We are not Royalists, we are Meghanists! ft. Afua Hirsch 044

Sussex Squad ,

 We have Afua Hirsch on our podcast today eeekkkkk! Cue Tina freaking out!! We wanted to take the time to say thanks to Professor Maynard for helping us snag this! And and a special thanks to Afua for agreeing to join uThe problem

Our sincere apologies for some of the sound issues! We had some problems connecting, so we had to record over the phone with Tina holding the phone to the microphone. we tried to clean up the background noise but we just couldn’t

Topics Covered:

Danny Baker ( We lost a lot of audio in this segment) 1:43

Diversity in Journalism in the UK especially within the royal press corp 4:27

How can we support Meghan though we don’t support the Monarchy 9:41

The Monarchy’s history with colonialism and slavery and how to separate that from Meghan 15:02

Finally, who has the best Jollof Rice (Ghana or Nigeria) LOL! 17:10


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