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Hello Everyone!!!! We have a very special guest on the podcast today! Professor Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. who is a Assistant Professor of Law at University of Louisville, Louis D Brandeis School of law..  And he is a huge part of the Sussex Squad! eekkkkk!!!! We are beyond excited!! He brings a level headed educational approach to the smack down he gives the British Royal Reporters who insist on pushing negativity, racist dog whistle, outright racism, classism, misogynoir etc narrative towards the Duchess of Sussex. We discussed why these narratives are dangerous for not only the Duchess but for women of color worldwide. We also tackled yellow journalism in the UK press with regards to the duchess. Below are the topics we covered!

Yellow Journalism: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_journalism


  1. We asked how he became interested about in the Royal?
  2. Was the press treatment a factor in that interest?
  3. Are there similarities between how Michelle Obama was treated by the US press and Meghan by the UK press? We discussed diversity amongst Royal reporters. 
  4. Does the lack of diversity contributes to the vitriol, racism, classism, misogynoir towards Meghan in the press? Misogynoir: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misogynoir
  5. Professor discussed how we Sussex Squad and People of color respond to that the press attacks and perpetuating the angry black woman narrative that the press are ascribing to Meghan  thus WOC world wide. We discussed the  the gaslighting we get from the likes of Chris Ship who thinks he is a serious journalist but he isn’t!
  6. Media strategies for the duchess to make an impact despite negative tide in tabloids
  7. What projects would he will like to see her get involved in, in the future
  8. Criticism of  Meghan’s feminist opinions as political, despite William and Andrew getting a pass for talking about Brexit.

 We also briefly discussed Charities and Meghan impact to the Royal Foundation



Thanks for joining us for this episode the Sussex Squad Podcast. We sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed this episode!

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