The Case of the Irrelevant Clout-Chasing British Royal Family


The Case of the Irrelevant Clout-Chasing British Royal Family

The British Monarchy has been reduced to a loaf of bread because of a beautiful, biracial American woman named Rachel Meghan Markle.

The British Royal Family has survived for so long because of their unholy alliance with the tabloids. There is a lot of stuff that goes on in that family that I am only aware of now because they could not hide their jealousy for Meghan.

There’s no need to go into the details of what happened that caused Harry and Meghan to leave that swamp. Those details have been over flogged. What I want to address is what has happened since Harry and Meghan left.

How come “never complain, never explain” only comes in to play when Harry and Meghan are being talked about?

Can we begin by highlighting what a despicable father Charles has been to his son? Harry and Meghan left in March 2020, and Charles stopped funding them from April 1st, 2020. The same British tabloids are in bed with the royal family ran 100s of stories for months, saying that Charles was still funding the Sussexes after March 2020. This is the same Charles, who knew how to make the tabloids write glowing articles about his mistress-turned-wife. This is the same Charles that has people from The S*n baking him birthday cakes.

That same Charles couldn’t contact his tabloid friends to release a one-sentence statement saying, ”Harry and Meghan have been paying their own way, and have not collected a dime from me since they left”, even when the President of the United States was saying “we are not going to be paying their security”, Charles kept quiet. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES MADE A FALSE CLAIM ABOUT HARRY AND MEGHAN AND CHARLES DID NOT CORRECT IT EVEN WHEN HE KNEW THE TRUTH.

We all knew he wasn’t funding them. We had not seen any official paperwork; we just knew. So now the Royal family’s spending for last year has been released, and of course, we have seen what we’ve always known, Charles had not supported Harry & Meghan since they left. He let the false narrative continue for months so that he could appear to be a caring father. It was good publicity for him, never mind that it was not true and that it caused his son’s young family to be abused needlessly. All about the future king, huh?

They realized that people would question the royal family for not just coming out and saying that Charles was not funding them. So what do they do? What they do best, deflect. They highlighted the cost of Harry’s & Meghan’s trip to Southern Africa that took place a year ago. Not a personal trip, not a working vacation, an OFFICIAL trip. Let’s ignore Pedrew’s golf trips! Let’s ignore the expensive renovations to the home of someone who is almost 30th in line to the throne. I bet that house is even better than Frogmore, but I digress. Let’s ignore the hundreds of helicopter trips and private jets and focus on Harry and Meghan’s trip to Southern Africa. Again, not a personal trip; this was an official trip.

They traveled with a 4-month old baby. After my child was born, I didn’t feel like myself again until almost a year. They put a woman, who had given birth barely 4 months ago, on a 12-hour flight. For someone who could have possibly had postpartum depression because of the abuse she received while she was pregnant, Meghan didn’t complain; she got on with it. We are not even talking about the result of that trip and how it benefited the British government. But yes, let’s use that particular trip as the blanket to cover all the reckless spending of taxpayers’ money.

Now to the irrelevant British royal family, and yes, they are irrelevant. Meghan and Harry’s new dog is more relevant than them. They know they are irrelevant, which is why they are fighting tooth and nail to clout-chase off Harry and Meghan. First of all, the fact that they accepted that money for the Frogmore renovations is the biggest disgrace I have ever seen, and they looked stupid on the world stage. That money was going to be spent to renovate Frogmore, whether Harry and Meghan were there or not. The only extra cost acquired from the Frogmore renovations was for the interior, and that was covered by H&M 100%.

When all the rumors about Frogmore renovations came up, the family should have released a statement stressing that the money would have been spent regardless. They chose not to. They had an opportunity to remedy that when Harry paid it off. They could have easily rejected the money and released a statement. Again, they did not. They took the money like the cowards they are. 

Harry and Meghan offered to work for the family for free. They turned them down and took pretty much everything from Harry to try and force his hand. The attacks came from all the households…Buckingham, Kensington, and Clarence House. Harry and Meghan made them all irrelevant, and they didn’t like that. They couldn’t see with clear eyes; they just wanted them gone. Harry and Meghan achieved worldwide love and adoration even with the restrictions from the royal family. What did they think would happen to them without the shackles? Any human being with a brain could have predicted this. The Royal family didn’t see it because they have thrived on jealousy and backbiting for years. They felt they knew the game well. Boy, were they wrong and extremely arrogant!

This is not Diana’s time. Britain is not isolated like it was then. In Diana’s time, the tabloids always set the tone for the kind of news that came out about the Royal family. Members of the Royal family sold members of other households out to get good press. Harry and Meghan are completely different. They never played that game with the tabloids, so the tabloids have nothing to blackmail them with. They have no skeletons. This makes them too powerful for the tabloids. The fact that they are standing up to these tabloids to this level, as well as the lawsuits, is a thing of beauty.

The Royal family fears Meghan, and now they fear Harry too. Yes, they are driven by racism and jealousy, but they fear the couple too. There is no limit for them. Harry and Meghan are loved internationally, and it kills them. It kills them that H&M got this Netflix deal when other royals have tried and failed. It kills them that they will get more lucrative deals. It kills them that they bought that gorgeous home on their own. It kills them that they don’t have access to them anymore to leak stories to the tabloids. It kills them that they have been exposed to the world for who they truly are. It kills them that when Harry and Meghan talk in public, it won’t be about the royal family. It kills them that Harry married such a strong, intelligent woman with her own connections. It kills them that Meghan rejected them. It kills them that the only time anyone thinks about them on the world stage is if it’s related to Harry and Meghan. It kills them that they will not be a part of Harry and Meghan’s success story.

If the monarchy is abolished, they are all homeless and penniless. They thrive off their taxpayers’ money. All their modes of transportation, their houses, their land, etc. belong to the people. Everything Harry and Meghan own belongs to Harry and Meghan.

I am hoping that they strip them of their titles, and when they do that, they would have put the final nail in the coffin of the monarchy.

I am so happy for Harry and Meghan, and the fact that they get to live on their own terms. I look forward to everything they have coming up. I will be there to watch, donate, and buy. It feels awesome to be on the right side of history!



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20 thoughts on “The Case of the Irrelevant Clout-Chasing British Royal Family

  1. C.T.

    There isn’t anything royal about that family. They are spiritually, mentally & emotionally warped! They are purely evil! I’m glad to see people are finally pushing back against that supremacist, awful family!

  2. Larushka

    I’ve never read a bigger load of twatwaffle in my laugh. You are beyond deluded. I feel sorry for the lot of you. I thought this was going to be an intelligent article but you just can’t stop with all the fake stuff. Pity.

  3. Conie, Brussels

    Another powerful article and on point!!!!👌👌🙏🙏well done and keep it coming!!!!❤️❤️ I always knew Charles was a coword!!!!here we are!!!!!!

  4. Sharon Augustine

    Great article. I appreciate you writing it thank you. Sending prayers to the Sussex, and Sussex Squad.

  5. esty

    Nice article, however, they definitely won’t be penniless and not all the houses belong to the “state”

  6. Ren

    What a fantastic analysis of the situation. I think you have completely got all of this right. The motives, the double dealing , the backstabbing, all correct. They are fantastic role models and if they were smart the courtiers would have followed their example. Sadly they have tagged along with the racists and it makes them all look antiquated and as you say irrelevant. The royal reporters comments just sounds like sour grapes. They too are on the wrong side of history. I am waiting for one of them to get the picture and break ranks. When they do they will start to report on Harry and Meghans fantastic work. I think they must be realising they are flogging a dead horse now. They all need to change tack immediately, it is the only way they will survive. Given how they have carried on thus far I suspect they will continue on the same trajectory and as noted inevitably it will lead to their downfall. As for W/K they will regret their complicity and I cannot see a happy outcome there. The Uncles comments were the death nail I am afraid. With not comment and the debacle of the commonwealth ceremony there is disaster ahead and with W&K jealousy so on display they are doomed.

  7. B

    Thank you for reminding us how this abusive family took us on a disrespectful ride and think we still have blinders on. They use every dubious tactics to hurt the couple, and hurts others in this chaos; did it work to their advantage, they wish it did. Meghan existed in a well rounded circle as an only child to her mother building bridges not destroying them. Nothing was free the struggle was real but she endured all the adversity and discriminations. Having such thick skin has it’s compromise and obstacles but it was inconsequential to both their values. They know time waits for no one why waste being discipline and confidence moving forward shines through to keep the focus and momentum going. This was an abomination to see such abuse against two people whose done nothing egregious to warrant such scorn. They channel their own mindset and values protected. What’s hurts more using her white side of the family against her only shows how much both families are dysfunctional at best. It just brings the RF class level they crave look mediocre.

  8. Chris

    Loved your article. I don’t believe they should be stripped from their titles in order cut the ties for good. The haters would be satisfied for a day, and next will bark about something else! It will be remove them from the line of succession, then stripped them from carry the Windsor Name, and take their British Passports away,take their royal DNA..
    The BM, and its racist followers are BITTER! They can’t get over the break up, and they want to see Meghan disappear for good!! They will always be mad, so no, they should not be stripped from it. The Sussexes have moved on already! The world is excited about the Sussexes new journey! The BM need to focus on removing Andrew and ex wife titles.

  9. Marg

    The fact that. They accepted the frogmore money was unfortunate on so many levels. It comes off like how TOD wanted MM to pay back sperm donor’s tuition money cos he paid for it. Yikes

  10. Evelyn Bell

    I loved, loved, loved this article .It was powerful and truthful and such a joy to read. Harry and Meghan just desired to use their Godgiven gifts and talents to make a positive impact on the world especially the youth. This article brilliantly details the roadblocks they encountered from a multitude of different sources. I love their hearts and resilience. It’s their authenticity and generosity that makes them adored from all corners of the globe.

    1. Elizabeth Badu

      Another masterpiece article, Mr Gilbert, you’ve nailed it brilliantly, merci monsieur


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