Harry Had Them By The Balls & Boobs

I don’t know why #SussexSquad keep asking the haters and royal gossips why they are still bitter about Harry and Meghan leaving. We know why they are bitter. They expected us to be sad that she was leaving all the “prestige” of the royal family (even if it’s a den of destruction). For the sake of this article, let’s call it “prestigious”. We are not worried about Meghan. We know Meghan. She’s a hard worker and did not need the royals to make her millions in the first place, so why should she need them after. We don’t support Meghan because she’s a royal.

Harry knows the woman he married. I can’t imagine the countless times she has cried to sleep in his arms. He has witnessed her pain. The Harry that we know must have heavily investigated his family before this decision was made. He knew he couldn’t protect his family in that environment. I would even go as far as saying the whole thing was his idea.

After that final leak, Harry was completely done. Everyone is trying to make the queen out to be some kind of understanding grandmother, but she isn’t.  Let’s say for argument’s sake that the queen was really unaware of the attacks on the Sussexes and it was really her courtiers hiding it from her, what then why is she the queen? She can’t control her staff, she can’t control her family.

The queen is not some kind of hero in all this, she is not some saint, Harry had hard evidence and she couldn’t do a thing about it.  All that crap about still supporting the queen in their initial announcement was included so they wouldn’t appear disrespectful. This is exactly what Harry wanted, a clean break. They were done with the titles and everything.

Their work was being disrespected, his wife was being disrespected by people who were not even fit to lace her tennis shoes and his son, an innocent baby had been likened to a chimpanzee and also called a spoilt brat.

He had something on every member of that family. Don’t believe me? Everything else leaks in that family. KP, Buckingham Palace, and Clarence House are always quick to leak as long as it makes them look good and the others bad. How come we haven’t heard what happened in the so-called summit? Surely someone should have leaked what “really” happened by now. I’m not talking about the official statement. I mean the real story. What exactly did Harry say? See, no house can leak anything because they were all implicated.

So please stop with the sainthood of the Queen. She didn’t do this because she loved her grandson and his family. She did it because she probably saw fire in Harry’s eyes and knew he was ready to burn it all to the ground on the way out. She has been complicit in the abuse of her grandson and his family.

She didn’t strip them of their titles and she didn’t ask them to stop using them. That was their choice. Harry & Meghan got everything they asked for. This was their wish and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them. I hope they have a smash cake for Archie’s first birthday. We can’t wait! They can live like normal human beings now.

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11 thoughts on “Harry Had Them By The Balls & Boobs

  1. Trinette L Mitchell

    Tina, Michelle and all the writers….I bow down to you guys! another ON POINT article!

    Those that choose to believe Harry did not orchestrate their exit is CRAZY!! And yes, I believe Harry had HARD evidence against everyone involved in vilifying and disrespecting him and his family! That crazy, inbred family knows they screwed up. The fact that talks were going on for months behind the scenes makes me believe they were trying to convince them to stay. And Prince Charles insisting he write out his plan??? I agree, he did it to hijack those ideas. They’re disgusting!

  2. Yonda Fletcher

    I forgot to mention that the website that Kensingtonroyal put up 5bigquestions is and has the similar layout as sussexroyal. The shamebridges even went as far as to put a crown over the letter rf (royal foundation) the only difference is that the crown in lighter in color than the Sussex’s. And this is the kicker. Prince Harry released their statement about stepping back, on January 8th to avoid the press leaking it first, and the Shamebridges website was published/posted on January 9, 2020. So is this why Charles wanted Harry to write down his plans in order for William to steal his ideas. Please take a look, and see the where they copied.

  3. Yonda Fletcher

    I just looked at SussexRoyal’s IG page and they have officially more subscribers that KensingtonRoyal. Woo Hoo.
    But what I am a bit pissed off about is that the Cambridges now have a website that they have actually copied from the Sussex’s. Down to the layout and even the emblem with the crown over their initials. Wow, is all that I have to say. The Shamebridges have no morals or brains to think on there own. They are always copying. And Camilla had me ready to kick her old ass. A reporter asked her today if she missed the Sussex’s and her reply was “mmmm course” I was like WTF. You can see that no one really wanted the Sussex’s around and “WE” all know why. The changes are already taking effect. Because they are not getting any kind of reporting on them as much as they try. Even the Royal Reviewer, who I listen to, but once I saw that he only featured the Cambridges on what the event that they held last night, I did not even click on it. I just saw what was in the side bar. Go Sussex’s. Prince Harry, Princess Meghan, and Master/King Archie will be doing great things this year. And by the end of the week I believe that their star power and work ethic will outshine the entire Royal Family.

  4. Beulah

    You are right on point with your comment, because the same vile haters are the ones complaining now . They cannot get to tell them how much the British people own them, so they are pissed. I have always wondered why the palace was so quick to defend the pedophile, but not Harry, and Meghan. She was well aware of all that was going on, because even the politicians were talking about the racial attacks on Meghan. The attacks started from Buckingham Palace after their very successful Australian tour, and she knew it. They were enjoying too much success, so they had to put a stop to it. Karma is a bitch, and it will come back. Meghan’s hateful half-sister, and poor excuse of a father, really the worst on the planet right now is at it again, although the hateful Samantha has no relationship with her children or mother. She has really shown her racist side now, which I’ve known all along was the underlying root cause of her hate. Soo sick and sad.

  5. Pauline Allen

    I find myself feeling a little frustrated today. I have read the article, and yes Harry is no one’s fool. However, with no disrespect to the writer, it all sounds like conjecture. The only thing I believe are the words coming out of Harry’s mouth. If you recall, Tom Brady, the reporter who is also Harry’s friend said Harry does not lie. If you ask him about something, he will not lie. He will say there may be parts of this I cannot speak on, like he did at the Sentebale charity dinner.
    So, my frustration is that you still have snakes on their IG account still trashing Meghan. I have been doing my part to remove them, but they keep putting their posts back and so I think I need to ignore them. However, what about the administrator of the IG account. Can they not clean it up? I can only imagine Meghan going to the account to hopefully see positive comments, or even reasoned objections, but instead sees all this garbage.
    I believe that the only way to shut them up will be for Harry and Meghan to maintain a healthy and successful personal and business relationship. To actually do great projects and put a good portion of their vast earnings into global initiatives for the betterment of humanity. He promised in that speech that they will continue their charitable endeavors. This will be like stuffing their mouths with cotton. How amazing that will be.

    1. Tina

      the writer gave her opinion and never implied that she spoke to harry. Remember, you are are in the opinion section of our website where Sussex squad shares their opinions. We have explained on the podcast the possible reason SR hasn’t start dealing with the trolls. Until the lawsuits are over you will most likely not see a clean up of the trolls

  6. Gladys

    The truth is that the royal gossipers wanted to torment Meghan to the extent that she divorces Harry but to their disappointment it came out differently.
    Personally i detest the royal family members who had the authority to have stopped the bullying, that is the top three, but again so sad that the second in line is the one who gave a green light to the gutter media to abuse his sister in law in name of popularity thus tormenting his brother, but again i ask has he ever loved his brother really loved him, i daught.
    So in my opinion, i dare say the queen is not a kind woman.

  7. Diane

    I fact they took all they could.Harry wanted to keep working for the commonwealth
    And the military and that was taken away all he walked away with was HIM which is not important

    1. Trinette L Mitchell

      Exactly! What was the point of taking his military appointments away? That was a petty bitch move by the Queen and her futures! Those people are sick!

  8. Suprena Dickson

    I do not worry regarding the Duke and Duchess. They have proven their strengths together and apart. They were both successful before meeting and marrying one another. With their determination, tenacity, intelligence and good will toward others, they’ll be successful in all their ventures. The Firm has truly missed the mark on this one. Happiness must come first for your individual mental stability and collectively for your family. God’s grace and protection is upon them. They are free to live their best lives, happy, and at peace with little Archie.

    1. Trinette L Mitchell

      Amen!! That family had definitely missed the mark! But what can we expect from a racist institution like the British royal family? No amount of “copying and pasting” ideas from the Sussexes is going to rehabilitate their image with the world. We all see them for who they truly are.


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