Royal (Rodents) Reporters The Bleating Old Crocks

One would think that, when serialisation of Omid Scobie and Caroline Durand’s book ‘Finding Freedom’ was going to debut in the Times Group of newspapers and so much noise was expanded on it, it was going to reveal secrets that would lead to the peasant’s revolt to get rid of the British monarchy, judging by the reaction of old journalists and so-called monarchists. Dark warnings and lies were written and spoken by the usual suspects, even before the serialisation began.

Some newspaper gossipers – why call them journalists – even felt the need to put in their retaliation first, when they had not read the book or read the Times’ pickled version yet.  The ugly Camilla Hound Dog Tominey in the Daily Telegraph felt the need to take advantage to attack the Sussexes, especially the Duchess, even though the authors on numerous occasions responded to such questions, that they were not interviewed.  Of course, Camilla Hound Dog knew the story she wrote about and told several times in TV interviews and made money to buy her garish lipsticks, that the Duchess of Sussex made the Duchess of Cambridge cry just before the great wedding in 2018, was a big lie and would be exposed as such in the book.  Everything she has ever written about the Duchess are lies mostly fed by her so-called ‘insiders’ at Kensington Palace.  Because of her friendship with Prince Andrew, she has done her best to tell lies about the Duchess anytime time questions about Jeffrey Epstein came up, just to divert attention.  She has no credibility whatsoever. For someone who never spoke with the Duchess, the oft accusation of her behaviour was very annoying and stupid.  

Yet hound dog face accuses the Duchess of bad behaviour. Why the Kensington Palace dirty brigade said nothing to deny the story and allowed that to fester in an apparent attempt to taint the Duchess’s name, was despicable and difficult to understand.  Especially coming after their successful tour of four countries in Oceania.  Was it to help someone? Living in the United Kingdom all this period, I never heard from anyone outside of the Royal ROTA accuse the Duchess of behaving inappropriately at events or during tours.  Even among the Royal ROTA, I have not heard any of them accuse the Duchess of bad behaviour. Hound dogface has never explained or put on record the bad behaviour she accuses the Duchess of.

Over at the Daily Gutter, the Duke of Cambridge’s ‘tabloid father and protector’ Richard Kay in the news media felt compelled to defend his ‘son’ from being labeled racist, snobbish, if not a fascist thug. Mostly the conservative gossipers in the conservative newspapers have been up in arms.  Their lies and abuse have been rumbled by people, who were also witnesses of events when the Sussexes were Senior Working Royals.  The Times Group itself is not absolved from some of the nasty lies.  Their gossipers have equally been found to lie and be abusive to the Duchess. Their little token Royal Family toady, Roya Nikka is as horrible and a liar like the rest of them.  In her head, she believes she is a white English rose, working for the London Times and a royal correspondent.  Their columnist Camilla Long, has taken unnecessary potshots at the Duchess for no apparent reason.

In the final analysis, most of what is in the ‘Finding Freedom’ was known to most people who wanted to know.  The lies have been debunked by quite a few people, including the Squaddies. There are some gossipy bits, which should not have been put in there, but maybe to make their book seem authentic, were included, and thereby inviting accusations by their enemies that the Sussexes had cooperated in writing the book.

The newspapers are failing badly.  The daily circulations are down considerably and even their digital interests have not escaped the dreaded drop.  The Daily Gutter’s print advertising is down 69 % and the digital income, which they have been relying on for a while, is down 17 %.  A hundred jobs have been cut.  I am quite certain that by the end of summer more revenues would be lost and with that more job cuts.  I should not crow for the job losses, but this newspaper group has tormented the Duchess to such an extent that, I would not feel anything but elated to see the closure of the whole caboodle.

The same loses are going on at other newspaper groups.  Reach, the company that owns the Daily and Sunday Mirror, the People and unfortunately owns the two Express newspapers are hemorrhaging also.  This week they announced 550 job cuts.  The BBC is not left out, they have closed programmes to save money.  An old crock who fronted a political programme and used his position to abuse the Sussexes over their Commonwealth Youth Leadership zoom conference was put out to grass.  Was I happy or was I happy?

When anyone or a family buys a home, it is not news.  When Bill Gates started building his space-age family mansion, it was a news event, because of its size and look, I was in admiration.  Some idiots condemned it, as it is usual with human beings and jealousy.  However, after its completion, nothing whatsoever was heard.  But when the Sussexes confirmed on Wednesday evening that they have bought a house and lived in it for almost six weeks, some old fools in the British media went bonkers and have felt they have to comment. An imbecile in the gutter Sun in banal headlines, declared the Sussexes are unemployed, so how could they pay their mortgage?  Others calculated the monthly payments and wondered aloud; is that not very strange and bizarre?  If mortgage had not been mentioned, it would have been an ongoing conversation and insults that Prince Charles bought the house for them. Two married adults with a son decided to buy a family home to settle as they have not done so yet since the May 19, 2018, wedding, but these scavengers decided to comment and insult the Duchess, because she comes from California and roped the husband in to buy a house with her.

These old decrepit people still think the Duke of Sussex is still that 18 years old rumbustious young man, who was battling newspaper scavengers and paparazzi outside London night clubs.  Even the cantankerous old photographer Arthur Edwards felt roused enough to scream the Duke should grow up. Grow up from what to what, I did not bother to follow up.  All these people have no inkling who the Duke is.  They do not even remember that he grew up a long time ago, went to the Army, went to war twice as one of the best Apache helicopter flyers, and ended up as Major Henry Windsor.  They forget that he singlehandedly started the phenomenally successful Invictus Games, the Endowment Fund, which is now part of the Invictus Games and the aids charity Sentebale. They think the Duke somehow, has been influenced by his wife to abandon the sweet place where he belongs and should return to it.  Who do they think they are to determine what he should do with his life and who he should fall in love with?  His father could not determine that.

As the Duke himself said at their engagement interview, these people think they know him, but do not.  If he were deliriously happy with his life before meeting his wife, he would have persuaded her with physical evidence for them to stay for better things to come. However, he was not and from all indications even after the wedding, things got worse for him and then her.  When you hear these old fogies talk about a couple who just began real life with a young son. I wonder whether they have grown up married children and would want their marriage to break up irrespective of the fact that, they are in love and happy.  These are racists and careless.  Their hatred of the Duchess has blinded them to any sense of anything.  The life and future of the Sussexes, in any case, have nothing whatsoever to do with anyone in the United Kingdom, Royal family, news media et al.

The Queen showed her cruel hand woefully when she listened to her old crusty advisers and William to deprive the Duke of his military honours, and the Commonwealth Youth Ambassadorship.  It was also cruel and incomprehensible to ask the Sussexes to start paying rent on a property everyone thought was a wedding gift when the couple had spent so much money to make it habitable.  They are also paying back the controversial renovation cost, even though they are tenants.  All these when Prince Andrew is under FBI watch, been requested for an interview, but is refusing to countenance.  He still has his HRH, withdrawn from all public life, lives in a huge mansion on the grounds of Windsor Castle, he still has his tax-funded security and gets spending money from his mother.  The Sussexes, even though not officially working royals, are still championing their charities in the United Kingdom successfully.  The Sussexes, meanwhile, must pay for their own security, because of the constant bleating from their enemies in the news media.  Any leverage the Queen might have had on the Sussexes or the Duke as the grandson is now dissipated and can never be resurrected.

The Duke as Prince Harry, when a single man never had any good relations with the news media, but with the addition of the Duchess, who has done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever, their unbearable situation here increased horribly.  The British news media should realise that whatever they do, would not change anything.  The Sussexes are one loving unit, something they have not bothered to school themselves in.  After all this time, it has not entered their foggy brains that love matters.  A lot of these scavengers are not in loving relationships, just conveniences for public consumption. Some are not even married to know what it is.

So, the solidity of the Sussexes’ loving unit in the face of the crude attempt to split the Duchess off, must baffle them a great deal. I would recommend to them to look for a video of the engagement interview conducted by the BBC and watch it over a cup of the best tea they can brew. They should listen carefully to the Duke. They should also listen to the Sentebale speech he gave after the step back in January. He is found the happiness he has been looking for all his life. Nothing any scavenger in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada would write or say, can split them up for the Duke to return to his previous life. In crude speak, all the outsiders should bugger off, leave them well alone. I have not mentioned trolls here, because they are not human beings at all.

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20 thoughts on “Royal (Rodents) Reporters The Bleating Old Crocks

  1. Bridgette

    Thank you for your support trying to weed out these ongoing falsehoods, annoyingly deafening our ears I could read your analysis everyday. Shocking to see million copies published in major different news outlet globally on a WoC for marrying within the RF. I think it’s design for the the negative coverages to out number everything. They not sporadic independence positive articles perhaps far and few between. I wonder if anyone can ever catch up with such hourly avalanche of recycled news nonstop. Hopefully, things will slow down sooner rather than later, so far it’s not up to any of these detractors to determine anyones downfall albeit theirs. In a one life to live world short using up such energy an algorithm to hate on one woman is rather ludicrous only time will tell no magic (8) ball can determine that.

  2. Paula

    “The Sussexes, meanwhile, must pay for their own security, because of the constant bleating from their enemies in the news media. Any leverage the Queen might have had on the Sussexes or the Duke as the grandson is now dissipated and can never be resurrected.”
    So true.
    The mental reasoning of racists is dumbfounding. How is anyone responsible for the renovation cost of their landlord?

  3. Ravenel Dominique

    Excellent article. Mr Gilbert vous avez parfaitement décrit cette machine diabolique que sont les médias britanniques. Ils ont surestimés leurs mains et les Sussex ont pris la bonne décision. Il est anormal que ces médias ne soient pas responsables de leurs actes ainsi que les RR qui pour moi sont de vils échotiers accumulent sans aucune honte mensonge et chantage. Les Windsor apparaissent comme des marionnettes entre leurs mains , cette maison a besoin de nettoyer ses écuries car ils sont faibles racistes et manquent totalement de leadership. Les failles de William sont de plus en plus visibles et il ne se prépare pas des lendemains qui chantent

  4. Elizabeth Badu

    Once again exellent and insightful article, the problem is they do not know Harry at all and they never listened to him and that’s mind blogging for me,yes they never listened and paid attention to their engagement interview. He’s really done with them and they refuse to accept it,it’s really sad to see.

  5. Connie Brussels

    Oh my,oh my Mr Gilbert again another fantastic article you are really really hope is for this article to reach far and beyond!!!!!WELL DONE!!!

  6. Joyce

    Thank you for a wonderful article, to be honest I think they do not know the Sussexes at all. They have left and not coming back so they should get use to it. The more they continue their nonsense the more resolve the Sussexes will be. The issue here is that the Sussexes have cut them off, the lack of access to them is killing all the gossiping rodents. In the wake of this lockdown the Sussexes were more productive than the others. The world is watching these rodents loose their marbles over the people they said are irrelevant. The royal family should be ashamed of themselves,they have only allowed the gossipers to make them look weak and losing credibility. The more they continue their nonsense the more they are exposed for their hypocrisy and racism.

  7. Gladys

    It’ so disheartening witnessing the abuse caused because these rodents aka reporters are jealousy
    & envious of a brilliant woman who is not only deeply loved by her husband but her being pretty & as well as being articulate & being everything they want for themselves which has made these evil people to go sour displaying their idiosy to the whole world.

    It’ so sad for the country’s Media to be operating on personal feelings & benefits instead of real journalism.

    As for the Royals, their jealousies especially William who thinks because he’s a future king everything has to resolve around him is just being an idiot & he’s gonner be a ruthless & despised king as well as an idiot which he is anyway.

    As for Kate, she would have come up & denied those ridiculous stories about being made to cry but anyway she profited from themistruths & the hateful abuse of M which is sad for i think she missed out on having a good friend in M.

    And the British public, shame on you all for surporting that mafia tabloidal organisation just because you fear the repercussions in denouncing them which is on the other hand is understandable for many lives have been destroyed, but i say if you orgarnise yourselves against the tyrant he can be defeated & that is by not buying their papers.

    The siver lining is that the Sussexes are gone & will be doing their work peacefully away from that place & from all those hateful people.

  8. Beverly Jewell Hardy

    Wow, Mr. Gilbert, you hit the nail on the head about the BM. None of them understand, that the more negatively they write, talk, and tweet, the more rational people will get curious about thee Sussexes. In this day and age people can google just about anything they want to know about anyone. Prince Harry and Meghan, DOS,are all over all social medias. You can pull anything from their first walkabout in Nottingham, to the engagement interview, to the wedding, all the tours and so. Only people that have already prejudged them will believe the noise from the press. I know that is putting a lot of trust in people, but Mr. Gilbert, that is why we have people like you, al avenues of, all Sussex Squad outlet, Terrellism, Hugo and others that are fighting with truth and receipts. Love all your opinions.

  9. Sheila

    T is see your fingerprints all over this article. Very riveting. LOL I think the British Royal family can learn a lot from the Danish Royal Family, and ALL other Royal Families for that matter.

  10. Patricia Nixon

    Great article Mr. Gilbert, touch from beginning to end. The part where you say, would they suggest to their children that they separate, essentially to satisfy the people need to have Harry back, is ludicrous. they want him to abandon his wife and child to comeback and be a third wheel, that’s a No!!!!!, I agree let this couple alone and go write about your faves, William and his wife.

  11. Rose

    Arthur Edwards is the bitterest man alive, and for him it is all about money. I remember him walking around Kensington palace talking about the “money shot”. You would think that by now he has made enough not to be so bitter about the opportunities he used to have with Harry. He constantly complains about Harry changing, well he got married you old fool. He is lucky Harry ever gave him the time of the day all these years because he is one of the grandfathers of paparazzi behaviour, and of course they ended up killing his mother.
    The royal rota is a joke. Almost all of them have pictures of themselves meeting royals On their social media. . How can you be objective when you are fanning?

  12. C.T.

    Perfect & accurate analysis! We know what the end game is for The Royal Family & racist British tabloids. They want the dissolution of Harry & Meghan’s marriage. They don’t care what means they use to try & make it happen! These people are inherently evil. They truly hate Meghan & everything about her. They’re overt with their hate! I hope you’re able to get your articles to the mainstream media. More people need to read them!!!

  13. Cheryl Delecia

    I am so happy and grateful to the Squad for their support of the Sussexes. I love you guys.

  14. Sherry

    Love the article Mr. Gilbert. The British News Media just don’t understand that they took their vilification of the Sussexes too far. The Sussexes or Prince Harry are never coming back to be a senior working Royal(s). I think the nail in the coffin for Harry and Meghan was when the media started taking pot shots and insults at their son, Archie. It was one thing to insult them, but to start on their baby son was unforgivable. Harry and Meghan saw the writing on the wall with the future mental and psychological damage that would be done to their son if they stayed on Struggle Island. So it was an easy decision to make based on what’s best for their son. Prince Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, would be insane to go back to those terrible working conditions. And it’s one thing I know, Harry and Meghan are very intelligent; they know their worth.

  15. martha harper

    As an American I don’t understand the media stalking. I don’t understand the feebleness of the British public putting up with this hellish nastiest. These rags should have been shut down two years ago. I’m concerned for Harry when William becomes king. If he’s as evil as he appears to be, Harry and Meghan are in trouble. William wanted Harry and Meghan to stay in England and work in Catherine’s and his behalf… make the future king look good. Truth be told, he and Catherine are lazy. This is so unfortunate, Di would be so angry at William becoming what she hated about the royal family.

  16. Chris

    The Royal Gossipers are desperate! They so want for the Sussexes to fail than it is funny to witness. They want them to fail, and return crawling in the UK! It will never happen!
    Great read.


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