It’s good to be Home! Harry, Meghan, and Archie are not going back to slavery 83

Hello everyone! In today’s Podcast, we had prof Maynard, Sonia, with Tina and Michelle! Below are the topics we discussed!
Hope you all enjoy it!


Honestly, this whole week has been one of the best with great news after the other. WAP Nah I am kidding
Meghan’s world new YouTube channel
SussexSet reaches 10k on YouTube! Well done Vee. Meghanpedia moves to new better servers go check them out
InspiredbyHarry Camfed
Harry with Rashad (link video) played parts of it last podcast
Meghan will vote
Meghan with 19th*
Para-Olympic 26 August Netflix
They moved (1-year review what? ) they are now obsessed with how much they spend this is how you know those uncultured yuck mouth trolls and British reporters think all of California is LA/Hollywood. Like all of New York is the Empire State building. They don’t know where Santa Barbara is🤣
Prof’s article
Finding freedom
If Kate cared about Meghan or extended the olive branch to Meghan she would have stopped the Meghan made Kate cry thing
Meghan is exceptional (they could have supported Meghan)
Victoria arbiter
Cambridge fans trying to intimidate camfed
Sussex squad had their back so shut it to those who keep saying be like Meghan. We already told you guys already Meghan and Harry need to mind their business! We meant that.

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Op-ed by Prof Maynard:
COMIC: Insider
Mr. Gilbert article Trash tabloid
Harry Op-ed:
Wallie’s fundraiser:
3 harsh truths:
Ways to support BLM

Let’s make Harry and Meghan proud, grow Sussex Squad to be bigger than ever, and make a kid’s day a little better than it was yesterday. Let’s get to work.

We hope you enjoy it!
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