#InspiredByMeghan Campaign

Education for women is something that is so important to both #HarryandMeghan that is why for their birthdays we donated ‪ to ‪#InspiredByMeghan – @camfed – Campaign for Female Education #SussexSquad you can support here camfed.org/InspiredByMeghan/#.XxxqitU8dFU.twitter‬ link also in bio. This campaign will run till #PrinceHarry birthday on 15 September. Let’s make a difference in these young women’s lives by donating to support their education. #MeghanMarkle #DukeofSussex #DuchessofSussex #CAMFED link in bio!

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1 thought on “#InspiredByMeghan Campaign

  1. JoAnne Baker

    Tina and crew, I Just wanted to say, you ladies and Professor Maynard are doing a fantastic job in being a supportive force on behalf of Harry and Meghan as the British press in particular the Tabloid media, continues their daily assault sanction by (The Firm, The Vipers, The Gray Suits) to demean, demoralize and disgrace the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,nevertheless, we’ve got their backs. Sussex Squad stand firm in your fair defense and support of Harry and Meghan, our Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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