Never has an individual not in a position of power in terms of running a country, contribute to the formulation of laws, or introduce groundbreaking legislation, but generate so much reaction in the world’s media whenever she has the opportunity to speak at any platform. We are witnessing this crazy phenomenon amid a worldwide dangerous pandemic and it is very scary to see. The Duchess of Sussex is driving grown-up hard-boiled journalists totally insane whilst she gains new admirers.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave notice of their intention to step back as Senior Working Royals, the British media in unison derided them and branded them irrelevant, who would not make it without the Royal Family bubble. Some in the tabloid fraternity begun this ‘irrelevant fandango’ back in 2018 during their Oceanic Tour. The thought that the tour went well against their wishful thinking brought out the poison earlier. Robert ‘No Neck’ Jobson, the Royal Editor of the London Evening Standard in an interview with an Australian TV outfit could not hide his disappointment and blurted out, “well the Sussexes are irrelevant in the scheme of things, as the throne would never get to the Duke of Sussex but end up with the Cambridges as they have three children and would continue from then on.”

Of course, he was stating the bleeding obvious as anyone interested in The United Kingdom knows, but the sneering way he said it, made me wonder why he was trailing them in Australia and sucking the Aussie fresh air with his bulk. All the other gossipers in various newspapers have said the same things over the past two years. It is not that the Sussexes are not aware of their place in this dusty family run business, they are, yet worked tirelessly to shore it up whilst working as Senior Working Members.

After all the insults and abuse, it is very strange and weird that the news media, including television, have laid siege to the Sussexes after the ‘step back’ and setting up their home in California. The Sussexes have done and said extraordinarily little, except some zoom calls since April to worthwhile causes in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. However, for the past three weeks, they have upped the ante, and this is where the desperate schizophrenic news media editors, especially the British ones, have come on disgracefully unashamedly.

I do apologise to people who suffer from schizophrenia, which is a very difficult ailment to have. However, some of the British newspaper editors and some of their gossipers have gone beyond this ailment, as far as the Sussexes are concerned. A special dais has been built for the Duchess of Sussex, which the minute she speaks or does anything is written or broadcasted from Canada to Indonesia. If it is a broadcast, a so-called body expert would be shown the clip, which has been a few lately, to spew their ‘expertise’ nonsense on how life is treating her. Of course, the ‘royal experts’ are always the first to pronounce where they think the Duchess is making a mockery of their Monarchy by whatever she said or did. This never happens to the other royal women. We do remember that these newspapers swore by their laptops that the Sussex family is irrelevant and would not touch a keyboard to waste on them. These same media houses would swipe aside planned articles or news items to print whatever the Duchess has said or done and print numerous photographs of what she wore and place links to their readers where they could buy such items. Why, because they earn money from sales. Invariably the Duchess sells irrespective of what it is, so they make money. Yet these same newspapers have waged uncivilised war on her to the extent that she feels, she does not belong here in the United Kingdom. It is good business to make money on her back but scandalise her at the behest of William and his wife, because of a perceived undeclared popularity contest.

These past weeks, the Sussexes decided that they must let the world know they are still in the game and showed the world so. They have jointly given their views on the dangers of on-line trolls; the tech companies allowing their platforms to proliferate bile and hate and congratulating young people using their time and platforms well. Why can’t the adults at the newspapers do the same? They cannot because they suffer from schizophrenia and are trained liars. When trolls go on some platforms to make their outrageous comments about the Sussexes not being popular and not wanted by the people of the United Kingdom. You wonder then why their favourite newspapers go to so much expensive lengths to obtain their photographs and print their words. The Sussexes, of course, are now more royals of the world and not specifically of The United Kingdom. If their support comes from Indonesia, the Philippines, Ukraine, and almost everywhere else, what are we to make of the claim of not being popular.

The Duchess recently interviewed the CEO of the 19th at their on-line inauguration. So did other notable women from the world of business and politics in the UnitedStates. Me a man, what was I doing watching these incredible women extol the virtues of pushing women’s’ agenda wherever it is to the top. I was there to watch the Duchess grill that CEO. Her first words were to say that it would be conversational and some questions. She had been publicised that she would interview the CEO, who looked a bit nervous at first, but their twenty-five minutes session went terrifically well like their Royal Wedding. Some idiots did not understand the format as explained by the Duchess and stupidly attacked her for speaking more than she questioned. Even then she questioned the CEO five times and the CEO used the opportunity to question her, which made the segment very insightful and successful.

The success of every programme or campaign is the result. The 19th  needs publicity and agreeing to the Duchess’ offer to take part and providing the CEO interview slot to close their week, was a total genius. It has garnered enough publicity for them worldwide, not only in the United States. Their YouTube video clip by Thursday was notching up to 250,000 views. They probably were not expecting that. For a new news organisation, this is a tremendous welcoming shot, the newspapers in the United Kingdom would die for. The almost four minutes unscripted speech she opened the ‘get out the vote’ organisation event has caused ripples in news circles in the United Kingdom.

How to handle her powerful brief speech?  That speech has been reported all over the world with some newspapers reporting accurately and others, as usual choosing to give their own biased slant on it. It is as if, it is a must that they should report her speech and if they do not, as she said, “you are complicit”. So rather than be objective as other rational human beings have done, they gave their own shitty dressing on she said.

As I have pointed out regularly, the antics of the news media do not influence the Duchess one little bit. As she is no more in that den of iniquity, she can express herself anyhow she feels like it, as far as she is not inciting an insurrection against any government. The Duke worries a little bit about what is written about him and his family, but in time he would learn, like his father and the Duchess, not bother to give any credibility to these rag bags. They are the ones suffering from schizophrenia and being threatened with unemployment.


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13 thoughts on “The British Press are DESPERATE SCHIZOPHRENICS

  1. Mary Ann osademe

    Am really impressed with this article, it been a while now since we have been suspecting this. The campaign of destruction have taken a lot of time to make any effect. Any person with a good sense of reasoning will realise what it is, and that thing is a manipulated and orchestrated to tarnish the image of an accomplished woman who has never has any problem in her walking place, very friendly with whomever she has had contact with, but as soon as she join the royal family, we started hearing disturbing stuffs about her, not even a day passes without a bad stuff coming out about her. So we all started making out our own truth. The British royal family are afraid of her popularity hence the bad campaigns. So now that she has left and their campaign continues this shows how desperate they are. 😂 the sussexes are no longer the British ambassadors, they areglobal ambassadors 👌

  2. Mary Ann osademe

    I am really impressed with this article, this is what we all know or have been suspecting. The British tabloids are making a desperate bid to continue their job of disparaging the duchess, but it was disturbing to note that after she left their den of despicables or deplorables, they continued their game of destruction. But their effort will be invain, for the duchess is in the U.S where their game will have no effects. The sussexes are really making it and in a great way or should I say in a greater way, they are no longer the British ambassadors but world ambassadors. With their campaigns of hate and destroy the tabloids are making them famous. All these negative press made them relatable to us the common people. 😂

  3. Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful piece, the truth is the media are mad that the Sussexes have cut them off and more so there are no more leaks. The Sussexes are getting on with their lives and doing what they do best. The British media are playing catch-up, they created the situation and they can’t handle the consequences. The best is yet to come from the Sussexes and some of them will be more schizophrenic than ever.

  4. Siti Lela Abdul Rahman

    Enjoyed reading your article. Trashy Tabloids can’t seem to decide whether Meghan and Harry are “IRRELEVANT.” Through my observation, they can’t seem to leave the Sussexes alone, especially Meghan. It’s clear that they have mental illness and obsessed with her.
    I’ve watched Meghan and Gloria Steinem’s Q&A. Insightful and Harry’s Netflix trailer about Paralympians. These Paralympians are beyond inspirational. Amazing. So good to watch thses two powerhouse awesome couple. Love watching them both.

  5. Lovie

    Good article, they r mad cause no more leaks so they have to make up lies and they don’t get The Sussexes work first and then they have to share it with the world. Now they have to wait like everyone else No more Royal Rota and they r hurting. She was not asking for them to kiss her behind. All she was asking for is them to b fair. Hope the all go down in flames.

  6. Donna Edwards

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for another insightful article. So glad that you understand how the British media operates. Hopefully, Harry will get to the point where the lies written about his family doesn’t worry him.

  7. M

    I love it, they are loosing their 🤬minds. I want to thank them for free publicity, also the world’s view of them is they are bullies, racist, classist, misogynist , non journalist, creeps & cry babies. FYI brutish media, racist, trolls & Jealous members of the “royal” firm; STILL SHE RISES, Meghan, Harry & Archie are GLOBAL, deal with it, next 🎤.

  8. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again educative and insightful article, you ‘ve said it all .The British press are desperate and don’t know what to do with her, because she is telling them to drown themselves in the ocean for she cares!!!!!

  9. Connie,Brussels

    Again another insightful article and fantastic👍👍👏👏💯💯 well done!!!!!

  10. Gladys

    What a good read, thanks you & i agree with you Sir, trully that Media on that island Engand is sick & most are surely idiots so i close my case😃


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