From Finding Freedom to Finally Free

From Finding Freedom to Finally Free by Eve Fontenot

Harry and Meghan recently extended 2 middle fingers to their British detractors and the UK press by paying off the costs to renovate Frogmore Cottage. That news had me dancing around the house playing Beyonce’s ‘Sorry’. Go ahead and blast it. I’ll wait….

Now that we’ve gotten That out of our system, you can recall, the costs of renovating Frogmore was originally paid for by the Sovereign Grant, a common arrangement for members of the Royal Family paid for by taxpayer dollars of about £1.22 or $1.58 per taxpayer. The uproar surrounding the costs for the Frogmore renovations was ridiculously loud. Ridiculous because the Sovereign Grant has often paid more than double for William and Kate’s homes. But the Royal Rota, given free pass from Kensington Palace, stoked the outrage of UK citizens that the £2.4 million was such an exorbitant amount, H/M were simply undeserving. The fact that their wedding alone literally paid for the Frogmore renovations nearly 10x over was simply beside the point. When Harry announced their departure from the Firm, he stated very clearly they would pay back the costs of the renovations, even though he was under no obligation to do so. Yet, the UK media continued to beat that drum, enjoying the comments from haters on social media and other platforms that the money needed to be paid back.
And then….and then….BOOM! ‘Here’s your damn money. Oh, and by the way, we have not taken any money from Charles, his the Duchy, or his private income And, we have been paying our own security costs, stank you very much. Now what?’ I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that’s the sentiment I get from these recent announcements. Beyonce break…
“I aint thinkin bout you!”

Sorry, I’m back.

This is a most exciting time for Harry and Meghan and for us, as we have been going through the ringer along with them as their most ardent supporters. They have purchased a new home, providing a safe place to raise little Archie, they have started a production company in a landmark deal with Netflix, and they have financially cut all ties with the Firm. Harry and Meghan have done this all with such dignity and grace, I am forever in awe of how smoothly they move from one accomplishment to the next. I look forward to, not only learning what their focuses will be in the future, but how I, too, can do my part, be it in promotion, or as an active participant. Our role as fans and supporters has also changed. We are no longer at war, battling the media that have sought to tear down Harry and Meghan at every turn. Our proverbial spears are now, more than ever, plowshares of activism, organization, and empowerment as we follow their lead. This is not to say their detractors will stop trying to paint Harry and Meghan negatively. As a famous comedian once said, “Let the haters do their damn job”. But we can breathe easier knowing they are no longer victims of an establishment seeking to thwart their every move. They are finally free to move independently, pursuing their own purpose and I am here for it!


What would you like to see Harry and Meghan do next? What causes speak to you personally that you would like to see them address? You know they’re listening.

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14 thoughts on “From Finding Freedom to Finally Free

  1. KATHLEEN WILLIAMS (Majorie Williams)

    An on-line education program, streamed by Netflix in collaboration with educators, to ensure that home schooling is easier and covers all the curriculum requirements to keep students on track during the pandemic. Schools may have to close again soon.

  2. Regina Enne

    Harry e Meghan . Deus fez vocês para que vocês pudessem valer a pena, e optar por aquilo que constrói. Doria está orgulhosa de vocês , e a eterna princesa do povo Diana de onde ela estiver ela está aplaudindo a nora e seu filho amado . Que casou com a pessoa que compartilha os mesmos desejos. AJUDAR O PRÓXIMO.. Estou aqui celebrando a liberdade de vocês. Que texto bonito parabéns para pessoa que escreveu. Deus não faz nada pela metade. Toda Honra e Toda Glória a ele .

  3. Gladys

    Thank you for this great article, all the way with Harry, Meghan, Archie & ofcourse the amazing Sussex surporters.😃👍👌

  4. Sue

    Bravo! Another good article. I’m down for whatever Harry and Meghan do because it will be for good. They are both such kind and loving souls. I’m ready to donate, watch, read, tweet and fight (if need be) for H, M, A and D.

  5. Beverly

    I would like to see Meghan do a speak over (like she did with Elephant) on the children of South Africa and how there lives are impacted by the

    I would like to see Meghan do a voice over (like she did on Elephant) about the children in South Africa and what there lives are like living among the violence’s that they see everyday. How they and there families deal with it,
    Would like to see Harry do more in showcasing our men and woman in the armed forces. Not only in America, England but across the world.

    Enjoyed your article and so true. Thank you.

  6. Elizabeth Badu

    Well you’ve said it all, it was on point and well articulately written BRAVO and MERCI

  7. Lola

    Give thanks unto the Lord for he is good. Grateful if you would give another shout out on the #Inspired by Harry and a reminder of his upcoming birthday.

  8. Connie Brussels

    Once again another excellent article!!!!!!👍👍👍 Well done😃😃😃 and do agree everything you said!!!!!


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