The media’s lies and hysteria regarding the Sussexes

Ever since October 2016, when someone at Kensington Palace leaked the ‘liaison’ between the then Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle, the tabloids and the conservative ‘serious or broad’ newspapers have waged a relentless war of attrition against her. Why is that very difficult to understand?

Led by the Daily Gutter and its sister Gutter on Sunday, the newspapers and some television presenters have used their unquestioning positions to comment and insult the Duchess at the drop of a hat.  The oft comment media people give is that everyone gets involved with the Royal Family have to go through insults and harassment, which is to say, they have taken the laws in their hands to approve of who gets to be part of the Royal Family.

The crude way they have done that is to abuse, humiliate, and intimidate the person involved.  Their parents are not free from that.  If any of the newbies get scared and back off, then that is chalked off as a win, as the Duke of Sussex’s previous girlfriends can attest.  That has gone on for years, and as no one has taken any newspaper to Court for harassment, it would continue until when Master Archie starts dating.

It is wrong and very dangerous.  We cannot have one section of the society take it on themselves to make the lives of other human beings so miserable. Whether royal or not.  Kate Middleton was lightly subjected to this abuse but stopped at some point when she started having children.  Lady Diana went through the same abuse, and it never really stopped completely.  She later in life used and be used by the newspapers.

However, the Duchess of Sussex’s abuse and harassment are worst than those two and continue since the heady days of October 2016.  Whatever she does is pored over, and those who have views would give them in unflattering ways possible.  Not that these people were making snarky and irrelevant comments in newspapers, radio, and television shows are any better, far from it.  Most are middle-aged and older and have no other experiences in their lives.  Not that they are even important, no, they are not, but the constant snipping with lies do accumulate and can persuade the gullible, who read their newspapers or tune into their radio or watch their television shows.

These journalists and presenters – men and women – are inadequate and have unfulfilled lives.  They are taking their frustrations on someone they do not know, only see on television, but who seems to be so successful and good at things they can never contemplate doing.  Here was a lovely lady from the US snarl up their popular Prince and start doing successful things out of left field.  Their own Brit Duchess of Cambridge has been around for years, and nothing like that has happened.  Of course, she had given them two heirs for them to gawp at, and another was on the way.

Take that tub of lard, the Irish Eamon Holmes.  Not happy for being censored for calling the Duchess of Sussex uppity, he went on a crazy rant last week against her again.  This time very personal insults.  This man is over sixty years old and is not particularly anything to look at, just one ugly Irish lard with a loved in fat face, fat belly and pudgy fingers.  He left his wife and married a fellow TV presenter.  Both are very fortunate to work as television presenters as they are not presentable in any way at all.  What is beef with the Duchess who he has never met and never will?

As Gayle King the US television presenter said in a documentary after the 2018 Royal Wedding, everything the Duchess touches turns to gold, no matter what it is.  When the Sussexes venture out on engagements, they tend to hoover all the news and interest, which is no fault of theirs.  That generates envy and hatred in places they feel starved of publicity.

The disturbing and dangerous tendency of British journalism is the feeling they have to destroy someone’s life to achieve an undefined end.  They have tended to give cheap publicity to unknowns and then cut them down in their prime to satisfy a primitive lust to destroy.

However, the Duchess did not need their kind of publicity.  They started the bad relationship in 2016 in a very antagonistic way, and enemies were created and continues.  The Duchess, in particular, has had no respite from most of the newspapers, whether tabloid or not. Anyone who goes on the news media to deny the majority of the newspapers are not racists ought to examine their conscience.  Thank goodness the Sussexes signed on to Instagram late last April.

The Queen and her heirs have agreed to independent working lives from the Sussexes.  No one outside that meeting group knows the reasons given at the meeting by the Duke of Sussex to become members of the Royal Family instead of Senior working Royals.  Rumours had emanated from Prince Charles’s Court that he wants to streamline the working Royal Families.  I heard about this last summer, but at the time, the thinking included the Sussexes.  However, late last year, the thinking was leaked to favourite journalists, and that excluded the Sussexes.  Prince Charles, it has become known, confirmed to the Duke of Sussex of his streamlining plans and that the Sussexes were not part of it.  He then asked his son to come up with ideas of what they would want to do.

He was at first reluctant to send the draft of their plan, as he felt it could be leaked.  He did in the event send copies to his father and brother, but some smart alec traitor leaked it to the Sun newspaper’s showbiz editor.  To cover the tracks of the source of the leak, that buffoon lied that a friend of the Duchess hinted at the plans to him.  I know British tabloid journalists tell lies and fabricate stories, but would any friend of the Duchess be so treacherous as to betray her friend and hand over such a sensitive document to a low life enemy like that person?  I think not.  The draft was leaked by someone at Kensington Palace, which confirmed the Duke’s reluctance at first to hand over the plan earlier.

Perhaps, when the Sussexes realised that leaks were sabotaging their plan and future, decided to publish it on their Instagram account and later on their newly created serious website. Prince Charles and Prince William had copies.  The Queen was informed by the Duke and wanted a meeting at Sandringham to explain further, but was told he had to discuss with his father first.  Prince Charles had been traveling and did not make time only if he had.

The reaction of the newspapers were pure synthetic and flakey.  They based their abuse of the Sussexes on a response purported to have been made by the Queen that she was blindsided, not told about the plan, and was hurt.  That was pure fake.  That came from a contact of the BBC royal reporter.  When word got around that the senior royals knew about the plan before its publication, the narrative was changed to; the Sussexes ignored the Queen’s entreaties not to show their plan in public.  Someone forgot to remind those racists that parts of the plan, if not all, had been leaked to the Sun buffoon, who had highlighted that in his showbiz column as exclusive.

A BBC royal reporter described in graphic details how the Sussexes decision to publish had caused hurt and angst from the Queen and other Senior Royal members – Prince Charles and Prince William.  The BBC story set up the scene for the following days insults in the newspapers until the Queen stepped in to call his son and grandsons for a chinwag to thrash out a solution to the Sussexes’ plan.  Had Prince Charles given an hour of his time to sit down with his son, a lot of last week’s hysteria would be avoided.

As everything that the Duchess is involved, even after the Queen issued her statement, some journalists, including Chris Ship, were questioning why she did not refer to the couple as the Duke and Duchess and called them by their first names and only later she mentioned the Sussexes.  To them, that meant the Queen might take their titles away in the near future.  The royal reporters, among news outlets from around the globe, who set up camp on Monday at Sandringham, were expecting a gore-fest whereby the Sussexes would be stripped of their title and everything else and marched naked off the Sandringham Estate.

Royal titles are not so easily stripped off like that.  The Duchess of York, after being caught with her toes being sucked off by a financier, which lead to her divorce from her equally obnoxious husband, has not had her title taken off her.  Neither has the Duke of York’s.  The only ‘crime’ the Sussexes are supposed to have committed is to insist on a new way of working within their family.  And that is only because there is a thinking of changes afoot that do not include them.  Even the Queen stated they are valuable members of her family.

The Sussexes have declared their intention to continue with their charity work, their patronages and would undertake whatever engagement the Queen and the UK Government ask them to do.  They would also take on more charities.  They do not want to toil for others in the Senior Royal role and still be abused by journalists current and former.  They do not want to be insulted of living off taxpayers, even if that is negligible.  Newspaper columnists have used that to hurl abuse at the couple, also though others have been in the system since they were born.

So their enemies have now moved on to their security.  Who is going to pay for their security and their traveling expenses between the UK and Canada? The point is that they will still act on behalf of the Queen and the UK Government.  There are only Prince Charles, and Prince William left to do engagements.  Discussions are ongoing to map out areas the Sussexes could be deployed as Royal Family, so the hysteria of recent days were overdone and only because the Duchess is involved.

The Sussexes have not cut the royal umbilical cord.  The Duke would never do that to his family.  Even the Duchess has not officially declared her father persona non grata after all the unpleasantness that oaf has caused her.  They are still under threat by right-wing extremists influenced by the right-wing media, so they have to be protected at all times.  Why anyone questions that shows us the reason the Sussexes detest the media so much.

Some old foggies yesterday tried to make sense of the Sussexes decision.  The Duke they felt was forced into it by his wife because he loves his family and would not abandon it, were it not for the Duchess. That reminded me of their 2017 engagement interview.  In answer to a question, he said the public thinks they know him, but they do not.  Despite loving his wife so much, he would not be pushed into anything that is soul-destroying.  He believes in discussing problems to get a solution.  The Duchess, I think, believes in dialogue too to solve problems.  She would not advocate leaving the Royal Family; they are still part of it.

The Queen and Prince Charles now know they have a grandson and a son who is principled and would not stomach abuse and racism.  They must agree to support the Sussexes as that could form a template for future ‘spares’ to the throne.  The second and third children of Prince William would face the same choices that Prince Harry has faced.  The template would serve as a useful tool to help them.  Being a Royal spare is a very difficult place to be.

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6 thoughts on “The media’s lies and hysteria regarding the Sussexes

  1. Vicky

    The way meghan has been treated by our media,rr and tabloids is disgusting and no one should say that others have been treated horribly too cause non of them were ever a debated on talk shows,news or radio all around the world. The royal family seems like they’re enjoying the attack on the Sussexes and they made the right decision to divide their time in uk and Canada. When Swedish member of the Royal family was being targeted by their media and trolls online the others members supported her and her husband. It’s sad to see what she and Harry has gone without any support from the royal family. Great article

  2. Gladys

    Oh how i detest the British Media for the pain they’ve caused this couple especially the Duchess.😣

  3. Paula


    Nice post.
    I wish them good success in their future endeavours.
    I think it is time for the British people to ask if they really believe in the charity of the Royal Family. If they do, then they have to acknowledge that it is absolutely wrong to attack and label them as they wish. If they don’t, then they should have a conclusive tax benefit free dissolution of the Royal Family.
    Whatever, the decision, they need to address the insanity of their behaviour. The Sussexes are entitled to security for as long as the RF are entitled; being exemplary ambassadors to it.
    With the Sussexes, they have shamefully shown shameless shades of racism.
    I question their (those attacking the Duchess) love for Prince Harry. Some hounded Princess Diana when she was alive and now speak as though in reverend of her.
    They don’t even make sense. It’s not the quantity of noise but the quality of speech that causes impart.
    Now they are running around claiming to have the Duchess Father as their witness.
    I hope one day TM sues them for manipulation and causing his daughter grief. I believe he will have a good case at it.

  4. Gladys

    Its so sad that all this was brought about because of the jealousy & envy from the Palace, dripping down to the British Media & then spreading to the public.
    And as for the public its a pity that many don’t even try to use their brains, an example is in this saga, the Sussex statement says otherwise & the Media says the opposite & the people choose to believe the Media, so there i rest my case that the people will hate because they decided already to hate however😕

  5. Lovie

    Great read. I had to read it twice. They Media can now focus on the future future kings and Queen consorts.

    1. Trinette L Mitchell

      There’s one problem with that: the future and future future and their wives are as dull as a spoon! The heirs and their wives don’t make them money unless, of course they talk about their scandals. And we all KNOW the press know about their scandals. They had nothing on Harry & Meghan. Harry’s dirt was done years ago and they British press already hung him out to dry for, and yet Harry not only survived it, but he became the 2nd most popular royal. They have nothing on Meghan so the press did the only thing they were instructed to do: LIE!

      When will these people learn??? They are so dehydrated for the level of popularity, admiration and respect that the Sussexes COMMAND that they felt the need to resort to paying for it by bullying Meghan. They can’t buy admiration, popularity and respect….those things are EARNED! I have no doubt that this is a lesson the royal family will learn soon enough!


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