No Royals Have Harry and Meghan’s Worldwide Support

No Royals Have Harry and Meghan’s Worldwide Support

September 15, 2020

No Royals Have Harry and Meghan Worldwide Support

A lot of the United Kingdom population and of the Commonwealth have respect for the Queen, as she has been around for so long, staying mostly out of controversy and politics. Her only blemishes have been how the Monarchy handled Prince Charles’s divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales and immediately after her death and her ‘hands-off and say nothing approach’ meted out to the Duchess of Sussex. To that, could be added shielding her son Andrew from US law officers with the full regalia of HRH, full board in a 36-bedroom mansion on her Windsor Estate, state security, and full pocket money from her, even though he is not a working royal.

Apart from the Queen, I have never seen or heard any members of the Family attain the level of worldwide support as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have. It is what drove them from the senior working role in January. Some royals and their nasty courtiers and spin doctors could not fathom the appeal these two had, when their bosses do not have the same appeal.

There was only one recourse they have; to demonise the Duchess through their newspaper contacts with lies to degrade the popularity, which started in Australia and was exhibited again in South Africa. Anyone who thinks these people would do these things on their own bat is deeply mistaken, especially when the intended victims are also Senior Working Royal families. The Cambridges, by all means, would have to be consulted first to give their consent, just in case the shit hits the fan and someone gets caught.

What these palace nincompoops did not realise is that the Sussexes had sussed everything they were doing with their newspaper diabolical friends and were going to find a way to get out of it. Contrarily to reports, they do have friends in unlikely places in the United Kingdom. The newspapers accused that the Duchess since the wedding had planned all along to go back to the US using her new royal status as a backdrop to get lucrative acting jobs in Hollywood. They even alleged that she was looking for leading roles in the Disney Marvel comic series. They also overlooked the fact that she is a married woman with a new baby.

The Duchess, at the launch of

the Smart Works pieces in September 2019, told the invited guests that she and the Duke were going to do similar community-based charity projects as she had done with Smart Works when they launch their Sussex Royal Foundation in 2020. During the Southern Africa Royal Tour, something persuaded the Sussexes to make the decision to call it quits in January 2020. The accusation by the scavengers was therefore not true. It was not a plan by the Duchess, was it?

According to their own warped minds and fake polls that they conduct, the British news media had bandied in the fall of 2019 that the Sussexes had no support in the United Kingdom nor within the Royal Family. In Southern Africa, as was during their Oceania Tour, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle realised that their global support was extremely high and no fluke at all. They would have sensed from the news reports from across the pond, and even in the old United Kingdom, that support had gone sky high, especially when they decided to sue the rabid newspapers.

Since January 2020, the various campaigns by the ‘Remainers’ have hit the buffers, but the Sussexes without any social media platform, have managed to attract support from countries as far as the Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina, and former Eastern Europe. These are countries outside the Commonwealth Organisation orbit and therefore can’t know much about the Royal Family. The growth of their popularity has grown through grassroots groups, such as the Sussex Squad, that support them. The dedication shown by the Sussex Squaddies is unquantifiable. The latest Squaddies’ Sussexes Birthdays endeavour to donate money to CAMFED in Southern Africa, is a case in point. That is to support par excellence.

No members of the Royal Family can command that kind of support, no matter how they try to concoct it. The Queen as the Head of State and because of her longevity is accorded grandmotherly respect. However, the rest of the family, when she is done with this world, will find it ‘hard going’ to convince their UK citizens, let along the rest of the world. The future Monarch, such as Princes Charles or William, with half-hearted support from their citizens, will be an interesting development.

However, with the support from their amazing supporters across the globe, the Sussexes would thrive as the Duchess said in the documentary in Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2019. They were wasting their precious energies, knowledge, and experiences within the Family. They have made a promising beginning.


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18 thoughts on “No Royals Have Harry and Meghan’s Worldwide Support

  1. Ruby A Pinder

    Excellent article and point on mr Gilbert, you sir Inspire and Inform us honestly, thank you!!!

    1. Teresa

      This great article. I hope more articles like this be written to ward off the negativity and racial slurs by the press. I admire Prince Harry for to protect his wife and son. Unlike his father who totally abandoned Princess Diane to be with his mistress. More power to the Sussex Squad. Thank you for what you do and positive cause you are doing for the community.

  2. Dianne Hawkins

    Meghan/Harry, the Duke/Duchess of Sussex, command global interest, attention and support not because of what they are (royal) , but who they are:Sincere, Genuine, Kind-hearted , Supportive and Focused. They lift as they rise and make no apologies or concessions for nurturing, supporting and loving. They are, in short, the real deal!

  3. Suzie Que

    Mr. Gilbert, I really enjoy reading ur articles. They r so informative and true. Keep up the good work 👌🏿

  4. Sue

    Once again, a great article. H & M are done done with that island, thank God. Remember the RRs saying they would not report on Harry and Meghan after they left. Yeah right. That didn’t last a day. Imagine being so jealous of your brother that you would be a party to harassing him and his wife. I hope when karma hits that family it will be long.

  5. Patricia Nixon

    Great article, Mr Gilbert. The Sussexes are worldwide. The RF are UK based. They will never amount to Harry and Meghan. #I STANDWITHTHESUSSEXES. Thank you Mr


    Prince Harry made a promise to her grandmother to repay for the refurbishment of FROGMORE cottage, he keeps his promise. I am glad he repay his grandmother to shutdown the parasites of United Kingdom. CONGRATULATIONS TO PRINCE HARRY AND HIS WIFE M E G H A N

  7. Marycatherine obiagelib

    A big tumb up to you Mr Gilbert for sharing this beautiful article with us. Your insight into the working of the royal family helps us understand what and how the Sussexes were been bullied and vilified by their siblings .please keep safe and keep inspiring us.

  8. Mary Ann osademe

    Mr Gilbert You are God sent,This Article you wrote is what the Doctor prescribed And it fills our body and soul,keep on giving us this type of information, again a billion Thanks

  9. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again excellent and well executed article, trust me the royal family and the British press are going to play catchup from this time on because Harry and Meghan are calling the shots, the RF and the BP will never know their movements, so let the fun begins.

  10. Cheryl Delecia

    Love the no-nonsense fact based style of this article. I do agree…the Monarchy as it stands is irrelevant and costly therefore must be abolished. Taxpayers money is precious and really ought to be ploughed into helping less fortunate people in our society.

  11. Conie Brussels

    Once again another informative article👍👍👍!!!!!!!well done and keep it coming!!!!!!Mr Gilbert!!!!!

    1. Ada Agina-Ude

      The opinion expressed in this article may be hard for the royal family to swallow but it is based on facts. They are now regarded as irrelevant, and it’s all their doing. They went too far in their attempt to make Harry and Meghan look bad. The outcome is that many people; including those who used to be indifferent to the the royal family; have become sympathetic to the Sussexes.

  12. C.T.

    Your article is so on point. The Sussexes are loved & respected globally. This kind of admiration doesn’t come by jealous, malicious or ruthless behavior such as bullying,character assassinations, threats. You can’t buy the type of unwavering devotion that The Sussex supporters have for Harry & Meghan. That type of love is not for sale. The Sussexes are a dynamic couple who want to do good in the world.
    The only thing The Royal Family is concerned with is their PR & image. They care less about genuinely helping others. They’re more concerned with serving themselves than serving others. All dynasties have had their rise & fall. The British Royal Family is no exception! They’re becoming irrelevant & are jealous of The Sussexes’ star power! That’s why they’re so determined to destroy The Sussexes! Harry & Meghan will have the last laugh!!!

  13. Lovie

    Hence the jealousy. I have never seen any one in the RF who’s birthday get world attention like The Sussexes. They all can keep their ringing of the bells like the trash media wrote about which was a lie. Charity’s is what the Sussexes do well. Be safe and well.


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