British Press are Brazen liars

The aftermath of the screening of the Sussexes documentary last Sunday evening has seen the same suspects, including those at Kensington Palace, parade themselves on the news media to attempt another narrative about the royal couple.

Millions of British people watched the documentary and reached their own conclusions.  However, the tabloids, the conservative serious newspapers and so-called “royal experts” want to change the main reason behind the documentary – the lies and unfairness.

The story being put about since Monday is that, the Duchess said she was not happy in the royal family and her life in the public limelight and cannot cope.  These were blatant lies and concocted to misinform those people, who are so gullible as to believe their version of what we all watched.

The only time the Duchess mentioned anything about the royal family was when she said, a British friend had advised her before their engagement to her now husband, not to do it, because the British tabloids would destroy her life.  The conservative newspapers and the tabloids have not stopped being negative and hostile since November 2016.  Their hostilities come in different forms and is weekly.

The Duchess’s main complaint is that all those stories are malicious lies, but she has been unable to counter with anything, because of her position and had to keep silent in frustration and hurt.  When asked whether she feels okay by the unhealthy silence, she replied no.  That had also affected the Duke because he brought her to the UK and has been watching the lies and abuse with her.

For the tabloids to put it down as not being able to cope with her role in the royal family, is arrant nonsense and a stupid attempt to divert attention from their main aim to make their marriage uncomfortable.  The Duchess under any other circumstances would have defended herself vigorously earlier and not allow this to linger on.  She knows how to use lawyers and have some as friends, after all.

The British tabloids have this attitude that they have a right to destroy anyone that they think does not bend to their will.  Anything different has to be harassed and destroyed, no matter what the consequences, as the Duke said.  They do it to all manner of people.  A kind of maniacal control they want to wield across the piece.

They do it so often and have succeeded to cower most of the royal family to silence.  The royals for some reason, have accepted the bully tactics and do not complain.  The tabloids have used that over the years to write or do anything at will.

When the Duke was asked by the documentary presenter how her wife’s treatment by the tabloids was affecting him, he responded candidly that it has affected him.  The whole world and his wife know the Duke has had issues with mental health, but he answered the cowardly treatment had brought it back, but that it is managed under control.  He has not gone mad nor is he losing his marbles.  After that particular interview, he was off working again on why they were in Southern Africa.

However, on Monday Prince William and Kensington Palace started leaking out stories to the tabloids, of course about his concern for his brother and his wife.  What utter rubbish.  If he thinks his brother is going mad, the first thing to do is to drive to Frogmore Cottage to hug him and talk, but not leak to newspapers, who are sworn, enemies.  As putting a subliminal message out there goes, this served the tabloid narrative perfectly.

Most of the lies written by the newspapers emanate from Kensington Palace, nowhere else.  When the reporters write about senior royals, they are only referring to Kensington Palace.  The senior royals are Prince Charles, his wife, the Cambridges, the Sussexes, Princess Royal, the Duke of York and Prince Edward and his wife.

Apart from the Cambridges, none of the rest has any hidden ill will against the Sussexes.  They have totally different paths to tread.  The lying reporters have always been careful to say “a palace insider” said this or that about the Duchess of Sussex.  Never ever pinpointing which of the palaces their so-called “courtier” or “insider” was from.  Prince Charles and his wife would not brief against the Sussexes, which leaves Kensington Palace.

So why is Prince William allowing his media handlers to connive with their friends in the tabloids and conservative newspapers to treat his sibling and his wife in this harmful way?  Something, if not combated squarely, as the court cases would do, could end up in a mess?  Is Prince William seething with envy?  After all, he and his wife are quietly measuring the curtains they would use, when they gain the utmost prize, even though the Queen is still there and Prince Charles is a very healthy 70 years old.  Prince William could be waiting for another twenty-five to thirty years, so why this conniving behaviour?

As everything about the Sussexes tend to go, the documentary has generated quite a reaction, which was what was intended in the first place.  The usual suspects have also shown their despicable fangs with all sorts of hand wringing.  There was this huge unshaven disheveled ill-suited man from the gutter Sun claiming innocence on television news and set about to rant madly and lied again in the space of two seconds about the royal couple.  These journalists lie at the drop of a hat, no sense of guilt or anything normal human beings would flinch at.

On a BBC morning programme on Monday, Sadly the grandmother, who lied about the Duchess warning her off from taking photographs, when she went to Wimbledon early this summer to watch Serena Williams, was wheeled in to make pronouncements on the royal.  However, as is convention, a supporter of the Duchess was invited to counter her lies.  It has come to that. That old woman is now on speed dial of news editors, when it is about the Duchess, even though her Wimbledon allegation was not critically checked and was a lie.

In a newspaper interview, the old hag and irrelevant Penny Junor and a Mark Borkowski, who was described as a public relations “expert” lamented why the documentary was made, condemned it and predicted it would blow in the couple’s faces.  Penny junior is probably 68 years old grandma and is past it.  She used to be a journalist, not very successful and possibly got into it because her father was a great journalist.  Her claim to fame was interviewing Prince Charles for an ITV programme in the early nineties to counter a BBC Panorama programme about Diana Princess of Wales and the problems she was facing in her marriage to Prince Charles.  Penny Junor graduated to write a book about Prince Charles.  Suddenly, she has become a “royal expert” wheeled out to comment on someone she does not know at all.

Mark Borkowski is not a real public relations practitioner, as I know it to be.  Just someone who fell into the practice, maybe by design without the professional qualification associated with it.  He calls himself a “public relations expert” whatever that means.  He has suddenly jumped on the bandwagon to make very silly comments on the Duchess and making money in the process.

This is a sick way to make money, but there is a small cottage industry whose only job is to make unfounded libelous comments on the Sussexes in newspaper articles and interviews on television and radio and be paid for them.

That is what has frustrated the Duchess.  She finds the royal family’s stiff upper lip, turn the other cheek’ constraints not very healthy internally.  From what she has done before royal life and from her education, I think her feeling is that, when lies are told, she should be able to counter in whatever way that is appropriate.  She has been made to understand that is not possible.  She disagrees and feels stories about her should be fairly presented and not lied about.  But the documentary had broken that unwritten convention.

Journalists are ordinary citizens of this country and are not above the laws if this land.  They can be challenged and if possible use the law.  If the “safety first royals” did not use the law regularly or do something about their bullying, then she and the Duke would do something about it.  After all, the rubbish spewed out every week is about them and not about the other royals.

8 thoughts on “British Press are Brazen liars

  1. Wm

    The royal family should be ashamed of themselves for allowing & helping the U.K. media to bully Harry & Meghan, it’s truly sad. William should be held accountable for hurting his own brother.

  2. Elizabeth Badu

    Thank you for another precise and informative article. Nothing Prince William does surprise me anymore he is the low of the lowest

  3. claire m leonard

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for the article, very informative. In the sea of misinformation and lies concocted against My Princess Duchess Meghan, it’s good to know that someone is debunking the false narrative. Have a great day and God bless you. #WESTANDWITHTHESUSSEXES #WELOVEYOUMEGHAN.

  4. M

    Another GREAT article with FACTS to counter the lies that’s spewed by little wills & his disgusting friends. I have something to tell him, these same pals will turn on him & his family in a minute, “you lay in bed with dogs, you get up with fleas”. We will be around to witness your carnage because God does not like ugly and “vengeance is mines says the Lord”. Thanks Mr. Gilbert 😘. Keep up the great work.

  5. Paula

    ‘.. I think her feeling is that, when lies are told, she should be able to counter in whatever way that is appropriate. She has been made to understand that is not possible.’ I resonate strongly with this line.
    The earth is indeed very filled with good people and this confrontation of the RRR with the Sussexes is causing them to bring to light their sponsors.
    I think I will be praying for Prince William and I hope people can join to pray for him too. If indeed the RRR are the voice of the people in power that control the press, then they really have boxed Will into something and even though it might look like they are singing his praises, they are just seasoning him for a cook. The problem I think is that Will is too involved with the Middletons who may/may not (I’d vote would) have links and allegiance with these very powerful people. Just look at the headlines that have been giving to the Cambridges; riding fossil fuel to pledge against climate change, laughing over feathers, headline on trip really nice (or something), copy and paste the Sussexes. such mundane coverage. It does not make sense to be in such close quarters with the RRR yet not be able to get intellectual and respectable headlines. No, I think they have taken Will voice (I don’t think Kate really has a voice, she just looks to be crown gazing as dictated by C) and they use KP to voice whatever narrative these very powerful people want to pass on about the Sussexes and for whatever reason, Will doesn’t speak. The thing is they have Will already set up for a disposal story if they feel the need to. How long do you think they can get the people against Will if they start? They will play into the people’s love for Diana (who they inevitably killed) of how he has betrayed his mother by cheating on his wife. They will open up headlines and debates about the possibly unchecked mental health effect of the tragedies of his youth, they will post headlines on how lazy they see him to be and air every unknown extravagance of his life, they will bring out rumours of affairs and all the statements on Brexit and whatever and how he has gone political. They will haunt him down. So, they use KP office as a front to spread the racist propaganda of these very powerful people by making headlines with his name but he has to take to the stiff upper lip and say nothing whether true or false. Prince Charles would soon be King I expect and blue prints appear to have being drawn and debated by all parties. This is a real Mexican standoff time.
    That they have the power to go on skynews and set to spread a message to the public to stop loving Harry and to pay him no mind. That Angela woman used all the tricks; keep a cool face to exude confidence and deep knowledge, tilt the head as though the words are coming for deep introspect and then tell it to the viewers which compels many of them to believe (if there had been no counter to awake them from the trend – like a blink) that Harry was not sane and his wife was neither. Even though the pictures in the background video showed two people who looked fulfilled and relaxed like they were in a getaway. Even though Duchess Meghan just glowed in 1World convention. You could hear how nervous they were when Dr Shola was pointing out the facts. How the presenter was hammering on ‘source’ from KP said that Will said Harry was fragile. If Will could be named, why was the source unnamed? Because it completely tells you it is the power that sponsors and embolden the press. These very powerful people who are racist and oppressive and fragile and wish to pass these traits to the subjects of UK.
    I will say this clearly again to the UK press and their sponsors, MEDIA MIND CONTROL DOES NOT WORK, people will eventually blink.
    Please good people should take up the invitations to news agency and speak against the narrative that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are mentally challenged.
    The truth I see is that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have decided to use their platforms for the good it can reach and not be represented less than who they truly are, not be an extension of the hand of racism and modern slavery that these bullies are bent on.
    For every post of ‘a source said KP or Will said’, the respond should be directed to the reporter or reporting agency if needed or just ignore their propaganda that they hope will eventually help their court defence.
    I’ll end this with a true story. In a pretty large town, all the petrol/gas filling stations owners had an evil pact to hoard petrol/gas. They adjusted the metre in all the town and sold in turns so there was usually scarcity. Because of the epileptic nature of electricity, people use(d) a lot of fuel so they were making lots of money of the backs of the poor mostly cause the rich could sometimes buy from the neighbouring towns if it came to it. Some time ago not too long, a new gas/fuel station was opened. The owner told the clan that he would not be playing the game. They threatened him etc but he held on and started selling everyday, paid his staff about double with privileges. Soon, some who were in the clan by compulsion took heart and started selling everyday too and corrected or better adjusted their meters. That man, Thank God, is still in business today and that clan is no more. When the grass is very dry, a spark can do a lot. RRR, the grass is very very very dry and Team Sussex is more than a spark!

    1. Abena Boaitey

      Brilliant reply, you’ve said everything I wanted to say and more. Mr Gilbert’s analysis is also spot on. Richard Palmer and co, want to drag Prince Charles into this, just to alienate Chrles from the Duchess, and decieve the British Public. Have you ever seen any interaction of Kate with Prince Charles, even though she’s been around for almost 18yrs! On the otherhand, We have seen Anne, Sophie and Prince Charles publicly interact with Meghan. Food for thought. Meghan’s statement,” Not many people have aked me if am ok, also means, we don’t know who has. Food for thought

  6. Léo T Golden

    Good Morning Mr. Gilbert!

    This article lay out exactly what I have been thinking and feeling but would not be able to express without cursing because of the amount of frustration that I have. I don’t understand why it’s so easy for people to lie, cheat and get away with “murder” basically. I’m tired of them but we have to play nice because of who we kind of represent.
    But, thank you again for this amazing article and as always, I didn’t want it to end and I’m already looking forward to the next one.
    #MrGilbertthegreat you’re a hero!📣🙏🏾


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