The hypocrisy of the British news media and royal commentators

Ever since the Sussexes announced 3 weeks ago about their desire to step back from their role as senior royals, a lot of environmentally threatened newsprints have been used to write piffle and arrant nonsense about them.  Copious human hot air, enough to add on to the already endangered ozone layer, have been uttered by journalists (old and pensioned and new royal reporters), so-called royal experts, and anyone, who has ever commented or made stupid unfounded lies about them.

Even though the Sussexes have stated that they would shun the small Sovereign Fund given to them by the Queen to run their office and royal engagements, the discussions have mainly focused on how they can earn income without their name coming into play.  The very idea that they could go out to the world outside of senior royal roles and not be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is fanciful and delusional.

Their name, whether outside the senior royal role or in it, is an automatic monetiser.  They cannot hide from it.  They cannot hide who they are and what that entails in their life in the world outside, now they are going to work to be financially independent.  The point is, they are who they are and no decree or discussions on radio and television and in rims of newspapers can wish that away.  The recognition factor and what they bring to the table are what would propel them forward.

The discussions have been crude and unrelenting.  The couple cannot be allowed to benefit from their name as that is associated with the Royal Family, some have argued.  If they have to, then they should be bound by restrictions to avoid bringing the Royal Family into disrepute.  That is assuming the couple is so unscrupulous as to put their name to a Mafia linked business.  That is saying a lot about someone with an unblemished conscience like the Duchess, who when she set up her Tig lifestyle website refused big money to tie up with a big company she felt uncomfortable with.

The Sussexes have come this far and withstood all manner of atrocious abuses, because of self discipline and conscious of frailties of the world around them.  They have seen what friendships and links to certain people and organisations have wrought opprobrium to their uncle Prince Andrew.  I trust them to be extra cautious and extra vigilant in their new life.

I have a sneaking suspicion that their distractors have become so vociferous, just to stifle their potential before it began, because so-called experts have predicted their earning power in the near future.  They want to put undue pressure on the Queen to punish her own family, even though no crime has been committed.

The news media, of course, have in their hatred of the Duchess, overlooked or refused to discuss that the heir to the throne, Prince Charles himself, is seriously involved in commercial business activities and trades under his Dukedom title.  He supplies his organic grocery products to the rich man’s grocery store in London.  Early last December in cooperation with a clothes manufacturer, he announced he is going to bring out a menswear line.  No one in the news media has batted an eyelid about all these.  There was even television news broadcast on the announcement, which was in a factory.

No one is accusing him of monetising his royal name and family link.  That is the heir himself and no one has said a word about using his title and position to make money.   But when the sixth in line and his oft-abused wife, decide to opt-out of their senior roles, they are being told royals are only meant to visit fire stations, hospitals, shake thousands of hands and smile a lot and nothing else.  Serving the community and in the Duchess’s case, annoyingly being abused by journalists and some nut cases at the same time for being her.  This is like the guest editorship of last September’s special edition of the British Vogue.  She is not allowed to be here and earn money on her background.  This is not about Prince Harry, it has always been about the Duchess.

For a very short period as a senior royal, she has done quite a lot for some deserving people, the Commonwealth and the Royal Family.   A new legion of people from around the globe have become interested in the Royal Family, where hitherto there was disinterest.  Depending on how they proceed, her and the husband’s people, including the Squaddies would take their cue from them.  As far as the Royal Family goes, that interest has diminished.

The Royal Family as embodied in the Queen has always been there.  The Queen retains a special place in a majority of hearts in the UK.  However, when the Queen “kicks the bucket” and with the popular Sussexes half out, would Prince Charles and his heir, Prince William keep the UK and the world interested?  That is a pertinent question, I feel squeamish to answer.

Prince William cannot punch his way out of a paper bag, nor organise a pooch party.  Having schemed and plotted with his handlers to hound his brother and his wife virtually out of the senior roles of the family, he has a lot to prove.  Yet the initial prognosis of his royal work is at best very flakey.  Who can remember anything he and his wife have ever said officially?  Nope, I cannot remember either.

Unlike the words of wisdom, the newspapers always quote from the Sussexes, especially from the Duchess. They know she is very intelligent, but are afraid to admit so in public.  So seething with jealousy they do the only thing they know how to vilify and lie about her.

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9 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of the British news media and royal commentators

  1. Trinette L Mitchell

    VERY informative!! It’s so sad that this is happening to them and it makes us angry at the same time. We have to continue to be vigilant in defending them and praying for them. It’s the support of the people that will get them through this.

  2. Gladys

    So sad that the Palace became jealousy & envious and sadder that they employed the Media to terrorise the Duchess knowing that they are causing suffering to their own in Prince Harry.

    1. Eugunie Miller

      Remember the Roman Empire? The UK shall see the end of monarchy Dynasty house of Windsor, fall sooner than they think. It is the head of Racism in Britain It has always been that way since the Dynastic founder King-Emperor George V But this too shall pass that’s the only way the racist class system that domineer over people of Colour and the poor will end. It has gone on for over a thousand years and it too shall be GONE WITH THE WIND! LET THEM EAT CAKE LOTS OF IT REMEMBER?

  3. Joyce

    Thank you for a very interesting and informative article. I can’t wait to see how the RF continue in this same old ways and expect to be relevant without the people who brought fresh appeal. The Sussexes will do well, we have to continue to support and pray for them.

  4. Ravenel Dominique

    brillant comme d’habitude….attendons et voyons comment vont fonctionner cet assemblage de hyènes

  5. M

    Great read as usual, thank you Mr. Gilbert. Oh karma is coming for the devious, back stabbing, spineless, rat face British “royal family” & the the so call “ Journalist “ & I an here for it 😈

  6. Mahevo

    I look forward to your book Mr. Gilbert on the Sussex family first 3 years of being senior royals.


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