Boiling Point, the Sussexes Fight Against Bullies

The Beginning:

Where were you when you heard that  Harry and Meghan were dating? According to Meghan, they started seeing each other in  July of 2016. They were exceedingly successful in keeping their relationship private for a little over 5 months. Most people couldn’t keep a secret that juicy for 5 minutes.  In an interview given in 2012 and again in 2015, Harry admitted to the challenges of finding a partner willing to take on the life of a Royal. When Meghan ‘fell into his lap’, he was determined to keep her.  

The stark differences in the media coverage of the U.S and the British press was immediately and glaringly obvious. Whether you knew of Meghan or not, the stories in the U.S  were generic, biographical, with a hint of titillation but all in all, wishing the couple well. In the UK, however, the media was immediately negative and filled with racism, so much so that Harry released a statement in November, basically telling the tabloids to ‘back off’. Avid fans of the two raised their collective fists in the air at Harry’s protective gesture. Unfortunately, blood was already in the water and the sharks swooped in. Photos and articles appeared of them at the Gielgud Theatre in London, reports of her meeting Kate and Charlotte, of them having dinner at Soho House in London, seen at a wedding in Jamaica, etc. And let’s not forget the trouble her half-siblings caused, who were in their teens when Meghan was born, by giving interview after interview with contradictory details on what they claimed to know of Meghan. Yet still, all seemed to be going well. but fans still side-eyed the British press and their dog-whistle commentary on the relationship. Goes with the territory right? We were all curious and happily clicked every article documenting their budding relationship, providing receipts to the press when they got their information wrong. Meghan met the Queen in September, on November 27, 2017, they announced their engagement and on May 19, 2018, they were married. 

The wedding:

We were consumed with the story of Harry and Meghan.  Some might even say, obsessed. We saw two public figures that were easily likable, are you kidding?  Loveable! A couple whose stories touched us in deep, profound ways. All over the world, we saw division and chaos. The election of a white-supremacist president, the daily insecurities and debates regarding Brexit, mob lords and dictators taking over countries and territories, attacks on Muslims, Christians, Jews, immigrants, blacks, whites, the list continues. Harry and Meghan became a beacon, a beautiful example of love, acceptance and a willingness to work hard. Very early on, they were showing the world that in spite of the chaos around you, you can still make a positive difference in the lives of others. The attitude of, what can I do to help?  Permeated their story.  We were still side-eying the British press, of course. They were still getting their digs in, but for the most part, it was business as usual. We soaked up every word, every photo, discussed and dissected every event. We watched the Lifetime movies, documentaries,  created youtube videos with photos, backed by love songs. We were proud of Charles and the Queen for taking our Meghan in with public displays of support. We understood that monarchy does not change with the wind or a fad but we believed it was making every effort to catch up to the world around them. We hoped oh God we hoped! But a villain never sleeps.  While our heroes, and us, were basking in the glow of marriage, impending parenthood and one of the most successful Oceanic tours since QEII visited decades ago, the villains had been plotting and were ready to execute their sustained attacks on this modern American Princess. 

Attacks intensifies:

Since October 2018, the attacks have been relentless. We were shocked, angry, crushed! Why? we said, shouted, screamed, cried. Why were they attacking the most successful Royal couple in modern history? Why were they printing obvious lies about Meghan? Why are they trying to reduce her to nothing more than a brainless actress?   But we fought back, at least we tried to. I’ve written before about the diligence the Sussex Squad has shown in their support of Harry and Meghan. We have supported every initiative, encouraged participation in every project, helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for Meghan’s charities, celebrated every success. We were very vocal, reminding the press daily that their characterization of Meghan is wrong, unjustified, unfair, racist. In our relentless concentration, we began to learn and decipher the origins behind these attacks. The Squad are not just fans, but gatherers of information. One reason, we learned, for the onslaught was Harry and Meghan’s lack of press cooperation. so the press attitude was ‘you screw us, we screw you’. Press jealousy.  Ok, you mad?  Then in April, we learned  (according to sources) of William’s cooperation with the tabloids after the outing of his affair and his jealousy of the spotlight Harry and Meghan received over him. It was apparently discussed where they could send the Sussexes to keep them out of the limelight. To sum it up, the press is angry because Harry and Meghan don’t kiss their arses, and Kensington Palace is angry because, in spite of all the negative headlines they helped to create, Harry and Meghan are still as popular as ever.  Yes, villains never sleep, and like frogs in water, the heat turned up. 

Attacks continue through Birth of King Archie:

The birth of a Royal baby has always been a most joyous occasion. Discussions were had for months on the sex of the baby, what his or her name would be, would he/she be a ginger? What role will the 7th inline play in the Monarchy?  Will he/she have a title? But the months and weeks leading up to the birth were filled with attacks that had ratcheted up to an extraordinary level with hit piece articles doubling to up to 8 a day, The media onslaught was fought on social media, television, print articles and online tabloids. The more Harry and Meghan tried to rightfully manage how they wanted to connect with the world, the more the British media attacked them for it. For Meghan’s entire pregnancy she was insulted, shamed, bullied and victimized.  There was no way we could keep up, so we focused, rightly so, on Sussex Royal and celebrating the joy of baby Archie. The iconic photo seen around the world, that included Meghan’s mother, Doria, of baby Archie’s introduction to the Queen, was incredibly moving. The birth of a mixed-race baby, great-grandson to the Queen was a hopeful and historic moment. Surely, this photo, this moment, this caption of history would be obvious to those seeking to vilify her, that she is indeed an accepted member of the Family and should be treated as such. But the British press were working on a very different narrative. They knew that no one in the Royal family was supporting Harry and Meghan. Wiliam had dropped them entirely, Charles soon followed, and the Queen never says anything anyway. The wagons were circled around Andrew and William, so Harry and Meghan were left apart from the family physically, and emotionally. Villains never sleep and now the water was close to boiling. 

Southern Africa and the Documentary:

During the Southern African tour, we saw Harry and Meghan in their element. Their initiatives were clear, but behind the scenes, Harry was ready to blow. On the final day of the tour, Harry put the British media on blast with a passionate rebuke and announcement of their intent to sue, Once again, Sussex fans raised our collective fists in the air. Yes!  It’s about time! While there was the expected prattling from the press, the number of negative articles decreased, but the emotional damage to Harry and Meghan suddenly became obvious when clips of their African tour documentary were released by ITV. Harry speaking passionately about how much press persistence reminded him of what happened to his mother creating the intense desire to protect his family. ‘I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mother.’ he says in the documentary.   Meghan, in another clip, and seemingly near tears admits the spotlight has been hard. Members of the Squad have mused, carefully, that the intense and unfair scrutiny could harm Meghan emotionally especially through her pregnancy. Where other Royal women were historically left alone, the bullying of Meghan escalated. It was as if they Wanted something to happen to her, and/or the baby. Now, for the first time in three years, we hear Meghan speaking out, admitting that she has truly been affected and seemed at a loss as to how to cope with it. We too are at a loss. This couple that we spend so many hours of our lives supporting have been cast aside as fodder by the very Monarchy they work for. They are in pain, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s like having a job you hate, but can’t leave. I hope they saw the #WeLoveYouMeghan hashtag that trended on Twitter at #2 in the U.S and #4 in the UK.  I hope they pay as much attention to the support the Sussex Squad and many other fans give them. I pray our voices are loud enough to cut through the clatter of negative stories. We hurt for our Meghan, we feel her pain and we are all as shocked as she to find that the water has been slowly boiling this whole time. 

The Aftermath:

 After the documentary aired, there has been speculation that Harry and Meghan might leave the Royal Family. Many of us have always considered this possibility. Harry, as the spare, has often been seen by the Family and the press as one to go ‘rogue’, and the Family will likely try to spin it that way if that’s what he decides to do. What they fail to capture, because we know the British Royal Family is often slow on the uptake, is that they are the ones who will ultimately be blamed for Harry and Meghan leaving. Yes, the British press fired the weapon, but the bullets came directly from Kensington Palace.

23 thoughts on “Boiling Point, the Sussexes Fight Against Bullies

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  4. Maureen Thompson

    Thanks for your wonderful article and loyal support of our Duchess. I have been a staunch supporter of the Duchess of Sussex long before she came into the BRF. I have always said the Duchess of Sussex is the most accomplished and gifted non Royal to have joined the firm in modern history and she is an invaluable asset to the Crown! The Duchess of Sussex is also loved and admired literally by hundreds of millions world wide. Why not zero in on the global love and admiration for this couple and stop giving these villains a platform. These bullies might be strident and vicious but are a small minority. That however does not make their abuse acceptable and it’s good that the DDOS have said NO to the sustained tabloid abuse,and Enough is Enough and are suing the scrum tabloids! Good for them and they are going to Win big time!The young totals are very litigation conscious. Harry won a media law suit this year for Invasion of Privacy .So let them up the ante and relentlessly pursue the Vile British media in the High Courts.
    Most people love the Duchess than don’t! just look at the reception and welcome she receives all over the world including right there in Great Britain. In the meanwhile let us heighten our campaign of love for our beautiful Duchess of Sussex, her awesomely gorgeous Archie and lovable and devoted husband Prince Harry. #DUCHESS OF SUSSEX#DUCHESS OF SUCCESS!

      1. Maureen Thompson

        Please excuse my typos! I still have not gotten it right after 2 attempts.
        I meant to say the young «Royals» are litigation conscious.

        1. Eve Fontenot

          No worries. You’re awesome! Thank you for your kind words. I plan to continue writing about our favorite couple. Stay tuned.

  5. Bibi

    A well-articulated summary of their journey thus far and certainly a missed opportunity for the RF who had a gold-plattered opportunity to actually show the world they’d eschewed their colonising history. Yet, here we are. Personally, I hope the Sussexes leave cus their value is intrinsic to who they are and not where they were born. Well done, Tina & Michelle!

  6. Bystander

    Proof that this is not about the Cambridges:

    The RRR have stated several times what their issue is with the Sussexes which is the same issue they had with Diana and even the issue they have against Charles and that is their personal moral compasses leans towards more so called “librul” causes.

    I was shocked in the documentary and the flashback with Diana in the minefield… did you hear what the RRR (probably Jabba) was accusing her of??? PUSHING LABOUR PARTY POLICY!!! She is talking about landmines and they was saying she was too political. Charles was brushed off as a looney for his environmental policies.

    The RRR are hard, hard, hard right-wingers so racism comes with the territory. It is also a cartel so if you do not push their agenda then your are not invited into the club. Notice how the only two “independent” RR are outside of the BM realm. Omid works for a magazine and US news and Victoria is US affiliated not UK.

    The Cambridges don’t have one opinion in their heads between the both of them. All they want is to be king and queen and wear pretty clothes. The RRR complain that the Harry is losing his old friends… well at least he has friends. Will has no friends they spend all their vacations with the Middletons.

    This week Charles cried because he has to hand over his Duchy to William who has never taken an interest in it. 50 years Charles has nurtured his little corner of the world and now he has to turn it over to the Middletons… How much you want to bet that they move in the sister and brother Middleton… I already feel sorry for the people who live there.

    So if the RRR had conniptions that Diana was tackling landmines then times that by 10000000X with Meghan and her “ideas” on social justice.

    This is the real crux of the problem… not the Cambridges.

    1. Dinah

      You’re right. Meghan and Harry are considered ‘lefties’ by the out right conservative majority of the British tabloids and other media, even so, the thema’s of their concern. They are not promoting the interest of the upper class and privileged people. The royal way, until recently, more or less was to pretend a certain involvement to charity and causes, never to really get involve or to use their position to campion for or improve the performance of the causes/charities as such: in fact, doing just enough to get the good grace from the press an admiration of the general public; that is, to show up, shake hands, (wave,) read a speech written by a palace courtier and then go back to live your privilege life with your royal/aristocrat and elite/conservative friends and family. The ‘Harry and Meghan way of royalty’ has exposed some of them to be useless and that’s why the RF, mainly those at KP and the senior courtiers, in collusion with the tabloids and other conservative press, are doing everything to let them ‘know their place’ and lower their tone and activism.

    2. Eve Fontenot

      I agree with you that the RRs are hard right-wingers, as is the Royal family it seems. What do you think will make them come to the Center, at least?

  7. Bystander

    No, this is not about the Cambridges! You have to get a wider perspective and you will see the Cambridge are nothing but ventriloquist’s dummies. They sold their souls to the press for protection and now the devil will have his due.

    Here is the deal y’all. Let’s not forget that there are 3 MAJOR lawsuits (and more piling on daily) in play worth GAZZILLIONS. Just because they are not reporting about it doesn’t mean that they are not worried. In fact, their silence like another royal family member betrays their real fear… This is what they really mean by “STIFF UPPER LIP” (SUL) — It means Keep your darn cards close to your chest and your mouth shut. Several commentators have suggested that the Sussexes should have just shut up and lied in the interview. This is the real definition of SUL

    Under NORMAL non lawsuit circumstances the RRR would have fried the Sussexes to a crisp by now however, at the moment they are in a headlock with the lawsuits. The RRR do not want to be “seen” being “unfair” adding more fuel (public perception) to the fire. (I don’t even think Becky slipped up with the car thing they may have needed to ID who is pro-Sussex — sadly so many obliged. They may have hired live bots, Jabba had a 1000+ thread out of the blue when he barely gets 2 hits a post (they aren’t kidding folks their livelihoods are on the line).

    THIS IS A HUGE DEAL — Last time around a major paper was closed down and hundreds of millions were paid out in damages, this time it is even bigger and the papers are already barely holding on to their circulation. Not only is there a chance to shut them all down, but there is a real possibility of REAL jail time for many of the transgressors. Last time only a few low enders went to jail but this time the big guys might fall.

    But the most “terrifying” out come for the press (even the so called progressive outlet like the Guardian) is Levenson2. This will enshrine into law press accountability… fairness.

    So this is NOT a popularity contest Cambridge vs Sussex. This invented narrative is a tool to attack the Sussexes because if there is “riff”, “feud” amongst the brothers they can use their paid for ventriloquist dummy Cain to attack the Sussexes. Cambridges have a job for life and no competition.

    Let’s also be clear that the Sussexes would not have filed the lawsuits if they had not already won them. Even the press know that the Sussexes have already won hence the radio silence… they are just looking for slip ups to fight them in the court of public opinion.


    – DON’T MUTE RRR — “BLOCK THEM ALL” If there was ever a time to have “A stiff and firmly shut upper lip” it’s now!
    (Notice how quiet the usual suspects are … that is what a SUL looks like)
    – Don’t engage with these the RRR— AT ALL.
    – Watch “The Great Hack” – Netflix
    – Read up about Leveson 2 – because this is what this is really about. (They killed that little boy’s mum and laughed all the way to the bank.)
    – Lastly, IGNORE THE CAMBRIDGES — I know they are such low hanging fruit — but the RRR are using them to fight a proxy battle.
    (I have a theory that William was way more damaged by Diana’s death than Harry. He has forced himself not to feel. He married a women he did not love to fulfil his duty and his only admission of a mental crises is when his children were born. If he doesn’t feel/love then he doesn’t get hurt. If he plays the game with the press that killed his mom then he won’t be killed — SIMPLES — But that is just existing and not thriving and the Cambridges have NEVER thrived — Sad really.)

    1. Pat House

      WOW. I never look at it from the perspective about how damaging this lawsuit will be to the survival of the RR’s. I concur that they need to be blocked and don’t go to their page and make comments in defense of the DDoS. Thank you for the enlightenment.

    2. Paula

      Interesting Bystander.
      I feel like I got a 2 in 1 with this beautiful piece and your comments. I read both twice.
      I believe in asking questions and asking them aloud. I think there are so many Easter eggs in all these events that needs to be pieced together. It doesn’t matter if the matches are not perfect at first, sooner the picture will emerge… Like the electric bulb.
      It’s not about the Cambridges? Hmmmm.. At first read I completely disagreed. At the start of the 2nd read I was not so much in disagreement. Sometimes I feel concerned for Will but I believe he doesn’t want anybody to be concerned about him least they start defining him as his Mom. One of the first steps.
      Who is haunting the Sussexes? The RRR of course. Who is the press to be empowered to haunt the Sussexes? The Royal family has the number 1 citizen that the army and Scotland yard are loyal to. Do these RRR not have dirt? If the 1 citizen is challenged would it be out of place to put these RRR in their places by airing their dirt?
      So if I take Cambridge out of the equation, I find it hard to believe that just the RRR can intimidate the Queen. So who is the RRR boast? These very powerful people that can resist the Queen? Murdoch has not always being in UK I think and I doubt an American can truly reach such heights in the UK.
      I’m not British but from some snippets of history and present time events, I try to deduce the people behind the leash that navigates these RRR. The game I think is a part the RF are all expected to play otherwise the subjects would be turned against them through press propaganda.
      During the time of Churchill, Prince Phillip wanted to have his children named Mountbatten but Churchill refused that the RF throne couldn’t be allowed to bear a foreign name, the name Windsor was instead approved. After Churchill death, the Queen passed that all children not in direct line to the heir may bear the name Mountbatten-Windsor.
      Then Lady Diana; that journalist asked what many of us view as a rubbish question but is there a possibility that her charitable affairs were conflicting with the political interest of the UK government? Because the RF has clearly defined that Charity=RF, politics=UK government. So the woman’s question to Diana could read, is your outreach not conflicting with UK government plans in this situation? In the evasion of Africa, there went the Church, the doctors and the slave traders. What would happen if the Church and doctors had equipped the people before/during the arrival of the slave traders? The slave traders and the doctors/Church would have had conflict.
      These are powerful people.
      Recently, 3 times now. Boris has refused to apologized publicly to the Queen who approved his appointment. The press instead brought out a report that he apologized in private although he refused to give a public apology.
      Maybe the Queen and Charles did honestly welcome Meghan (she did genuinely look friendly to her from my observation) but maybe the political arm or somewhere in it is the leash holder. Remember Farage went to Australia in a private meeting to give that he forbids that by chance Harry ascended the throne because of Meghan? Whoever the holders of the leash are, they don’t like strangers, black or unscripted people.
      These are very powerful people and they appear to have given scripts to the firm which they require them to follow to the letter. It requires them to just exist in their positions not live up to its full or true potential, I think.
      As for Andrew, I think his case MAY be being ignored not because the RF is fully biased to him but because he may have some fellows amongst those that hold the leash.
      These maybe powerful people.
      Yet, it takes the subjects to empower them.
      Every single squad member counts; within and without UK. Gideon won with 300 soldiers, King Jehoshaphat with the songs of triumph. Keep moving forward Sussex squad, the sea will part by the Grace of God Most High.

      1. Paula

        I do not say/think by this that the RF doesn’t have a part in the Sussexes challenges. I think the RF are in conflict with their non adherence probably due to envy at the thought of them doing something they think unattainable and reluctance to engage.
        I think Will is jealous of Meghan. Being so unexpressive, Harry appears to have being like an ice breaker in his marriage, probably usually checking up on them and lightening the atmosphere. Harry may also be his only reliable friend no matter their shortcomings. With Harry’s apparent deep love for Meghan, I don’t think him and his wife adjusted well. Harry said he even did not tell anyone about Meghan for months. I’ve seen a lady whose dad did not want her to marry because she was his most reliable child even though he had a wife. He convinced her to live in the family home after her employment then kept pushing the date for her wedding until she got to the root of the matter.
        The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are indeed a lovely experience to behold and reflect as a hope in other despairing situations and I wish them good success always.

  8. Kate

    Well written..
    As one amongst the millions of the Sussexes followers, I do believed that all these haters, racist, xenophobic, vile assassination of the Duchess character is simply because of envy. They envy her 360 degrees because is an accomplished woman, millionaire, humanitarian, and everything that no other woman married in to royal family has achieved before entering the Firm. The journo who clawed at het are either obsess or hate her simply because the Duchess have everything they do not have. Envy, envy, is EVIL.
    Thanks for the article looking forward to read more.

  9. Donna Edwards

    Another wonderful article! Keep them coming! Like many people I love Harry and Meghan’s love story. It is unfortunate that racism, hatred and jealous has caused them so much harm. I pray God will heal their hearts and move the three of them to another part of the world to do the work(s) he has designed for them to do.

    1. Eve Fontenot

      Thank you, Donna. I love their story too. I plan to keep writing more of it. Stay tuned.


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