I said in one of my past articles that, some people in the United Kingdom would only be mentioned or talked about by other human beings, when they use whatever platform they are on, to make derogatory and outlandish made-up stories and comments about the Duchess of Sussex, but not so much about the Duke.

The unfortunate problem, if one would call it that, is to read their articles, listen or watch such nonentities and respond or raise their sordid pieces on other platforms, such as during Sussex Squad podcasts. That is sadly and unwittingly giving them credit they do not deserve. These are just attention seeking sad souls using the Duchess to achieve fame.

Take an article in one of our tabloid newspapers as an example. The writer would be writing for a very few of his or her readership (they never have that many), but because the Duchess’s supporters are quick to respond, that reaction magnifies the offending article making it possible for other news outlets to repeat what was written or said. We should remember that the Duchess is always box office news. All the news media outlets around the globe want a piece of her, so much so it is frightening to observe.

We would do well to self-impose a boycott of these newspapers and television documentaries, which have done so much, although unsuccessfully to make the Duchess’s short stay in the United Kingdom unbearable. In any case, they have failed miserably.

Any keen royal observer would now observe that the people handling the the Cambridges’ Foundation have, since the Sussexes split, shepherded them decidedly into the welcoming camps of the right-wing anti immigrants Sun and Daily Mail newspapers. Prince William unlike his brother, no more blames the tabloid newspapers for killing their mother for strategic reasons. Of course in turn, the newspapers have gone all our to make the Duchess unpopular, excluding the Duke. They would not want to be seen “kicking about” the Duke of Sussex, as he is the most popular royal apart from the Monarch. Some even blamed the Duchess alone for the Elton John sponsored flight to South of France in mid summer, leaving out the Duke from their outrageous synthetic criticism.

The psychology here is that “dumping” on the Duchess naturally affects her husband. The good thing though, is that no matter what these silly buggers say or write, has no effect on her. She is focused on her family and her royal duties. She is made of steel and cannot be destroyed by silly billies. It is why people across the globe, including Mrs Rodham Clinton, the former Secretary of State have expressed great admiration for her.

The oft complaint from the Sussexes’ supporters is, why doesn’t the Monarch or Prince Charles step in to stop the tabloid harassments. The plain fact of the matter is that, they cannot. The newspapers are private and cannot be ordered or commanded to desist. However, if an article or a news item published by a newspaper, television or radio is deemed defamatory, it would be up to the Sussexes to use the law to address that. That is why they have now got their own Household with its advisers and staff. They have to take care of their own media relations and use the law as when they deem fit. They have done it before and cannot see why not in the future.

I can hear some people retort that, but Buckingham Palace put out a statement on behalf of Prince Andrew, when his friendship with the deceased American friend blew up. That statement might not have come from Her Majesty herself. Like the Sussexes, Prince Andrew has an office at Buck House. The office would have issued that statement on his behalf.

I do also sincerely think, we should avoid saying the Duchess is being bullied. That gives the gossipers the street cred that something, I honestly do not know what, is working on the Duchess. As we all saw last week Thursday’s first official outing, someone writing a silly unintelligent made up story at the Sun or the Daily Mail, has no effect whatsoever on the Duchess. She does not feel bullied or frightened by these third rate journos. She does not even know these people exist

These tabloid reporters have to be ignored to maintain one’s sanity. When one does not click to watch or read stories, is the surest way to hit hard at these buffoons. They are not worth paying any attention to or give them any credit. Do not allow them to think they are influencing your thoughts. I am mightily convinced they are not influencing a soul, as they think, but ignore them, we must.

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  4. Gladys

    I do agree with you sir, but it needs a strong character which we need all to exercise as those headlines they put up are so catchy but yes, people should know better not to click.

  5. Deborah B

    Thank you so much for your article. The tabloids are hard to ignore, but I see why it should be done.

  6. Nathetta Pree, SPHR, CCP, CBP

    I really appreciate this article, as I just read a headline about Meghan wearing a black dress to a wedding and it really upset me. I did not read the article, just the headlines and my thoughts went to the fact that they research the price but did not look at the fact that the dress was Navy. All because they wanted to sensationalize a story about the Duchess. It is hard not to react but I do not click and respond. Because then I put money in their pocket.

  7. Nondumiso

    Thank you Mr Gilbert for the insightful article. true, we need to cut out all the negative comments and articles by these so called Royal experts by not reading and clicking on their trash publication, We need to cut all the negative energy around us to stay insane. Gob Bless you!

  8. Sue Manning

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for another wonderful article. I am loving your writings all the way from Texas. It’s amazing how our Duchess is so “unpopular” but the RRs can’t go a day without mentioning her. She is living “rent free” in their heads. Thank you again for supporting our Duchess and her family. Going forward, no engagement with RRs or trolls. I’ll treat them like a fever, starve them so they go away.

    1. Abena Boaitey

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article Mr Gilbert. A lot of what you said made sense, we should really restrain ourselves from clicking on these hateful reporters. Thank you so much for your insight.

  9. Kate

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert!
    I was an avid fan of the late princess Diana, and I always favored Harry over the other. I enjoyed reading your articles because, they are not informative but you give meaning and sense to what is happening surrounding the Duchess of Sussex. I tweeted once that your pieces should be front page in all the news papers out there, so readers realize the reality of what is true and made up. I do agree with you that the more we click, the more follow and read, react to these lying low lying journalists, the more they write because we are patronizing them.
    Thank you Mr. Gilbert. I look forward to reading more from you.

  10. Portia Poolton

    The bible speaks of the importance of self control and it’s teachings remain relevant even now, as we do not wish to reward or promote inadvertently, bad behaviour.
    We all need to remain alert and focused because of the ingenious devices of thrash journalism.

    I really appreciate this forum.

  11. Joy Allwood Lecky

    Another great article. I agree, ignoring and not clicking,or reading the tabloids is the best way to stick it to them.

  12. saffronskye

    “These tabloid reporters have to be ignored to maintain one’s sanity.”

    Thank you Sir. I now refuse to click into any article, even if it looks positive, from The Scum, The Daily Heil and all the other trash. I used to have Jeremy Vine, Loose Witches or This Morning on in the background when I was working. This has stopped also. We need to stave them all of the oxygen of publicity. I’m confused as to why they keep covering the irrelevant ones – they’ve a whole future king and future future king they need to be following/reporting on.

    Sussex Royal, Sussexsquad, Meghanpedia, The Sussex Set, My Duke and I and A Duchess Like Us has got us covered (apologies if I’ve missed out anyone).

  13. Judy Bazil

    I love this , well said Sir Gibert , such a well written, eye opener and informative article. Once I read the nonsense I avoid opening and reading them again. Awesome work done. 💙🙏🏾

  14. Claudia Barnswell

    Thank you for writing this article, Mr. Gilbert. I agree with what you said in regards to the trash tabloids, but when it comes to the Queen, even Prince Charles, I do believe that they could do something, without doing something, if you know what I mean. I don’t click on the trash rags sites at all. The negative energy is not to be entertained if you want to keep your sanity. I go by what the Duchess of Sussex believes, even before becoming a Duchess…No Bad Energy. Just as we are taught to not put bad things in our mouth, we should not put bad things in our minds.

  15. Free Spirit

    Hi Mr Gilbert,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these ‘biased and straight outta hell’ reporting by these ‘royal reporters’. I learned to never give them ever, even a tiny fraction of the benefit of the doubt. They will never be sincere in their reporting, because they have been so confident in these lies and fake stories, that they seem to almost believe their own lies. I am sure the Duke and Duchess, are assured and very focused on their jobs (that they take very seriously) to help as many people around the world they can. People are seeing the good they do and joy they bring to many people who need it. I hope that people in Britain, respect the Duke and Duchess and come out in support more often, and yes their supporters (me included) also need to refrain from sharing the unnecessary ‘noise’ with the rest of the world. It only amps them up.

    Thank you for being the one voice out of Britain, giving us a perspective about how the people in the UK feel about the new member of the Royal Family, it shows that the tabs were just baiting people, and trying to feed a premeditated narratives about the Duchess. They are trying to fit her in a stereotyped mold (albeit unsuccessfully); and they are failing.

    As consumers of various news outlets in this modern age of media swamp, we have to be careful and informed of what we read; and be conscious of the narratives spun out of hatred, vice and malice. I have learnt my lesson, and I hope others will be careful as well, to not give the tabs the ‘clicks’ they so desire (desperately).

    Hope to read more wise words from you on this platform!
    And as the Duchess says (also Tina & Michelle): ” No bad energy!”
    Once again, thank you!

  16. Leo T Golden

    #mrgilbertthegreat You are a God Sent. I enjoy reading your articles… I personally am always grasping for more after reading each article and await impatiently for the next. I am your biggest fan and you’re amazing!

  17. Nicole

    I do believe it is important to make our voices heard to the advertisers and networks that call.on these unethical people for their “expertise” in all things royal, more specifically their thoughts on Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, because she is the main topic.
    Big thank you to Sleeping Giants for their efforts and expertise.

  18. Amy

    I enjoyed the article. Well written short and to the point. I agree that we should ignore these online publication and not click on their articles. I know it is hard not to respond because we want to defend the Duchess and feel we have to say something. Sometimes silence is the best response. Thank you for your honest opinion even though I sure others will not agree with you. Keep on keeping on.

  19. Elan Holder

    Great article! This is a great reminder to circumvent tabloids and bad press. The media’s slander and lies hurt the Sussex fans sometimes, but we must focus our support. Do not engage bullies. Thanks for the advice, and slowly we will move forward with that in mind—Don’t feed bad press.

  20. CC

    You are so right. They aren’t worth our time and energy and The Duchess is definitely paying them dust. Love the article thanks

  21. Nicole

    I do agree that that royal reporters have their “base” who will love the silly, gossip, propaganda, etc… and they will continue to feed them or they may realize it is a losing strategy and move on.
    As we can see they all went to or are headed to South Africa, because they know they will get great content. I appreciated when Chris Ship shared his interactions with the people during the Oceanic tour, but he surely has made it difficult to find him credible since then.
    I don’t don’t click on those articles anymore, even the “nice” ones or watch or listen to anything they put out, with exception of Omid and Victoria Murphy. I know some people get mad when they report on the Cambridge’s, but they have a job to do, so it doesn’t bother me. Also we have to believing everything they say about the Cambridge’s, even the bas stuff, because if they lie on or about Meghan and Harry. Do I think the Cambridge’s are lazy or lack drive to make real changes that can help people, yes… do I care if William is or was having an affair, no. Do I believe William nor Kate did anything to stop their staff from attacking Meghan thru the press, yes I do. Even if they tries to stop it, it seems they failed and that shows a lack of leadership.
    I agree with you Mr. Gilbert, and I believe a guest by the name of Linda, said it perfectly on a previous episode of the Sussexsquad podcast… the press didn’t listen to Queen Elizabeth when she asked them to leave Princess Diana alone and they don’t really respect Prince Charles. I do feel they could have shown their solidarity in other ways.
    At this point the British people can see for themselves who Meghan was, is, and how impactful she is. Some will hate it and try to sabotage her marriage to Harry and her image to the people… but many will love it and continue to champion her. I do believe it is important to keep receipts of the lies, as they do serve a purpose, but no engagement with the RRs.
    I do believe this is a time for Brits to take a good look at the media and realize something must be done to stop these vultures from being able to spread propaganda (The Hack on NETFLIX) because it does great harm (Brexit and many individuals who are attacked). I say this as an American who see what that is doing in my country as well.
    So we all need to keep amplifying our voices for truth and to support those with high profiles who are trying to do good for others!
    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for your insight and supporting the Sussexsquad website.

    1. Abena Boaitey

      I have a strong feeling that, The Queen and Charles maybe encouraging Meghan behind close doors, afterall Meghan works for The Queen. That is why Meghan still carries on unbothered, she knows The Queen approves of her, and The Queen knows, the press will give up in the long run, 60years on the throne has taught her a lot. The Palace Courtiers are dangerous, they are the ones who sell stories to The Press, don’t forget, The Queem is 93years old, she may not even be told everything that is going on, when you are old, people dilute the info they give you, for fear of worrying her. She definitely gets manipulated as well by her own family and Staff. 93yrs is a vulnerable age, Queen or not. Charles can’t say anything publicly, because he is not liked by the Media. Side note; Sophie Wessex is in Kenya for the past Week, for Royal Engagement, where are the reporters?

  22. Zanye

    I hear what you are saying Mr. Gilbert. I have found that working with an alternative strategy helps in ignoring the hate. What ideas in terms if counter strategy could thee be.

  23. Vash

    Thanks for the article. I have a question for you sir. I just feel that the queen and this family has let Meghan down and just thrown her to the wolves. It’s like she was allowed in as a Token to show the rest of the Commonwealth that we have one of you but never really supported her. I know they don’t control the Press but it seems like one statement from the queen on the treatment of Meghan would certainly go a long ways in the eyes of the people. I’ve really lost all respect for the queen because of this. . What do you think?

  24. Isabel

    Thank you Mr Gilbert, great job once again, I do not click at any article on the Daily mail, the sun or the express, I refuse to read tabloid trash.

  25. Cindy Cummings

    I love your articles they are so informative and give a reason to not interact with three RD and I for one won’t give them any clicks or response. Thank You

  26. LRobb

    I agree although I am not sure the Sussexes are not affected by the onslaught of negativity. I just believe they are confident in their integrity and very very strong. I try to focus on the positive and have a deep wish that we could avoid the comparison wars as I think those also give oxygen to the negative. My focus is to call out lies and bigotry, and praise all the good works and impact of the Sussex family’s work.

  27. Pamela Brownjenkins

    Well said sir! As a matter of principle after the first onslaught of outrageous behavior towards the Duchess, I stopped reading looking or / clicking on any of the negative articles. Thank you for your insightful analysis.

  28. Noorie

    Mr Gilbert God bless your soul. I look forward to your article, I would rather read your article than give them a click. We have to keep lifting this family up. Keep coming with the facts. Love wins in the end.

  29. Mo roberts

    Thank you Mr Gilbert, I honestly dont know how the DOS can ignore all of this Hate coming at her, i would be curled up in a corner in the fetal position, mumbling curses at the Media, thanks for your Support for the Duchess of Sussex, I clearly was Not Cut Out to Be Royal!

  30. Billie

    This is a brilliant article that shed light on how to see lies against the Sussexes in a different perspective. Thank you.

  31. Keke

    Thank you for this article. You are right of course. The only time I get to know about the nasty things written about DoS is when her supporters repost and react to the nasty articles.
    Like Serena Williams once said…..I don’t look at anything written negatively about the DoS. I don’t want and I am not going to promote the hate they are paddling…. Meghan doesn’t entertain or loo at it, so why should we?

    Meghan is popular and she is loved and respected she is winning all the time and that’s what’s important.

  32. Nalu

    Such a well written article! I agree that as hard as it is to avoid lashing out at these so called reporters, doing so actually gives them what they are looking for – a reaction. They want people to be outraged, that’s how they make their sales. I avoid engaging with them for that reason.


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