The Lying Annoying Trash British Tabloids

The Mail Group of newspapers pride themselves as the voice of middle England, even though their crudity does not correspond with the civility of the people and towns and villages that fall within that description. That has allowed them to publish lies, which are barely challenged by those written about and lead them to believe they are above the laws of the United Kingdom.

British Conservative Party led Government’s past and present have been bullied by these newspapers into enacting some right-wing policies that have not helped the country in any way. Court judges have been branded traitors just because some judgments have not gone their way of thinking.

As for the Royal family, it is not that they cherish them that much. Of course, they respect the Queen, most people do, as she has been around for so long after all everyone loves their granny. The two newspapers from the Mail Group would occasionally issue commemoration magazines to celebrate one thing or other, not for the love of the Queen, but purely to make money.

A kind of arm’s length relationship, if one can call it that, has been established. Some of the journalists on these two newspapers have appointed themselves as the gatekeepers and protectors of the Royal family. They will do their own ‘checks’ on any new member, even though it is none of their business. They started this crazy scrutiny and shite behaviour for the other newspapers to follow.

Princess Margaret’s husband did not suffer newspaper abuse, somehow as a top well-known fashion photographer, he was almost one of the newshounds. Captain Mark Phillip, Princess Anne’s first husband, as a non-royal and no aristocrat either, had it rough from the newspapers a bit from the beginning, but the noise died down eventually. Her second husband blended with the furniture, so no one even knew he was around or not.

Master Archie’s grandmother, Diana Princess of Wales was treated horribly, but only after her divorce from Prince Charles, even though she came from an aristocratic family. She basically had no life outside the confines of her house. Any man she got interested in after the divorce, was given the shitty treatment only these two gutter newspapers are good at dishing out. We all know how sadly that ended.

William’s wife had her feathers ruffled for sure, but it was mostly her fault, as she did absolutely nothing and followed the guy around events for so long. In the last few years, she and her mother have managed to swing the newspapers firmly behind them to torment Duchess of Sussex. These days, she does no wrong, even though she hardly does anything.

Then four years ago the world of the Royal family would change forever. When someone at Kensington Palace leaked the romance between Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle in October 2016, the Mail Group immediately went into their ‘crude gatekeeper’ mode. This time though, it was not what she was doing or has done, but everything they wrote was about her race and her mother’s appearance. The other newspapers followed with silly articles, which were all totally lies.

Four years later that has not stopped. A whole industry has been created to discredit the now Duchess of Sussex, even though the initial lies, which were meant to stop the romance and subsequent wedding, failed terribly. The Mail Group has made it plain that its dirty ambition is to destroy the Duchess and any lie would do. That ambition did not start because the Duchess is suing the Gutter on Sunday for illegally publishing her private letter to her disappointment of a father. It started in late 2016 and is still going on.

I have often wondered why those two newspapers have so much hatred for someone, who has done nothing to disgrace the Royal family but did so much in the short time she was in the United Kingdom, to make that family interesting to a whole lot of disinterested people. I got to look at the Royal family only when the Duchess joined. I was not even aware that William got married to her stalker in 2011 and I was in the country.

Since the Sussexes are not working Senior Royals anymore and are in the US, the Mail Group has continued its harassment. They sent a reporter to Canada, immediately a local restaurant revealed to a local media and thereby to the world at large, that they had just refused to serve the Sussexes, because of their security. That Mail reporter’s beat was to do a hatchet job on the Royal couple. Even their Christmas electronic card did not escape silliness and was subjected to crazy stupid scrutiny to such an extent that their good friend who took the photograph, had to intervene to correct an impression being peddled by the Daily Gutter.

The daily Gutter claimed, according to their ‘expert’, the Duke’s photograph was photoshopped, which the photographer denied strongly. One would think after the way they treated the Duchess in the United Kingdom; they would ignore them. Heck, would they? That was my wishful thinking of running away. They have continued to publish numerous photographs of them going about their life in the City of Angels, even though their intentions always are to harm them. Some pictures have been exclusively bought by the Group. They have no scruples at all, not when they are making money on the couple.

As I said, their hatred of the Duchess is very strange to me, as she poses no threat to anyone, yet in the newsrooms of the two gutter newspapers, she does.  Are they doing a favour to someone they know?  One of their gossip writers this weekend raised the Duchess’s Royal patronage of the National Theatre, not because the public is complaining about her. Richard Eden was the gossip writer who complained that with the Duchess in the US, she has not lifted a finger to help the National Theatre in this COVID-19 pandemic and that some people there are complaining.

The point is that all the theatres in the United Kingdom are closed on government orders. Even if the Duchess were in this country, there was little she could do. She can only lobby the Government to give the theatres some funding to cope with the disaster they face. Who knows she has not been doing that?  Lobbying by the Royal family is done on the quiet and not through the prism of the mad world of newspaper editorials, or press conferences, yet someone like that idiot who proclaims to know the workings of the royals thinks the Duchess should be using a foghorn to announce what she has been doing at the National Theatre as a Royal Patron.

The British Government has recently given funding to the artistic world, including theatres which the National Theatre is part of. As I said, who knows what she has been doing behind closed doors. The Duchess never discloses what she does until we all see the results. Unlike some other royals who would announce intended projects and then wish people would just forget they were announced.

The Board of the National Theatre has, of course, denied they are not getting any input from the Duchess and therefore not complaining to that tabloid gossiper. Her living in the United States has not deterred their working relations at all. She is suitably positioned to raise necessary funds in the United States for the theatre when the coronavirus pandemic dwindles to a very low level. They know they have a winner as their Royal Patron, one who understands their work than anyone in the Royal family.

This is the second time the Gutter Group has raised the issue of the Duchess and the National Theatre. The patronage is just a prestigious position and does not carry any salary, but by seeming to start a campaign to have her removed as the Royal Patron, they are showing how racists they are. They do not really care for the National Theatre. The right-wing media hate people in the theatre world, because of their politics and could not care a hoot, if they all closed for good. They even moan about money the Government gives to the artistic world. However, as the Duchess is associated with the leading theatre group in the country, they are pretending to care and raising issues that the National Theatre is not talking about.

They have never discussed the failures of the charities of the other wife. But then they have never discussed the successes of the other charities that the Duchess is associated with. They never mention the charities that receive generous money from the Squaddies in the name of the Sussexes and especially the Duchess.

I do hope the Duchess has now realised that the United Kingdom she loved so much before she became part of its history, has a darker side to it. I also hope she knows more people – both black and white – like and appreciate her over here and that only a few ignorant morons are hell bent on creating an alternative narrative about her. These are people from the Kensington Palace garden party. They will continue their adversity irrespective of their successes, but she has to know that anything thrown out of the hell hole of the British news media, will fail.

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12 thoughts on “The Lying Annoying Trash British Tabloids

  1. Armadella wiggins

    God bless Sussex family and friends love them like the Sussex squad movement and Tina and Michelle bless you prince harry and princess Meghan and baby archie and mother Doria God got this beautiful family so keep on hating media dailyfail trash ass trolls when the truth really comes out all the lies and media dailyfail sun and the rest racist ass Britain press release apology to the world God will win this war for them and lazy Katie and sorry William will not be queen or king the world will see William and lazy Katie has sold there souls to the devil God is all ready stepping in when you mess with something God bless and put together it never works it’s a reason God put duchess Meghan in prince harry life and it’s a reason God took them out of their God will win this war for them love you Sussex squad movement and your friends around the world keep doing God will and work you will be bless amen

  2. Esther Powell

    Thank you for the Truth.
    What a summary of the hell it has been.
    They are living their best life. There are parts of your writing I cried with laughter….spot on.
    God bless you.

  3. Jacqueline

    One thing I know is this: All the naysayers can only try, but they will fail over and over and over and over again! Harry and Meghan and their growing family are like the Phoenix! They will keep rising and rising again and again and again! The naysayers will all fall into the pit that they have themselves dug!! Enough said!!

  4. Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful article, I often wondered what is the end game for these people who are hell bent on their nonsense campaign against this amazing couple. Whatever the plans are, it is not working and they need to stop. The Sussexes will always be loved by those who are objective and fair minded.

  5. Rose

    Great article. From outside Britain, I often wonder if the majority of people really believe what the Tabloids say and if the tabloids reflect those beliefs. It is heartening to know that the Duchess has a lot of support there because unfortunately what comes through the loudest is the screaming headlines of these papers. I wish there was a way to amplify voices like yours.

  6. Elizabeth Badu

    A well written ariticle, Mr Gilbert, it was educative and truthfull ,l pray for a bigger platform for all your articles because it’s full of knowledge and awareness, merci.

  7. Abena Boaitey

    What a brilliant article Mr Gilbert, everything you said is on point. It is so baffling that the press hate Meghan so much, from day 1, they wanted to destroy her marriage to Harry. All I can say is they must be having their matching orders from the Palaces. But why? They will not win, H&M are global now, doing good work, with no scandal. They will be victorious. Everything will change when the queen dies.

  8. Jackie

    Wow great article loved every word of it! And all do true ITS TRUE OMG IN THIS DAY AND AGE TO READ SOMETHING WITCH DOESNT MAKE ME MAD IN 5 seconds and factual truths ! Thank you keep writing .. I hope one day soon A independent paper will publish also these stories .. keep going 🤗😘🙏

  9. C.T.

    This is an extremely well written article. It accurately conveys what’s going on. The Royal Family along with the racist British media are doing everything possible to ruin Meghan. They’re so determined to break up The Sussexes’ marriage. Since The Royal Family have very limited access to The Sussexes & their plans, they’re unable to leak any information to the racist press. The still see Meghan as a threat!
    Now that they see their sabotage attempts have been futile, they’re trying to go after her work & the people associated with her. I believe the Royal Family were instrumental in getting the Vogue Editor to turn his back on Meghan. They’re now putting their focus on The National Theatre. The Royal Family want them to drop Meghan as Patron. They’re trying to push the narrative that Meghan is a failure & no one wants to be associated with her.


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