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Hello SussexSquad Today we are still covering #GlobalSussexbabyshower and it’s impact. The new instagram page, move to Frogmore, and our reactions. The Duke’s engagements to the YMCA yesterday, at the Big Curry Lunch today to raise money for Soldiers Charity that supports those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and Harry’s attendance at Our Planet premiere with Prince Charles and Prince William.

These are the charities we are focusing on this week




We are still fundraising for

Emmalyn: www.gofundme.com/emmalyn-is-headed-back-to-nyc

Emmalyn has chiari malformation and severe chronic neutropenia! She has been through 29 brain and spine surgeries since the age of 3 and headed for surgery 30! We have been in NYC for 6 months other than 26 days. She has been fighting infection, surgery to redo her cervical fusion, and next up is to remove her cervical fusion and with healing will be another month long trip on NYC! There isn’t a day this little girl doesn’t go through headaches!

Emmalyn has had a long hard fight with Chiari Malformation and its co conditions. She is such a ray of light who fights daily with headaches. Our neurosurgeons are in NYC, so we make many trips there every year. 

Please if you can’t help please pray for Emmalyn and our family! Thank you in advance!!

And one of our Sussex Squad member sister who is in need of a Kidney and donations:


Gwendolyn Best is awaiting a new lease on life. In 2011, she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Over the years, her kidney function has declined and her illness has now progressed to stage-5. Gwendolyn is on dialysis, which leaves her tired and takes a toll on her quality of life. Doctors say a kidney transplant is critical.


Please donate what you can even if it is just volunteering,  items, or retweeting nothing is too small!


Ok that is all we have for today don’t forget to send us some topics to cover for the next podcast


Email: hello@sussexsquad.com

Twitter: @sussexpodcast










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