Meghan and A Stalker Called Sreip Nagrom

I got off work yesterday and saw a screenshot that Sreip Nagrom(SN) shared on Twitter and I was physically enraged.

This is not okay.

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that Meghan met him in that pub (I seriously doubt it). Does that warrant this kind of harassment? He munched a tweet allegedly from Meghan with the words “Well hello there, thanks for the follow …. big fan of yours”. Let’s just assume that the message is accurate, she did not say “thanks for the follow back” which means he followed her first. What was that tweet meant to prove? A lot of people have started questioning that meeting in the pub and he thought he would make a private message public to prove that he had contact with her.

If we compile all the articles he has written about her, I bet he should land in the full-blown stalker category. He is sick and obsessed with her and the police need to get involved.

He claims that he is angry about her relationship with her father. I’m not surprised though, lying, entitled white man defends lying entitled white man. What is his business with her relationship with that sperm donor? What does he get out of it? He is so invested in her relationship with her father. Why?  Oh wait, it’s worse than I thought. Does he see Thomas Markle as his father-in-law in that twisted-stalker kinda way? 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Did he really cheat on his first wife? Did he really abandon her for a more famous woman? Did he feel he was too good for his first wife after his profile increased? I wonder if I will ever find out what actually happened? No, I won’t, you know why? IT’S NOT MY DAMN BUSINESS. That’s his personal life.

I am not surprised Meghan chose to leave den of traitors called family. No one has spoken up for her and yet they keep entertaining this charlatan and the same press that abused her family in their circles.  How do you expect her to be happy? It’s like your family members being best friends with someone that tried to rape you.

The Markles are beyond redemption. Not because of rumors or hearsay. They have shown the world who they are and objective people know. When last did Thomas Markle see his other children and grandchildren? When last did the other half-sibling see her own children? How convenient that Meghan and Archie are the ones he wants to have a relationship with.

Twitter is complicit in this abuse. He has been reported several times. If this were an ordinary person, this would be seen as stalking. His employers are also complicit.

Meghan has never said a word about him. She has not attacked him, she has done nothing wrong to him but rightly keep her distance. He is obsessed with her. He only mentions Harry in a few his poisonous articles to make people think he is attacking both of them. It is clear for all to see that Meghan is his target. Harry was talking about mental health and other topics close to his heart before he met Meghan. How many articles did SN write, telling Harry to stop preaching? The royal family have been using private jets and talking about climate change before Meghan came in the picture. How many articles did SN write about their hypocrisy? The royal family have talked about their causes years before Meghan came in the picture, where are SN’s articles attacking them? When they posed for and guest-edited magazines, did he write any articles condemning them?

It is very clear that his target is Meghan. He is jealous of Harry and he is obsessed with her. Which is weird because he is a whole married man. I bet he sees Meghan’s face when he looks at his wife. He is obviously in love with her and the fact that she is ignoring him is destroying him. He wants to engage in a war of words with her because just like the stalker that he is, any attention positive or negative, is good. He can feign journalism and freedom of speech all he wants but everyone knows that SN is obsessed with Meghan and he is jealous of Harry. If only she would breathe around him, his life would be made Dream on stalker!

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4 thoughts on “Meghan and A Stalker Called Sreip Nagrom

  1. Patricia Grant

    This vermin that is SN is allowed to get away with what he’s doing because he know things about certain people that would stir up some s**t. GMB thinks that because of his obsession with the duchess of sussex it would boost their ratings. WRONG take note the BBC breakfast show have a higher rating that GMB. They don’t go for that trash.
    Lets not beat round the bush here if T the sperm donor was a black man they would have destroyed him by now. Notice how no one talked about the sperm donor and how he would go to thailand every year without fail, we all know why these old white men go to Thailand, this story is not gossip this is from the sperm donor’s own son. He swears he has kids in Thailand. To all you investigative journalist out there just think of the story and the headlines. The one SN is know in the UK as the p***y stalker.

  2. Donna Edwards

    His behavior would not have been tolerated if it was directed at Kate. The RF would have shut him down immediately.

  3. Cassandra Jennings

    Wow!! Totally agree. I saw that tweet Your article verified what I thought. He is also a dangerous idiot!


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