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Happy Thanksgiving Sussex Squad, Just Michelle and Tina today. Here are the topics we covered.

1. Our faves continue to be unproblematic
2. The tree initiative (explain what it is) where to get more information. Join in the fun if you’re able to: Plant a tree, Donating – charities selected by @sussexgtforest (donation link on their profile) Or just spreading the word! Taking place between 23rd Nov to 6th May 2020 (Archie’s first birthday!)🌿Check out more information here https://ift.tt/2qt9Kdz
3. Harry and Meghan already acknowledged tree. Explain why this fandom is powerful because our fave inspire a movement. Their passion, kindness and can-do spirit inspires legions of people.
4. Stop sharing bad articles Plant trees instead
5. Andrew will not do royal duties in the near future. They’re really trying to tie in being friends JE and suing the press for lies and slander. We had press inquiries about this. pivoting to provide a positive focus. We refuse to let H&M get swept up in this mess. The Queen was seen ridding with Andy, Afua video. Everyone trying to distance the Queen from the show.
6. Pressuring H&M to drop lawsuits
7. Now the next smear is trying to bring in Meghan and Harry (saying royals can be sacked) in this
8. Telegraph article saying Meghan was aghast
9. Those who support us on patreon please send your address via patreon we have some goodies to send you.
10. Our older audience
11. What we are thankful for!

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