Should The Sussexes Have Paid the Queen’s Renovation Bill?


September 8, 2020

To pay or not to pay? That was the question that entertained and annoyed in equal parts the news media gutter residents and Sussex supporters alike. Everyone had a view and gave it like they had shares in the Sussex Trading Inc. The actual ‘victims’ though, felt they had had enough aggro and needed to put an end to that aspect of their life in the United Kingdom.

If the Royal Family had their back as any family would have done, all this would have stopped in early 2019. When the Sussexes decided not to parade their new-born child at the same hospital the others, including Diana Princess of Wales had done, the seeds of hatred and harassment were planted. Although spin and leaks against the Duchess began immediately after the Oceania Tour, the vitriol and vile intensified, when the Sussexes announced in January that they would be moving to Frogmore Cottage in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Some weeks later, they confirmed that they would not use the usual go-to hospital be known for Royal births. They did not confirm where the birth would be. That left the perverts and gossipers hanging and making wild guesses, where that would be.

I found it totally disgusting that the Duchess was held solely responsible for the decision not to parade her after birth pain and the baby on the steps of that hospital, looking like nothing had happened. The decision to do things differently was taken by both, but because she is the woman, who had given birth, she was singularly accused of not pawning herself and child to the world media. The Duke, I am quite certain, has seen films and pictures of him and his brother paraded in front of greedy smirking photographers by a reluctant Prince Charles and overawed Diana Princess of Wales. He had also seen his brother and sister in law go through that sickly modern ritual and decided that was not for him, irrespective of what the Duchess might have thought.

Anyone, who had gone through media vilifications and insults as the Duchess had done, would instinctively say no to any parade. She was not going to play ball by making people who had made her life in the United Kingdom so horrible use her, her husband, and child to make unearned money. Why would she? That decision not to kowtow to media manipulation whipped up calls for the couple to pay the renovation bill, which was conveniently published on the top of the list of maintenance the Sovereign Grant was committed to doing.

The news media’s cry was, they pay the Sussex to enjoy their lifestyle and also funded the renovation of the dilapidated 100 years old house. The news media was totally wrong, however, as with everything they have had with the Sussexes. The cost of the renovation did not fall on the taxpayer, nor the lifestyle of the Sussexes, the problem of the taxpayer. The news media has hijacked the narration of tax and the Royal family to suit their respective agendas. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Royal family has not thought it necessary to correct that impression. The refunded £ 2.4 million, would go back to the Sovereign Grant, not to the British taxpayers, which their enemies have portrayed it to be. Only the Sussexes have been accused of taking taxpayers money when in reality they never did. In their time as a married couple in the United Kingdom, their office was financed by both the Queen through the Sovereign Grant and Prince Charles through his Duchy of Cornwall. Prince Charles also made allowance for his children and family for clothes and living. After all, these two sons until now were not allowed to work outside of the Firm, and they have to live like human beings somehow. The Duke of Sussex though does get a monthly pension from his years as an officer in the British Army. So does Prince William from the Royal Airforce.

The renovations on Prince William’s two homes cost four times more than Frogmore Cottage, even though the Cottage was in a terrible mess than the other two grander homes. The British media has never mentioned the two houses or the 36-bedroom house of Prince Andrew on the same Windsor Castle grounds. They never mention the free larger houses the other royals live in. It is only Frogmore Cottage where the Sussexes live, which has been discussed ad-nauseum by the scavengers across the globe.

The rattlesnakes have flung “taxpayer-funded renovation” in their faces since the decision in spring 2019 not to involve them in the outdooring of their child. The gossipers have had their way with the Royal family all these years and there was a couple determined to say no to their crude bullying. The news media cannot dictate their lives and would only do what is right. Their child was not a commodity for the newspapers to decide what to do with him. It is their decision that happens to him and no one else.

The decision therefore to pay the renovation bill to the Queen was to get rid of the last vestiges of a life in the UK that was subjected to abuse and vilification. The newspapers around the globe, as usual, has reported the refunding news to various degrees. The version London Times chucked out this morning, was crazy and stupidly disingenuous. Their editorial commented on the payment and wondered how the Sussexes can cope without the £ 2.4 million. Before Monday morning, no one knew the Sussexes had paid the money. Everyone was digesting the significance of the contract with Netflix and quoting various sizes of its worth. Some have been quick to link the payment of the renovation to the contract, which by itself, was naughtily silly and ill-informed. No one, but the Netflix Co-CEOs, their lawyer, the Sussexes, their lawyers, and the most senior staff member know its worth.

The Sussexes have quietly been building up to the launch of their non-profit organization and have an experienced Canadian lady at the helm. They have also set up a production company, which is already at work with productions for Netflix. Their staff and production people employed must be paid. So why would the London Times wonder how the Sussexes would cope without the £ 2.4 million? It is not that they care for their wellbeing. These are two experienced adults out to make a difference in the world and we have employees of a Murdoch owned newspaper wondering how they can cope. I have a great suggestion to the Times and Sunday editors; if the Sussexes send their begging bowl to their homes to beg for alms, they should pee in it.

We tend to forget that the Duke and Miss Oprah Winfrey have co-produced a mental health series for Apple TV, which should be out very soon. That was not done for the hell of it and has to be enumerated for the part he contributed.

In the final analysis, I think their decision to get rid of the renovation bill hanging over them, was a wise one. A line has been drawn in the Frogmore Cottage sand. Any more whimpering from the scavengers would be something else, which would be countered forcibly. It has already begun with Sunday Times and that Royal toady, who thinks she is a white English rose, Roya Nikka.


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23 thoughts on “Should The Sussexes Have Paid the Queen’s Renovation Bill?

  1. Betty Arthur

    Thank you for your due diligent and always spot on and honest opinions. You are the BEST!!!

  2. Eugenie Miller

    2. 4 Million pounds, say’s that they own’s that property. So if they wanted someone else to live there they MUST pay the Sussexes back their 2.4 million. They shakedown the Sussexes, they’re mafias calling them self’s royals. While Andrew live in a palace in full comfort, how in all that is fair could any one call this just before god and man? Charles has two sons but no preparations was made for Harry, why? he got nothing no home nothing. The Queen has four children and she gave them palaces Charles has two children but only provided for the one that is William, Harry was kick to the curb. So God sent a good woman to help Harry work for their living.
    And yes! they’re bless beyond measure now!!!! in style no less, who god bless no Queen or Charles cant curse, but i suspect that the taxpayer will go after them sooner rather than later, when William can spend 1.5 Million pounds on a driveway!! its time to check him, what kind of a people are you all on that island to let this kind of behavior stand, LOOK!! you have eyes to see ask your self’s how long can you let them do this to you’ll. GET OFF YOUR KNEES!!!!!!

  3. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again you didn’t disappoint, your article was on point, informative and factually written merci

  4. Mary Ann osademe

    Your Article is alway without bias or prejudice.I enjoyed it greatly, alway inspiring Thanks alot

  5. Velma Thompson

    I enjoyed the article very much. The Sussexes are “that couple” who plans and executes. They are handling their business and dealing with any obligations (financial or legal) that may hinder their personal and professional growth … even at the risk of being left outside when the royal family goes into protection mode and “circles the wagons” (or grand carriages in this case). The tabloid dogs (& royal family) thought they knew Prince Harry and callously & mistakenly tried to package him (& Meghan) in a box (or fish bowl). They’re all still baffled by the “real” Prince Harry – the man, husband & father! As for the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, it warms my heart to see a couple who can confidently and lovingly walk hand-in-hand through the challenges of life together, even when the biggest challenge is family.

  6. Conie

    Oh my!!!!😁😁 Once again another fantastic article!!!!👍👍👍 I really love reading it!!!!!thank you and keep it coming!!!!!

  7. Connie Brussels

    Oh my😁😁!!!!! Another fantastic article!!!! It really was a joy 🤣🤣 reading!!!!! So thank you and keep it 💞💞 coming!!!!!👍👍

  8. Akono caroline

    Les Sussex ont fait de payer cette somme. Des fois mieux vaut de débarrasser des situations pareils ça ne vous enlève pas vos valeurs intrinsèques mais au moins vous prouvez aux autres que vous n’êtes pas à ca près; j’espère lilibeth dort mieux à présent

  9. Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful piece again. The gossipers are always going to be on the back foot. I am happy that the Sussexes paid the money, to be honest it was never a gift, it is like a company giving an employee a home to leave whilst in their employment. You loose that facility once you are no longer with the company, the Sussexes are now paying rent for the house. The Queen never gave the Sussexes a wedding gift neither did Prince Charles, it is all a lie and propaganda by the media and the royal family. Everyone else has got a proper gift and treatment not the Sussexes.God has blessed the Sussexes and now have their own home with their money.


    I always anticipate your articles with pleasure. You never disappoint. As for the HOUNDS OF HELL constantly yapping and frothing at the mouth; didn’t they eventually turn on each other in the end? (In a fable somewhere)

  11. marge forte

    I think the queen should reimburse them out of her own personal monies. This was work that was gonna be done anyway. GIVE THEM A BREAK GRAM.

  12. Trini

    Excellent article. Soon the British will see how talented and smart H&M are. They should have left well enough alone. Their attempts to control this talented couple have back fired. Now they will be bigger, heck they already are, than anyone could imagine.

  13. C.T.

    Thank you for writing such an awesome & factual article. This type of writing is greatly needed & appreciated. You continually capture the true & complete essence of the situation! Once again thank you!!!

  14. Pinky Donaldson

    Great article as usual, I love the reference about Royal Nokia who thinks that she is White English, which is so.true, or as the saying goes they let you think you’re White until they turn on you.

  15. Evelyn Bell

    Great summary of events Mr. Gilbert as usual. It always seemed bizarre to me why adults would think that they had a right to tell the couple when and how to present their baby to the public, royal or non royal. The fact that it was even questioned by reporters was childish and exhibited poor journalism.

  16. Beverly

    Thank you sir for your very well written, thoughtful and insightful commentary. Everything you wrote is right on target and so, so true. Those cringers in England need to either stay home, write on those other “Royals”, or commit themselves to the funny farm. God Bless the Sussex’s and all who support them.

  17. jmwynn

    So – to recap this whole mess – the queen gifts Harry and Meghan this home. Only it is not really a home – it is a structure that was 5 separate apartments and in dilapidated condition. It cost 2.4 million to convert back to a single-family dwelling update furnaces, roof, etc. It needed repair regardless of anyone living there or using the cottage. Harry, who has wanted to follow his passions decides to step back and do just that. Then, the press and the people demand he pay them back for repairs of this gift that his grandmother gave him. So – and this is the really funny part – Harry pays it all back, but it does not go to the whiners and complainers, it goes back to the sovereign grant – the queen who gave him this gift. I don’t understand royalty gift-giving, but if I was Harry, I would never ever accept another gift from my grandmother. As for the whiners and complainers – they are out of luck! Has the queen ever given anyone else in her family dilapidated property as a gift before? Ever? We are now waiting for the next whining complaint from a country that turned out to be far more cruel than we ever imagined.

    1. Akono caroline

      tout à fait d’accord avec toi. Tu parles d’un “cadeau” , un cadeau empoisonné, le terme cadeau ne devrait pas utilisé. Elle est sans cœur cette veille dame, elle croit qu’elle mourra avec ses titres de noblesse et toutes les richesses pilés en Afrique et dans les Caraïbes. Elle a terni son image à jamais


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