The Royal Family needs The Sussexes to Keep the Royal Ship Afloat

Just after Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC 2 Newsnight interview, a few people, including a former old Press Secretary to the Monarch, were quick off the mark to suggest with calls for the Prince to relinquish his charities and out of the blue, he added the Sussexes.  In his old eyes and diminishing capacity to think anew in a modern world, the Sussexes can go away and the rest of the royal family can do fine.

This particular man, although out of the royal job for over twenty years, has become a sort of royal ‘rent a quote’ hawking himself anywhere.  He is still going round making outrageous and very silly comments and making a living out of it, mostly from US and Australian television companies.  How unfortunate for their audiences, as he is selling them snake oil.

So let’s examine his claims that with Prince Andrew and the Sussexes ‘banished’, other royals can successfully carry on.  One has to ask, which royals he had in mind.  After all, we all know what they are all doing at present, how successful or not they have been, and whether that success is measurable.

With the Monarch at 93 years old, I doubt that old former Press Secretary and now a hangers-on was counting her among the other royals.  Duke of Edinburgh is already retired.  We have Prince Charles and his 72 years old wife, Prince William and his wife, Prince Edward and his wife, and Princess Anne.  I have left out Prince Andrew and deliberately left out the Sussexes.

Realistically only Prince Charles among the lot works very hard successfully and has been for fifty years.  He had to create his own footpath as an heir, there was no playbook for him to follow.  His charities and work are visible and successful to see and evaluate.

What about Prince William and his wife?  They are Patrons of some charities alright, but what have they brought to the charities other than the occasional visit with a smile.  That is the old school patronage the Queen has done for almost seventy years.  The couple have no idea or the inkling to exploit new ideas to make their charities thrive in an age of money shortages.

Apart from the mental health issues, which began with Prince Harry, nothing new and concrete has come from that camp.  There have been the occasional splutter of newspaper leaks of ideas and plans in the pipeline to launch one thing or the other, there has been absolute zilch to point to physically.  The Cambridges apologists in the newspapers have in past articles, made lame excuses that, their lack of activities were due to being groomed to be King and Queen Consort.  But as they would know, that is total baloney, when one considers it would take another twenty-five to forty years for that to happen.  Besides, his own father at 71 years is still busy working hard and wants to extend his Charity Trust to New Zealand.

I honestly have no idea what Prince Edward does, but his wife Countess Sophie is supposed to work hard, but does not publicise it or royal reporters do not deem her newsworthy enough and completely ignore her.

The Princess Royal Anne goes around a lot but under the radar.  She is mainly reported in local news media when she goes visiting an old fire station or call in at a local hospital.  That’s been the staple royal visits or work over the years, which the Cambridges are following.

With the Duke of York virtually ‘retired’ from active royal service, the 230 charities he was patron of, have to find new patrons from among the royal family.  His daughters are not working royals, so are handicapped.  That leaves Prince Charles and his wife, Prince William and his wife, Prince Edward and his wife and Princess Anne. That is, if the most hardworking and successful royals, apart from Prince Charles, the Sussexes are ‘banished’ as suggested by that old fool.

It is such a sad state of affairs that on a horrid occasion like Prince Andrew’s ignominious unraveling last week, that unprincipled old idiot of a former press secretary would seek to link the Prince’s abominable sexual history, to the Sussexes’ documentary and suing the tabloids as equal heinous crimes, which deserve some kind of punishment.  Did they disgrace the royal family?  Of course, not.  That man was being very disrespectful and ill-mannered.

What most of these newspapers do not realise is that the Cambridges represent the older generation, who are sadly on their way out.  However, the Sussexes represent the millennial generation who would inhabit the world after the Queen and Prince Charles.  The Cambridges despite everything, would need the Sussexes to keep the royal ship afloat until their reign starts.  Their children would grow up to be replicas of their parents, so might not be able to save their reign without a great input from the Sussexes.

The British newspapers in general, do not publicise that much the successful initiatives the Sussexes undertake.  They have done in some instances, such as the growing Invictus Games, the Smart Works campaign, the Hub Community Cookbook.  With the unflinching support of Sussex squaddies around the globe other charities, they have highlighted have been supported incredibly.  There are no royals, leaving out the Monarch, that can command that sort of support or friends, as the Sussexes might prefer to call their supporters.  The couple has done so much charity work in seventeen months of marriage more than the eight years the Cambridges have chipped in.  Through their influences, some companies have expanded and some people have been employed for the good of their families and society in general.

With the launch of the Sussex Royal Foundation early in the New Year, would come the unveiling of the grand picture being cooked behind closed doors.  We would know then, who deserves to be where in the scheme of the royal family.  We would also know the rumours that have swirled around the Sussexes about where they want to settle, have been ill-founded, illogical and calculated to harm.  However, as always, the truth shall prevail and with that would come their strengths to succeed and help those in need.

43 thoughts on “The Royal Family needs The Sussexes to Keep the Royal Ship Afloat

  1. Kathleen Lee

    Thank you Mr Gilbert, your article was very informative. If only the British Media and the BRF could understand the Sussexes is the glue they need to hold the Monarch together. Without the Sussex it will only be a matter of time before the family crumble and fail completely. Wake up BRF before it is too late, time has changed and so must you, the way things was done is not working anymore. The world is watching how you treat your own with such hate and bigotry, stop letting the hateful media speak for you.

  2. Terri

    Meghan and Harry made a VERY SMART move by taking a break during this period.
    Nice chess move!!!!

  3. Nondumiso

    Thank you Mr Gilbert for another great article. So informative, and spot on. Much appreciate!

  4. Cindy Cummings

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert your articles are the best and so insightful and uplifting about the Sussexs.

  5. Lovie

    Great article. No weapon rise against the Sussexes will prosper, they r full of love for all. Karma bus will soon stop for the Cambridge’s. Dickie just need to b relevant before he is put out to pasture.

  6. Joyce

    Thanks for another great article. I read it three times to make sure I didn’t miss a single word. You have a very keen perspective on the quality of work the royals are doing on behalf of their patronages. I’ve thought for a long time that the smile, wave and pose for a picture is outdated and has no real impact on the charity. Prince Charles and the Sussexes are the only ones doing work that has tangible, measurable results. Using the number of engagements as the determinant for the hardest working royal each year is misleading. It’s not that difficult to show up, chat a bit, and pose for pictures. Of course there is the occasional ribbon cutting or plaque unveiling.

    Your article should be a part of mainstream media. It shines a thought provoking light on the royal family, instead of the usual misleading fluff. Keep the articles coming! You have a captive audience waiting for each one.

  7. Carmen

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert, for your unbiased beautifully written piece on the Sussex.
    It breaks my heart to see the constant barage of hate coming from the British media and the total lack of support shown by the Royal family.
    Queen Elizabeth immediately had Prince Andrew riding in the car with her to church and then later, horseback riding. Both photo ops to show her support for her son. Where are the photo ops for the Sussexs? Nobody has been seen with them. I used to think it was William and Harry against the world. I was totally surprised that the only thing coming out of the Cambridges camp was from the Daily Fail, William said he hope that they are ok.
    I’m really disappointed in William. He seems to have settled into a smug sense of entitlement and would do what ever to keep the current staus quo in place.
    Duchess Camilla was conveniently ill so that she didnt have to put in an appearance with the Sussexs and not many days later she is up traveling to a whole nother country. I thought she was nearly ready for hospitalization.
    I just want to say, I’m American. I’m old enough to recognize the ingrained racism that will probably not end soon. Meghan is an American, biracial, divorcee who took their Prince. Never mind that she was God given abd the best thing that ever happened to Harry.
    Again Mr. Gilbert, Thank you. May God bless you. I could give you and the Bishop of Canterbury a huge for.
    Blessings from Tennessee

  8. Winifred Morris

    Thank you Mr Gilbert for the article I don’t know why why these channels are using dickie he does not know what has changed since he left
    and a lot has and to be truthful he don’t know what he’s saying I don’t listen to him since he said the duchess is a fling and Americans don’t get hrs titles

    1. Karen Warren

      Thank you so much, Mr Gilbert for succinctly summarizing the future of the Royal Family. Firstly, the majority of the Commonwealth are non-white. Second the majority of the Commonwealth are under 35 years of age. The Sussexes basically have been a shot of adrenalin to a dying monarchy. Thousands of Americans (I included ) and others from around the world are donating to British, Australian, American and African charities we had never heard of. The Sussexes do not need the Monarchy— but the Firm most assuredly does!

    1. Patricia Grant

      This would never be picked by the mainstreet media because it contains the truth, it would expose all their lies and for the racist that they all are. The people like the old Pr man from the seventies who thinks he’s still relevant today. He should ask his daughter to update him and let him know that he should sit back and enjoy the money he’s maid from the RF. He should use the money and invest in a new tie. Its so insulting that these nasty hateful people would want to compare The Duke and Duchess Of sussex to an alleged pedophile like Andrew. The world is watching especially the people of the commonwealth who they suppose to represent how they treat a bi-racial woman with a black mother.

  9. Nella

    Once again Mr Gilbert has provided a succinct thoughtful analysis of the current Royal state of play.
    The Sussexes have been instrumental in highlighting and motivating many people globally to support and contribute to causes.

    I’m looking forward to the launch of SussexRoyal Foundation and believe it will drive many worthwhile initiatives.

    Thank you Mr G.

  10. Marie Baker

    Mr Gilbert thank you for your bold opinion. Not only is it bold but also fair. Harry and Megan will and can live without the monarch and the benefits. The Sussexes can work hard and survive on their own. They have a heart for people of lesser means and can be leaders of any one of the many commonwealth countries. These countries would love to have the Sussexes.

  11. Elizabeth Badu

    As usual a good and a well written article you’ve nailed it and said it all .It was precise, informative and educative Thanks until the article ,have a peaceful week

  12. Dinah

    As we speak, the British press are rolling out a new strategy: ‘praising’ Charles for showing leadership in the Andy crisis, just to get him in their camp, e.g. to continue their war against Harry and Meghan: in particular, to press H&M to drop the lawsuits against them: they are already talking shit like ‘Charles will order them back on the royal leash’. I hope Charles see through this ‘flattery by occasion’, and hasn’t forgotten how this same press pack have ‘behaved’ against him and Camilla, in recent years. And he must not forget that he will definitely need Harry and Meghan to make a success of his reign. His other son, so far, has proven to be use-less; craving his royal status, waiting to one day to become king.

  13. Jessyca McCargo

    Thank you so much Mr. Gilbert. You bring clarity and rational thought to this complicated situation. It is very much appreciated.

  14. Beulah

    Your answer to Mr has been is very on point, but what we should note is that, this old person is coming from a place where to be a royal is to be white, and is to walk around with a face looking like an old donkey. They go to charities and put on a fake smile, then whisked in their fancy cars. These people have no idea the difference between racist bullies and being critical. No one on this planet would like for themselves what they have done to Meghan. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Hate has corroded these carriers that they cannot see beyond their racist thoughts. I didn’t know that doing good for the less fortunate would be such a crime. God will bless them, while the haters stumble, and fall.

  15. Pinky Donaldson

    Thank you once again for an insightful analysis about the Royal Family, do you think the Queen will ask Harry and Meghan to take on some of Andrew’s Patronages? I don’t think they should because who knows what damage he has done to these charities, they need a forensic accountant to go over the finances before Harry and Meghan are asked to take them on otherwise if something crops up later they will be blamed even though it was under Andrew’s patronage, you’re right as usual about the British Media trying to downplay their charity work but the devil is a liar.

  16. Catherine AE Carleisle

    I’m going to start calling you Mr. Gilbert The Great. Yet another amazing article. The royal reporters think they can control the Sussexes by promoting this ridiculous narrative. Prince Charles at his core is a businessman. Look at what he has done with the Duchy. The monarchy is a business. They even refer to the family as The Firm. The Sussexes are good for business, good for the firm. Look at what’s happening right now. Even with Sandalous Andy dominating the news; the Sussexes are getting positive international press for their work. Harry’s Onside Speech, the HIV initiative, the Landmine Video. Meghan’s ACU letter of support, the letters she sent to the schoolchildren, her making the list as #1 fashion influencer and the impact she has had on brands. The Sussex Great Forest initiative. Harry and Meghan are garnering praise and appreciation while the rest of the family is being bogged down in the mess. That is how great their power. I think the family and the press know that it is more likely that eventually Harry and Meghan will choose to leave if things don’t improve. I don’t think there is any chance long term that they will raise their child/children in that toxicity.

    1. Abena Boaitey

      They should not leave, it would be a wrong move, besides the media would not leave them alone, it would be worse, a case in point: Diana, also, Meghan would be blamed for taking Harry out, even though it has been Harry’s wish.

  17. Paula

    Thank you Mr Gilbert.
    For one, the self acclaimed sage really needs to own some shame. From the start, he had been wrong. He firmly stated at the beginning that the affair was not more than a fling and he was very wrong. He appeared to have been so convinced because of his past close quarters with BRF. His earlier conclusions on the affairs bears questions as to whether it was because Duchess Meghan is mixed and so the POC are only good for the good experience of coupling amongst the Royals. His speaking as an authority of the BRF does not cast them into any positive light when he is attacking result oriented people whether or not the BRF are believed to be more equal than others.
    From my observation and that of many others I believe, the Cambridges are quite lazy with very little desire for hard work. I probably would never have given much concern to their appear, smile and wave pattern if not for the way it appears they have consciously made effort to misrepresent the Sussexes in such a way that encouraged hate and possible mother and child harm. Why not channel that energy towards being more productive? Blabbing Sec probably thinks that if the hard working fellows are removed, then the leisure working royals would not look lazy anymore. No Mister, that is not true. If leisure royals do not want to actively support patronages and would rather indulge in leisure, then they will extend that behaviour to the public funds that will come their way via the duchy and later the crown. What would they be tempted to influence with such monetary advantages? How responsible will they be with the public funds that is expected to be in their custody? Will it be used to buy celebrity friends and blacken the media? Will they mismanage it to the point where the subject will rebel and take to the streets? Will serving in a style more representative to the need of the present generation not avoid the possible ‘yellow vest’ discontentment of the future?
    I pray God Almighty for always guide and guard the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with good success and great wisdom.
    Duchess Meghan has proven that she is a person that means her words. She hit the ground running. Time has shown that she is indeed a loving solution oriented person. She does not need to apologise for being blessed. She was called a liar so many time that it turned out she was speaking the truth; she paid her college education, she was not pregnant on her wedding day, she was due late April or early May (with emu plastering that with the bulge of her tummy she expects her to give birth latest early April).
    It has gotten to the point where being overly modest is not necessary since it is not being appreciated. The British press went looking for dirt on her and came out with none so they made their own stuff. They have been internationally shameful in their shamelessness. They have abused the term ‘royal source’ that on its own it has become a huge joke. They complain that the Sussexes are not perfect, well it would be impossible for people to weigh any imperfection in them when you have already filled the measure with your racist, xenophobic bullying measures.
    As for the interview, I am so glad it happened. Although it seems their press is more interested in the way he answered than on the significance of his responses. The fact that Prince Andrew was looking forward to its airing as a means to justify himself tells me that he expected a guaranteed positive media portrayal. The interview was actually very much a pseudo grilling (imo) that he still couldn’t scale; because there were quite some follow up questions that the interviewer given her acclaim, chose not to pursue. She even gave him the platform to show sympathy when she asked him what his message was to the Virginia and he said he had no message. Knowing that he had not given enough to register with the viewers, she represented that platform by asking him if he regretted his encounter with Jeff but still Prince Andrew did not catch it and even went the other way by registering a lack of regret at being associated with a convicted confessed sex trafficker.

    1. Gladys

      Yes i do get it that the interviewer wanted Andrew be reflected in a positive way but dumb Andy wasen’t getting it, & i call that KARMA or the great magnificent way the good God works.

  18. Gladys

    So i see all these idiotic Brit journals, lame former palace employees such as that silly old old press secretary, the Royal reporters, the Royal family especially the Cambridges all have one thing in common: jealousy & envy, otherwise one fails to percieve why hate on family members who do the good for the family😕

  19. Mo roberts

    Thank you Mr Gilbert! I wish i knew who that old fool was for trying to link the Sussexes with randy Andy, the nerve!! Love & appreciate your articles in Support of our Fave Couple, we are praying for them.

  20. Gladys

    What in God’s name is going on???, one thing is they want the Sussexes away for the others to thrive but what these idiot gossipers fail to understand is that whatever the Sussexes happen to decide on they’ll thrive & to the poor Cambridges its a pity & stupid to be hoised by a corrupt press & playing a part in terrorising your brother’s family, for that old former press secretary he seem to want a knighthood.

  21. Ursula

    Beautiful pieces and you are right the Sussex are their future because they don’t shy away from work.

  22. Deborah Fraser

    Thank you and thank you Mr. Gilbert for once again saying it like it is. You are providing us all with incredible clarity on what right thinking persons in Britain think of what is being generated as the views of all Brits. On the point of Dickie bird sitting on the wall. He is dying to get a medal stuck on his chest along with a title of “sir.” Thanks again Mr. Gilbert .

  23. Dominique

    Comme d’habitude des propos justes et clairs basés sur du concret. Certains commentateurs n’ont plus leur place et évoquent un monde passéiste. Les tabloïds et les RR font leur scénarios leurs fictions en oubliant que la monarchie si elle veut survivre a besoin des 2 jeunes familles et surtout sans parti pris les Sussex sont adaptés au monde dans lequel nous vivons. L’avenir est entre les des jeunes générations et les Cambridges devront se mettent sérieusement au travail car pour le moment ils ne sont pas inspirants.
    Ce n’est pas une compétition mais une adaptation au monde dans lequel nous vivons où il faut être dune extrême réactivité .

    1. Dinah

      Ce sont les Cambridges qui en font une bataille; parce que comme dit Meghan; Je n’ai pas besoin de concurrence. J’espère que nous sommes tous sérieux.

      1. GNOUPALEH

        Félicitations à Mr. Gilbert pour cet article d’une clarté, d’une lucidité hors pair. J’ai eu vent de cet article par la page web des Sussex Squad Podcast.Effectivement, ce vieillissant Attaché de presse qui n’est plus de service continue d’utiliser les Sussex comme fond de commerce pour distiller son racisme et sa preference pour les Cambridges qui sont auréolés de toutes les qualités. Malheureusement, ce petit jeu est toujours mis à découvert. Ôser comparer les Sussex au Prince Andrew? Il fallait vraiment être un raciste, un détracteur indécrottable de ce jeune couple qui ne demande qu ‘à être des forces positives pour le faire. Anyway les Sussex avancent et nous les suivons!!! On n’attend que le lancement de leur fondation dont ils nous ont déjá donné un avant-goût. Nous allons nous régaler en 2020. Il y a du bon qui arrive.


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