to go pick up your copy of the magazine. The physical copies aren’t available yet in the USA but we expect they will be available at stores like Barnes and Nobles by the end of this week or next. Enjoy! 💕💕

How both women are trying to raise normal children in abnormal circumstances
Why highly educated accomplished women like them are expected to sublimate themselves because of their husbands positions.
What clues Meghan can take from how Michelle handled herself but was still able to shine.
The roles of their mothers in keeping them grounded Being support systems.
Speculating about possible future collaborations Obamas And Sussexes. Michelle does a lot of work with girls education and military spouses
Where to ge
Meghan’s British Vogue Edit: you can buy hard copy on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles when available in the USA etc meanwhile, you can download digital copy on Apple : on google play:

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