A Lie Is a Lie; However, It’s Couched!

A Lie Is a Lie; However, It’s Couched.

September 19, 2020

A Lie Is A Lie; However, It's Couch!

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The news media, in all its forms, is supposed to inform, educate, and entertain its readership and audience with unvarnished truths. However, when lies are the hallmark of editorials, whether in newspapers, television, and radio, then a great disservice is being dished out daily to gullible citizens, who place so much trust in the news media.

Unfortunately, a sexy epithet has been coined – conspiracy theory or alternative facts – instead of calling a lie a lie. Gullible citizens don’t know much better and will always swallow such lies without question. Though, it is a tad strange when U.S. Television News Executives, who should know the difference between the truth and being economic with the truth, continue to rely on so-called ‘royal experts’ in the United Kingdom to comment on royals, who no longer live in the country. Are these Executives getting it right? I think not.

These Television News Networks are still employing Katie Nichols, a known telephone hacker who lives in England and hasn’t any links to the Sussexes in any shape or form, to comment on their life in California. Katie has written a book about the Duke and rushed a follow-up book about the two of them immediately after the big Royal Wedding.

Just last week, this woman told a load of codswallop to an American cable news programme about how the Queen loves zooming with Master Archie, the son of the Sussexes, who she claimed has streaking red hair (ginger hair). Now zooming, if not with a few other people, is between two people and never a televised event. If the Queen really did zoom, it would be a quiet family affair, not meant to be heard by an American entertainment channel. She did not even mention Master Archie’s parents taking part in the zooming, so it was just between great-grandson and the Monarch? So how did she know what happened?  What an unlikely baloney. But then, that is how Ms. Nichol operates; she writes loads of crap for Vanity Fair and because most people do not read between the lines to know the truth, she gets away with plain murder. Unfortunately, she has been labelled as a ‘royal expert’ even in the United Kingdom by the tabloids.

Katie’s experience has been working on the royal beat for one or two tabloids for some years and graduating to hawk herself as a Royal expert to earn megabucks from US News Networks and magazines. However, is there such a thing as ‘royal expert’? Of course, one does not need a higher education to be one. One can study about the history of royalty at the university, but that is different from the current goings-on in the Royal family.

In sixty to a hundred years’ time and royal historians then want to delve into what is happening now, they could be called experts. If a journalist on a newspaper, television news, and magazine is newly detailed by their editor to report on the royal family, they follow them around the UK and the world, when they go on royal tours. During such events, all they do is shout silly questions at them from afar as the TV cameramen and press photographers do their work as expected.

After travelling together and being around these people for a while, these journalists tend to befriend some of the courtiers or handlers. Some, such as Camilla ‘Hound Dog Face’ Tominey, that crazy little deluded Nikka Roya, Rebecca English, and Emily Andrews go beyond the decent ethics of journalism to connive with these courtiers to peddle lies. When it suits certain sections of the news media, these people are referred to as royal experts, just because they hang around the royal family. I would call them the lying scavengers, not experts.

The arrival of Ms. Meghan Markle gave these people, including their royal contacts an incentive to gear up their art of fabrications. They had already formed some sort of ‘bond’ with the young royals, including the not so young Andrew, by excluding Prince Harry. Prince Harry has always had a healthy disdain for the tabloids and television journalists, so it is not surprising that after marriage and withdrawal from Senior Working Royal roles, he quickly cut off the Royal Rota and declared four annoying tabloids ‘persona non grata’.

The Sussexes are making excellent progress in the United States, which has surprised their distractors among the news media in the United Kingdom and gleefully for me, the Royal family. All their shenanigans to place obstacles in their way had failed miserably. From writing about their failure to land anything of note, being rejected everywhere, and facing hardships in the US only in July, and lying about how the Duke is faring in his new LA surroundings, they are now lying about their signed contract with Netflix. Somehow, they have been given a copy of the contract and seen what the Sussexes would produce in terms of ‘contents’ (a great lie, which we all ought to know). They have seen a documentary is being planned about Diana, Princess of Wales, which William is not happy about and would disapprove or would put a kibosh on it.

If the documentary claim was true, what earthly right has William got, to put a stop to it? It is not like he has ever done anything about the myriad programmes and stories about Diana, Princess of Wales, but can only now comment or do something about his brother doing a documentary on their mother. William has no exclusive right to their mother, and we all know that. There is nothing he can do about the Duke of Sussex doing anything about their mother. If the Duke has plans at all, it would be in a good and welcoming taste and the truth. If anything, he is the one carrying on where the mother left off, not William the traitor.

These so-called journalists did not even know the Sussexes had bought their own place for almost a month and a half, nor knew about the Netflix negotiations and contract signing, yet are now claiming to know the contents. They now know how much they would be paid for a speaking engagement – an expert in the United States said so. Speculations and lies paraded to be truth are the specialty of most of the newspapers and magazines in the United Kingdom.

What I cannot understand is why US news programmes have not cottoned on to the lies and continue to employ these liars, especially in the case of the Sussexes. When the Netflix contract was announced, ABC called their UK correspondent to ask questions about the contract, the Sussexes, and what the Royal family thinks about it. He was on holiday when he was called to comment. With all due respect to that gentleman, what did he know, absolutely zilch, even if he was not on holiday? Is that lazy journalism or what is it? Why could they not look for the spokesperson of the couple in the US to talk to?

Why does a TV company use Victoria Arbiter to comment on the couple, when she obviously has never had any contact with them? Everything she has ever said is based on assumptions and lies. The American news media have a lot to do to retrieve themselves from the concocted lies that emanate from their royal stringers in the United Kingdom because it is not looking good. They have to do better.

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20 thoughts on “A Lie Is a Lie; However, It’s Couched!

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  2. Beverly Jewell Hardy

    Mr. Gilbert, you are awesome. Your articles are so on point, the US News network should hire you, to put voice and value to truth. No royal anything from the UK have any connections to the Sussexes in the US. The networks in the US think their readers and listeners have short memories and attention spans. They like to spread gossip and lies just like the UK press packs. The truth is more of the people in the US know that TMZ, ET, Vanity Fair and others are like tabloids. We take what they say with a grain of salt. Thank you Mr. Gilbert for your heartfelt and honest reporting. God bless you.

  3. Beverly

    Mr. Gilbert, I don’t want to end up writing a mini book but, I thank you for this wonderful, fantastic, exceptional article.
    Every word was so right on the mark. Our main TV programs, The Today, Good Moring America, NBC today, Access Hollywood even the not so bright ET need to start listening to the public and stop using those bigot, stupid, racist don’t know nothing RR. As someone stated that maybe we should be writing to the ones who help to pay for them to be on the air, that would get to their bank accounts. . Everyone in the US media need to go back and listen to what Prince Harry said, “NOBODY SPEAKS FOR THEM BUT THEM”, so the lying RR are just talking to hear themselves talk and make their owners more money for their pockets. Mr. Gilbert please keep up the good work that you are doing and putting out the truth for all to see.

    1. J.cede

      Most of the so- call royal reporters are no longer reporting on US tv channels.
      ET on CBS has a contract with Katie N., and we are waiting to see what happens once her contract has ended.
      Many members of the squad had complained about her to CBS and have boycotted the show.

      Omid is the royal reporter for ABC news and Harper’s Bazaar magazine.
      We will continue to keep our knees on their necks

      Thank you Mr. Gilbert for this well written article..

  4. Dee

    So well put, it is disheartening to see US media dealing with the unprofessional “Royal experts” who are shameless lies. I’m glad the Sussexes are doing fabulously in the US and it must hurts the rats and mean Royal Family. Thank you for this great article.

  5. Joyce

    The problem here is journalism has gone to the dogs in the name of ratings and sensational news,there is no more ethnics and dignity. It is a shame that the pathological liars tend to be at the forefront of this whole cabals of misinformation and disingenuous behaviour. I do hope that with time they will be found out. The Sussexes are getting on with their lives and that is encouraging, they have shutout the gossipers which is good and building a reliable team. We all should continue to pray and support them in our little ways. Thank you for your continued support by your articles.

  6. Chris

    I enjoyed your article. Although we have some bad apples on American Networks, we are still doing better than those trashy British Medias. This little island has the worse of the worse. I have also noticed that the American Networks are employing less British Royal Reporters since the move of the Sussexes. I hope Katie Nichols is on her way out soon.
    I am glad Camella Tomeley has gone missing. When Meghan joined the RF, it felt like the entire Rotten Rota was hired in the United States! I am glad to see less of them now. I am praying for the last group to be fired!

  7. lillybell grant

    Thank you Mr Gilbert, I wish there was more like you calling these liars out. This woman Katie I know nothing Nichols is
    the biggest lier ever,even the Uk TV hardly have her on reporting because they all know about her reputation.
    I am really surprise at the american networks who pays this woman to come on and tell them pure BS lies. I have been contacting ET and asking them how they could use a woman like this who is well know for her association with some of
    the most prolific phone hackers in the UK. I recommended that they go on MEGANPEDIA.COM and get the real truth about the woman they’re paying a lot of money to tell them complete made up lies. I have had no response from them, so I will be contacting the advertisers who use ET and vanity fair and let them know about Katie Nichols.
    Going direct to the advertisers is far more effective that going to the networks themselves. Trust me this works.

  8. Mary Ann osademe

    Thank you Mr Gilbert,for stating the truth, this is what is called sacro Santo truth.

  9. Gladys

    An excellent read Sherry Ware, thank you, yes these idiots lie & lie for their bread but i tend to think they’re bussy fantasizing on the royals especially Harry thus the vile hatefulness to Meghan, shame on those ugly b*****s they should get lost & keep on fornicating with the ugly Kens in that gossip circle of theirs for Harry don’t like y’all.

  10. Conie Brussels

    Once again another excellent article!!!! Every word written is on point!!!!! I do love your articles,so thank you and keep it coming!!!!well done!!!!

  11. B

    Thank you for your support of the couple, the truth is never hidden. The sooner the US news Corp reorganize and stop renewing UK based contracts the better. Dome have now set up shop since the couple moved. Using same skin folks to also spy and report lies as well another decoy to fool ppl. It should stipulate anything royal should never include Harry and Meghan, penalties for blatant lies with the fantom sources it’s too much overexposing her this long, the world had enough four years and counting from 2016-2020. If it’s not related to their work, no he say she say is allowed. This need for lies to get ratings is really gotten out of hand.

  12. Elizabeth Badu

    Another insightful and exceptionally excellent article, my sincere hope that the American networks would learn fast and go to the Sussex’s spokesperson for facts rather relying on these useless so called royal experts.

  13. Patricia Nixon

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert, this is a great and truthful article. The U S is to sorry to go the extra mile to find out the truth, so they take the words of the very people that drove Harry and Meghan out. Shameful. Again thank you Mr. Gilbert for your insight.

  14. Donna Edwards

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for another excellent article. I am an American and I find it very frustrating to see these so called RR come on our TV networks telling lies about the Sussexes. Despite all of their lies, I am glad the Sussexes don’t have to deal with their lies on daily or even hourly basis as they did in the UK. They appear to be relaxed and happy. Harry said recently in a zoom call that he loves it in the US, and I pray that he continues to do so.

  15. Sue

    Fantastic article. And once again, NO LIES DETECTED. I think the RRs (royal rat mouthpieces) are still on US programs because they have active contracts. Hopefully those will end soon. Their negative H&M reports come straight from that racist and lazy royal family. Ask follow-up questions when they start making up sh*t. Ask about their questionable reporting (lies, phone hacking, etc.). I hope one day someone asks them about the nonce in the family and starts to focus on the royal welfare family since they are the ones you are paying for.

  16. M

    👏🏼Thank you Mr. Gilbert for another great article. I consider you a “royal expert” that I can trust with the truth, the thing that is missing in reporting of the Sussex, smh. Keep up the great work, we appreciate all that you do for the squad, your efforts is not in vain, 😛🙏🏼, stay safe.

    1. Evelyn Bell

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Mr. Gilbert for this exceptional article. It is beautifully written and detailed. It has been so very frustrating to listen to the same folks voice their nonsense over the US airways. Our media coverage is not nor should it ever be based on UK tabloids and so-called royal experts. Meghan and Harry are on American soil now. We’ll take it from here. The UK is in the rearview mirror.


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