From the spring of this year through to the close of summer, the UK press, with the exception of the Guardian, have mounted a campaign of vilification and gotcha moments of the Sussexes to the exclusion of anything the other royals have done, even including the obnoxious Prince Andrew.   Prince Andrews’s association with Jeffrey Epstein and the allegation of what he did to an underage girl, even when the abused is alive and gone on television to accuse him again, has not received the kind of stupid and outrageous abuse that have been heaped on the Sussexes.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge used a private plane to carry their family in and out of a Caribbean Island holiday.  There was no murmur, absolutely nothing.  He is also  outspoken on climate change.  Yet nothing whatsoever from the mouth foaming self appointed “watchdogs” of the Sussexes.  The Cambridges only news event was to organise the farce of a flight in a commercial plane to Scotland, just to placate the usual crazy nonentity gang abusing the Sussexes.

The Sussexes are now touring South Africa and by all accounts, is going rather very well, just like it did last year in Australia, Fiji. Tonga and New Zealand.

Back in November last year, the newspapers, either on advice or by their churlish and tawdry standards, decided to sabotage the good news generated by the global news coverage of the royal tour.  Immediately after the tour, the fat slob royal reporter from the London Evening Standard leaked a big lie about the Duchess of Sussex requesting to wear a particular tiara and being told by the Monarch to wear whatever is given.  This was a fabrication as anyone, who went to see the exhibition of the wedding dress at Windsor Castle, would have noticed.  The Duke and the Duchess both narrated behind the scenes of what went on.  Both of them went to see the Monarch, to pick up a tiara with the Duke admitting he should not have been there, but was too excited to stay away.  There were just the Monarch, her grandson and the bride to be.  There was no “courtier”, “palace insider” or any slime-ball to leak to that fat slob.  Yet that started the rolling negative stories.  Unfortunately that was followed swiftly by Camilla “Hound dog Face” Tominey’s made up a story about the Duchess requesting and being refused to spray air fresheners in the historical church just before the wedding, because it smelt of damp and making Duchess of Cambridge cry.  She said in an interview then, she had cross checked her stories with a “Palace insider” and was correct.  The usual fall back position of these liars.  Of course that was enough to generate some “tut tut” and condemnations from some royal supporters and some gullible citizens and the general news media across the globe.

The tabloids and conservative newspapers were apoplectic, when the Sussexes chose not to show their new child on the steps of whatever hospital they chose for the birth of then unknown child.   They chose another attack tactic with unfounded stories that, an assistant to the Duchess had resigned, because she was too difficult to work with, that she sent e-mails at 5 am and others had resigned too.  So far, no one has interviewed the assistant to know why she quit.  I am sure the gutter press has dangled money in front of her for exclusive scoop and not worked.  Simply because the Duchess did nothing wrong, which is the painful aspect of what happened late last year and early this year.  The royal security detail, who went on the Australia tour with them was also withdrawn by the security services, but the newspapers blamed the Duchess, even though she was not employed by the Royal Family.  That was crass reporting by the press, as that officer left the Metropolitan Police altogether.  Nothing to do with the Duchess.

Another senior official, who was included in the count, although on a temporary placement, is still with the Sussexes for the past eighteen months and could be seen with them in South Africa.  The Duchess’s last assistant, Amy, who left in the Spring immediately Master Archive was born, was with her at the launch of the Smart Set capsules to lend her support.  She left her job for a good personal reason, not because the Duchess is difficult to work for.

Having abused the Duchess earlier in the year for cradling her bump and all sorts of offences, it should have come as no surprise that the royal reporters were ignored from anything to do with the birth and christening.  Their cry that the Sussexes used tax payers money to renovate Frogmore Cottage and therefore are entitled to be invited to the christening was as childish as a child taking his ball home, because he could not dominate the kick about.

The Cottage was earmarked to be renovated anyway, whether it was allocated to the Sussexes or not.  The much talked about renovation cost was paid from the Sovereign Fund, which is money the Monarch receives back from the Government for a chunky lump of tax the Monarch pays to the Government.  The fund is basically for maintenance of royal buildings in the UK and not for spending on the lifestyle of the Royal Family members.

The Monarch and Prince Charles pay for the costs of running the new Household of the Sussexes, as they do for the Cambridges.  So they do not get money from the tax payers contrary to what some journalists and some misguided nincompoops still do portray.  Their intention was to whip up enmity against the Sussexes and nothing else.  Their South African Royal Tour is at the request of the British Government.   The Government therefore has to pick up the tabs.  We should remember that the Sussexes are not paid civil servants.  They live on the Duke’s army retirement pension and their savings.  Prince Charles pays for their clothing expenses.

I have rambled on a bit above, because of what some British journalists are rabbiting on today, Sunday.  They are claiming the Royal South Africa Tour is going well, because the Sussexes have now employed a powerful team of public relations experts, who are advising and keeping them from pitfalls.  They are also doing so to turn around problems they, the journos, created in the first place.  What utter bunkum.

They have skated over the success of the guest editing of the British Vogue and the planning and execution of the Smart Set capsule and helping to furnish a new home.  All done quietly whilst the Duchess was pregnant and the subsequent birth of Master Archie.

The Sussexes are not doing anything different from what they did during their royal tour last autumn.  The difference this time around is, the Sussex Team is tightly organised on the  tour.   They also have their own channel to filter their own news stories and the most important bit, there are no sleeping enemies to leak or make up stories as happened at Kensington Palace.

The journalists – royal reporters or not – are flailing about terribly to write anything negative and okay news about the Sussexes royal tour and are failing miserably.  They have resorted to references to the cost of Frogmore Cottage, the high summer private planes and the staff members they claim left, because of the Duchess.

The Sussexes, made a good sensible decision to leave Kensington Palace to start family life in Windsor Castle.  They have a new exciting management team chosen by themselves in place and not inherited staff, as the Duchess did.  It can only get better going forward.

31 thoughts on “Humbug

  1. Léo T Golden

    Well written and detailed (which is my fave) I am Learning so much from your articles. I am in complete awe every time. Well done and I’ll always keep coming back for more.

  2. Susan

    I was wondering when someone with a backbone will call out the vile things that were being said about this beautiful couple, DDOS and beautiful child. It is mind boggling how this behavior could continue for the time it has. What I don’t understand is why the RF did not asked for it to be stopped. It saddens me and many that the mediums around the world could do this knowing DDOS’s child will grow up to read the nasty pieces on his parents and mother in particular. Shocking that the owners and publishers of such lies can call themselves civilised and God fearing christians. laughable. Thank you sir.

  3. Kate

    You ace it Mr. Gilbert. I just started reading your opinions recently, but they were dead truth. I wish you will publish these in the news papers.
    Looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. Yaa Boama

    Its good to get your perspective on things in the UK Mr Gilbert. The Tabloid press are really the pits.

  5. Arnold Sanders

    Thank you. Well said. William also gave a speech on over population while his wife was pregnant. This is all about the media wanting access.

  6. Angela

    A well-written article that lays to rest the notion that the Sussexes are lazy, over-spending celebrities. In case the RR forgot, the Cambridges renovation to Anmer Hall was much more than the renovation to Frogmore and that was several years ago. Kudos to the Sussexes for remaining true to who they are and what they hope to do in the world. As Harry stated in their engagement interview, “we are a team.” Indeed they are.

  7. Nathetta Pree, SPHR, CCP, CBP

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for another outstanding article. I often wonder if the people actually believe these tabloids because common sense lets you know that their stories are fabriicated and over sensationalized to get clicks. To me it tells more about the individuals that believe all of this crap. I keep seeing a poll where people in the UK want Prince William to be the next King over Prince Charles and I wonder what the reasoning is. I also have read many articles where William can be disrespectful to his father. I wonder if that is true. People always concenstrate on Harry, but I think Harry has been a scapegoat for William for years, and now that Harry is married and have a family, he can no longer use Harry. Think about it before Harry and Meghan, outside of tours, William and Kate did not do joint engagements. In reference to Kate’s recycling of her wardrobe, she did not recycle any clothes the first three years of their marriage, and it was not until there were many complaints regarding her spending that she started and not in the same year. I would think after eight years that she would rewear her wardrobe. The UK people forget all these thing, but now they are perfect, the couple they called lazy, live a far lavish lifestyle than Harry and Meghan, and barely did anything for the UK, except Heads Together which was a joint venture with Harry.

    1. Christelle

      About your last sentence, I will add that it was Harry’s idea. Do you remember when he said that he wrote on a pack of cigarette his idea of a helping mental health system and showed it to William ? Kate just helped him to put it on paper and to find the name “heads together”. So, through and through, WILLIAM DID ABSOLUTLY NOTHING. I keep believing that Catherine has not yet shown.her true colours to that family and when she will, it won’t be necessarily be for the good. The horns William gives her now, she will make him swallow them, when her revenge time will come. Lmao.
      Ok, back to our beloved and hardworking Sussexes. :))

    2. Rose

      I agree, Harry was used for years to shield William. They went out drinking in bars, there would be pictures of both of them drunk, but Harry would get all the bad headlines. He took it because as he always said his brother had the tougher road ahead as he saw it and he would do anything to make his road easier. Well William hasn’t shown much regard for his brother, did nothing to root out the unmerited leaks from KP. You could see from that joint conference they did together that William was worried his wife was being overshadowed. He kept pushing her to say something and crediting her, deservedly with this and that. Kate is not a comfortable public speaker and I am not throwing shade, but that is fact. Being a competitive guy as they say he is, you can see why William was happy to let the press have a go at Meghan to keep her down.
      Harry went to war, and they kept William home. He is going to be head of the armed services one day, but I bet you Harry commands more respect in those circles.
      Harry welcomed Kate with open arms as often seen on their public interactions, in fact sometimes William looked like the third wheel. Has William done the same for Meghan? I don’t think so.

  8. Mimi Sanni

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I agree with you. Last autumn’s tour was successful and the reporters said that at the time. This Southern African tour feels just that more organised and polished. I have loved it all so far.
    The other difference between both tours is amount of interviews the couple and Harry in particular has given to the press with regards to their work. This is understandable. They are establishing their work as the two of them irrespective of the so called ‘fab four’. With the soon to launch Sussex royal foundation all the work is being clearly laid out. The lack of interview with the press was understandable last tour as it was Meghan’s first tour (a major tour at that) and she was in the early stage of pregnancy so it is understandable that they were more cautious and just taking their time to be more comfortable.
    The interviews have also been focused on the work and no personal life. Setting boundaries. Great

  9. Lovie

    May God bless u always, lovely opinion piece. Harry made it know on tour that he will protect his wife. Can u tell me why they don’t they write about the relevant heirs with so much interest seeing that as per the media the Sussexes R not relevant. I think KP was the sewage.

  10. Free Spirit

    Hello, Mr Gilbert, Sir, thank you for this writing piece. It was heartbreaking hearing all the hoot and tantrums from the British Press after the Oceania Tour about the DDOS. There was no doubt in my mind that the stories written in the papers were a load of hogwash and bad pieces of fiction. What was astonishing to see was that the press around the world, simply lapped up these fictional tales; because no one really paid much attention to the BRF before, and their only point of news was from the Royal Reporters and ‘Royal Experts’ (they are grand gossipers, actually). It was really damaging to see as well as to hear the ‘opinions’ of so called ‘Royal Experts’, they know nothing for real. I am from the other side of the world, and it made me really angry to read and hear these slanders about the DDOS. It had affected me so much, that I began to see the UK, as a country that I would strike off from my list of favourite travel destinations.

    I am glad, however, to observe now that the British Press has been called upon their biased reporting, especially the Royal Reporters (can they try to be professional moving forward? Maybe never…sigh), by the international media, as well as well-known faces who actually know and who have interacted with the Sussexes. The DDOS’ social media initiatives to tell their own stories, the way they want to , and not at the beck and call of the British Press, has been a extremely well received by their supporters globally (myself included) . This has caused a famine within the Royal Reporters’ field of lies, biased stories, sexist comments, humiliation and disrespect towards a young adorable family (wanting to make a positive change in the world) as well as racist misogynoir.

    For those of us not living in the UK, we need more voices like yours to speak out, so that the very young generation of future Royals are not subjected to such slanders in their young lives in the future. It is quiet obvious to see, that the DDOS, are given the love and respect for their union, their love, and more importantly their work in the Commonwealth, rather than their own motherland, whom they are representing with their hearts. It is sad, that in their own country, they are disrespected, made fun of, humiliated. And it is not fair, just not fair, on a young family, who want to do good and set a good example for their little one.

    (Crying as I type this…)

  11. Pinky Donaldson

    Thank you, Mr. Gilbert, you are on fire your analysis of what has occurred since Meghan has married into the royal family is spot on, this article should be distributed to everyone in Great Britain and all over the world who are wondering why the British Press are trying to turn the public against the Sussex’s and undermind or belittle her achievements and the projects they are working on together, thank god the Sussex Squad has created a platform in order to counter the distortions and lies that are being broadcasted by the British Media.

  12. Sue Manning

    BRAVO!!!!! Thank you for another great article giving us facts. Funny how actual “journalist” can’t do that. I find it sad that Harry and Meghan are out here being forces for change and good, while those other royals (except Charles) sit on their backsides and do nothing, but get praised. Harry and Meghan have been the same kind, generous and hopeful people since we first heard about their romance. The only change is that they are now sharing these attributes with more people. Thanks again and keep up the good fight.

  13. Paula

    It can only get better going forward, Amen.
    A very nice piece. Failing miserably are those journos indeed.
    The cost of renovation of houses of the other royals is far more than what the Susssexes spent and their apartment is very modest compared to where the other royals are living.
    I wish to appreciate the good and dignified stand of The Guardian in all these debacle. I am really surprised that the Duke of Sussex post on ecosystem balance did not use The Guardian for the publication; maybe there is an official agreement with using the telegram for such functions.
    After the Tour of Australia et al, it was very disconcerting to see how the press freely attacked the Sussexes. It made me wonder about the Royal Family. No matter what, Harry will not be just a spare. He has a vision to reach out with what is being given to him as the second son and I don’t see why he should be despised for doing more than being a lavishing shadow.
    I have come to believe that the nasty journos believe that if they shout it loud enough, they can make it true indeed. Well, their voices will not carry. Sussex squad is blessed.
    On the first day of the African tour, there were open threat for the Sussex to display their son or be negatively portrayed. The first pictures that I saw were mostly from non British press and soon they could not lie about the successful kick off as the pictures and videos were all over the internet. It appears they are ready to sacrifice the vision of the British Government that the DDoS are representing just to spew hate.
    They will bear it in mind that the deeper the foundation, the higher the frame can go. I can only believe that there are greater things beyond our imagination that the Sussexes will conquer.
    What a wonder in this time of living.

  14. Deborah Fraser

    Once again credible article Mr. Gilbert. I suspected as much. I also observed a bit of padding on some, meaning the size and space and number of letters to fit into a slot. In publications there is a generic template by which articles have to fill. Therefore always a background of the Duchess is always regurgitated to fit. With no access to leaks and ole school disgruntled staff, these tabloids have to resurrrect their propaganda narratives. I am waiting with abstated breath for the devil’s clan to resume their lies. But that being said thank you once again for keeping us well informed. On a last note BBC has finally show their racist nature.

    1. Thandi

      Great aricles, truthful assessment about the Sussexes, continue with your objective analysis,

  15. Mo roberts

    Good morning, Mr Gilbert, my Love, greetings from the US Virgin Islands! You have certainly made my Day & my entire Week with your latest contribution, Rofl😂😂, Omg you were on 🔥🔥, BRAVO! 👏👏

  16. Nicole

    Once again you are spot on. Thank you. If only your articles could be wildly distributed within UK, Australia, USA, and Africa!
    Much of the UK media is unethical and lazy and they should be exposed.


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