The royal family never protected Meghan Markle and Archie 075

#SussexSquad We told you all, the royal family never protected Meghan Markle and Archie, is more than a hashtag! Today we had Nelly from a duchess like us, MsHesterpryne, and Sonia! Michelle wasn’t on this podcast! We miss her! Hope you enjoy it!

The topics we tackled are as follows!

1. Diana’s 59th birthday

2. Shoutout to SussexSquad cooking, book, Sussex squad global, Sussex squad watch parties, SussexSquad weight loss, and now SussexSquad travels ,, ,,

3. Harry message to tackle

4. Talk about Harry speech (institutional racism)

5. Meghan’s Vogue awards

6. Sussex Royal (dissolved) travelyst Heather Wong

7. Gary Jannati deleting ig posts (article by Kayleigh)

8. Harry suing The Sun they hacked into Meghan’s phone that is why Emily Andrews was able to write certain articles Byline Harry Sues

9. Camilla T is racist

10. Court filing Meghan was not protected

9. Emily Andrews, they are irrelevant but yet you wrote two articles about the irrelevant ones. You are about to be sued for hacking you unfortunate looking toad

10. Rota would start turning on each other if the Sussexes got close to the truth. It looks like a Chris Ship and Emily Andrews are trying to take down Wootton.

We hope you enjoy it! – T& M

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Ways to support BLM

Here are the charities we believe will make the most positive impact in our current environment:

Nourish  – A nonprofit organization registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa that provides food and hygiene products for over 100 children on a daily basis.

Children’s Aid- Located in NYC, this organization provides health, food, and housing services to kids in the foster care system.

Boys and Girls Club of Canada- the largest child-and youth-serving agency in Canada that provides life skills and mental health services.

Let’s make Harry and Meghan proud, grow Sussex Squad to be bigger than ever, and make a kid’s day a little better than it was yesterday. Let’s get to work.

We hope you enjoy it!

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