Harry and Meghan: Flying High Above Messy Island


In the third week of January 2020, when the Duke of Sussex agreed to the unfavourable terms with his family after the Sandringham meeting about his and his family’s future, the British media in typical fashion – the serious and the gutter ones – went totally insane with all sorts of predictions that they believe, would befall on the Sussex family.  Some of them decided that with the Sussexes warned off from using their HRH titles in their future business activities, no company would want to work with them.  To them, the HRH is the ultimate symbol irrespective of whether one is a total twat like Andrew.

They questioned in newspaper articles and television programmes what they could do in the world outside of the Royal family, especially the Duke, who has spent all his life in the family. They were finished, they said. What could they do?  The Duchess would go back to acting, but what about the Duke?  What can he do?  They stupidly fulminated. They will soon go back to the Royal Family with their tails unceremoniously tied between their Royal legs. They said. These people had forgotten that the Duchess had only joined the Family almost two and a half years ago and had been working all her adult life. They forgot that the Duke had been a professional soldier and a military pilot.  He had also founded three great charity organisations with one more set up as a separate charity foundation to help the tourism industry. 

The Cambridges have had the HRH for nine years, what have they done with theirs, apart from producing more heirs?  If the newspapers consider what these two do as senior working royals are contributing to the development and prosperity of the UK plc, then they are dumber, royalty craven, and irrelevant than one thought.

The Royal Family has nothing whatsoever to offer them. What influence – the HRH moniker – the Queen bestowed on them, has been sidestepped and would not be used in their business activities, even though Prince Charles is using his and doing business with it. That rat Andrew is still using his, even though he has brought everlasting shame to his family.  He was doing serious and illegal transactions at Buckingham Palace before his past caught up with him.  No one said anything then until he got his comeuppance.  Is that karma or what?

Of course, the rest of the world outside of the media looney tunes, do not see things through the warped prism of the outdated journalism that prevails in England. Scottish journalists are far smarter and fair, so are not to be lumped with their English counterparts. The Sussexes have been in the US working very hard to put their future life and work together, which in the scheme of how they work, would benefit some people considerably in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Since the Sussexes stepped back at the end of March as working Senior Royals and moved on, the sycophantic toadying media in England, have seen news gathering about them dwindle to zilch.  What has been written has been lies, totally rubbish and if taken seriously could be slanderous and liable to litigation. The Sussexes to their credit, have not taken any article or any conversation on television that serious, which tells us these journalists are not worth anything to lose sleepover.

If most of the newspaper and magazine editors are not hock in sync with the aims of some in the Royal Family to disrupt the marriage of the Sussexes, these articles would be deemed silly and not worth putting out.  If a tabloid or even serious newspapers like the Times, Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph attribute fake stories to someone close to the Sussex family, they are just being very disingenuous and outright liars.  No friend of the Sussexes would ever speak to a journalist from the conservative-leaning media in the United Kingdom. They would be out on their ear, if any of them did, not the Duke’s friends in the United Kingdom or the Duchess’s friends in the US and Canada.

The tabloids are just rotten to the core and not worth expending valuable time on them, suffice to say their plot to dismantle the Sussexes’ marriage and thereby pushing the Duchess to return to the US, has failed miserably.  They left on their own terms. The despicable disgraceful editors, their third-grade columnists, and television presenters have all done what they could possibly have done and that is that.  No more a shackled Duchess, who could not respond to their lies and abuse.

We all remember the warning in March when the Sussexes highlighted false stories made up by the newspapers, the endless television conversations, and ridiculous documentaries. They stated that if a news item is not coming from their spokespeople, then it is a lie from the scavengers. These are immoral scavengers parading as journalists and peddling junk about two people, who are doing their best to play a meaningful role in a world that is on the brink of catastrophe. 

These news organs behave like they matter so much to the Sussexes, but they do not and will never be. They are the ones seeking news about the family and because they are not getting it, are faking it. They are seriously hurt that the Sussexes have cut them off from their lives, so they will pay for made up stories and pay paparazzo to take illegal photographs of a toddler. They will, one of these days, be called on to justify their stories in the Court of Law.

What newspapers decide to print and who writes them are irrelevant to the Sussexes because these scavengers do not matter one iota to their future and lives. What harm they did has come and gone. The newspaper pieces we see now are from jealous deadbeat scavengers, who must justify their salaries so repeat fake stories to make themselves relevant. However, they are writing to their own conservative boring readers and not converting new readers. Their readers never supported the Duchess in any case. A cursory look at replies to articles from their readers shows how extreme they are, even worse than the deadbeat scavengers.

Even though the ugly Camilla Tominey uses her columns to disparage the Duchess at every opportunity, she is making money on her at the same time, as she goes on local and some international television programmes every so often, to talk about her or both the Sussexes. So does that ignorant New Zealand toad Dan Wooten. They use the Sussexes to make money but pretend they are irrelevant and should be abused as both recently did.  Everything she has ever said and written about the Duchess are lies and defamation of character, which she could be sued to prove them. She was obviously put up by her Kensington Palace ringmasters as she is a willing tool. She ought to know that she is defaming someone, who is now free to sue.  I hope the Duchess would use her freedom to ask her to prove her stories in the Court of Law. She has got away with it for so long, she is repeating them. I am going to raise some money to persuade the Duchess to take these idiots to Court to prove all those stories they wrote and spoke about her in the three years, she was here. There is so much evidence, she does not have to dig far.

Some Sussex Squaddies have sometimes expressed fear for the safety of the Sussex family, because of what they poison themselves with by going off message and inhaling poison from enemy websites and newspapers. These newspapers and websites are not relevant to where we are now. So, newspaper phony stories and the vile on websites have no harming effect on them at all. The Sussexes are not seeking approval or employment from anyone in the United Kingdom nor love from their family. What happened to the Duke’s mother would not be repeated here. The world is twenty-three years new and totally different.

It is important therefore that Squaddies do not place unquestioning faith in those stories they see in newspapers and some insane websites, none of that can derail the future of the Sussexes.  No newspaper gossip, no leaks from the boot boys of Kensington Palace to the Sun and the Gutter newspapers. Nothing whatsoever would stop the Sussex jetliner. The jetliner has left the airport and soaring high in the sky. There is no returning to life in a toxic and abusive life in the United Kingdom.  

Freedom of expression is a human rights entitlement and so going back to the same stifling atmosphere in the United Kingdom, would be detrimental to both their health. To defend oneself from defamation in the news media is a legal right for every human being. Should we then care what those scavengers write in their newspapers and spew on their inconsequential television programmes?  Of course, not. The Sussexes have gone from the toxicity and there is no returning to that, no matter what is reported to have been dangled before the Duke supposedly by his father and leaked to the tabloid recently. We would do well to ignore what the newspapers put out about the Sussexes in the United Kingdom and some US magazines, they are tosh, liars and irrelevant, not the other way round as the newspapers claimed.


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15 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan: Flying High Above Messy Island

  1. Sparky

    Welcome back Mr. Gilbert! Your level headed thoughts and detached observations were sorely missed!

  2. Donna Edwards

    Welcome back Mr. Gilbert! I have missed your calm and insightful analysis of the circumstances surrounding the situation regarding the Sussexes, RF, and BM. Thank you for another great article.

  3. Dianne Hawkins

    Efforts to undo the Sussexes’ good has boomeranged and undone the vile media hacks used as tools in the Shamebridges’ Defamation Campaign against Meghan and Harry. At the hand of their very own ruthless and hateful acts, thirsty media now have almost zero access to the Sussexes, have only events scheduled for and by the Sussexes to highlight their causes as an offering, and will see Archie only under very infrequent and highly controlled circumstances. Media, also, must travel hundreds of miles to get their occasional photos, and pick up media scrap crumbs carefully strewn by the Sussexes when they choose to do so. In short, by removing all of the constraining royal titles, duties and expectations (meant as punishment) the hate campaign paved the way for the freedoms now enjoyed and controlled completely by Meghan and Harry brought to us on their terms, in their own way and on their schedule. Recognize. Sussex Strong!

  4. Jessyca McCargo

    Oh, … I have truly missed you and your writing. As always, you are so spot-on in your observations. The Sussex(es) are doing just fine in L.A. and all the saber rattling is just that: saber-rattling noise in the wind.

  5. Margaret

    The RoyalRats,, BritishMaddogs, tabloidrantingragers, all operate at the dogwhistling of the RottingFreeloaders. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
    I for one believe when the covers come off what has been going on will blow our minds, most of what is hidden is not even what we are being led to believe, probably far more sinister.

  6. Gladys

    Well be back Sir & thank you for this well written piece, i say the British Media, Royal reporters & the Royal Family are jealously evil as well as being totally insane, what a crazy drama happening over there & its being displayed on the world stage!! its so so sad to witness.

  7. Elizabeth Badu

    It’s good to hear from you again Mr Gilbert, l hope all is well with you, and once again you didn’t disappoint,your article was truthfull and at the same time educative merci.

    1. Siti Lela Abdul Rahman

      This is my first time reading your article. I find it very insightful and fair. Thank you . Look forward to reading more.

  8. SuE Sue

    Wait…..I thought they were irrelevant??? Yet they are still making waves over on that toxic island. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  9. Claudia Barnswell

    The British media is complete garbage. Because of them and their bosses (BRF) I have totally changed my mind about traveling to the UK. As a matter of fact, I know a few people who completely agree with me. Britain is looking very bad on the world stage. And the Only people to blame are the BRF and their extended PR department aka the British media.


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