Meghan Markle is American! Leave Harry, Meghan, and Archie Alone 084

Hello everyone! We are so sorry we had to take down the podcast earlier and for all the technical issues on this podcast. It was completely beyond our control. In today’s podcast, we had Ms. Hester Pryenne, Tina, and Michelle! She is American! Leave Harry, Meghan Markle, and Archie Alone 084 Below are the topics we discussed!

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First of all, we want to say shout out to all of our listeners because y’all are the real ones! They way you show up for us every time is humbling.
$100k #inspiredbyHarry
Freepeeper words
Meghan and a Harry Qct conversation (look at how they are been covered no fluff just facts)
Meghan when we all vote
Baby 2 baby (Harry and Meghan)
Mask she wore (giveaway)
The world news is covering them stop going to the #royalrota
Finding freedom NYT bestseller (lesson you don’t have to bash her to be successful)
Meghan trending because ppl are defending her
Andrew trending (rotten and p getting upset)
Targeted harassment of squad by U.K. press (you are telling a group that formed to combat against racist abuse that they are trolls because they call out racism and abuse that is ignorant, offensive & dismissive. But what else is new…you see us react & overlook & pretend what we are reacting to doesn’t exist.)
Stop letting them monetize your outrage
Combating negativity with humor
Tom Skyes article
Lainey (Oprah’s Home it was all a lie)
Arthur Edwards
Angela Levin needs to go change her diaper and Leave Harry alone
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3 harsh truths:
Ways to support BLM

Let’s make Harry and Meghan proud, grow Sussex Squad to be bigger than ever, and make a kid’s day a little better than it was yesterday. Let’s get to work.

We hope you enjoy it!
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