Meghan Markle does not deserves this!

This video is just a sample of the 3 years of press nonsense against the Duchess. Mr Glibert discussed how we should handle them here

Pause at sections you want to read more of or go to this twitter thread where we have all the screenshot in one thread

#SussexSquad the last few days have been so incredibly busy, upsetting, and bittersweet. For those who haven’t see the ITV clips of our Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their tour in Southern Africa, try to find it and watch. It was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching to watch. Tina wanted to fight everybody lol!

That said, something good came out of it! The world was really exposed to the targeted racist abuse that the Sussexes especially Duchess of Sussex are facing in the hands of the press and the British Royal Family. So many people rallied behind them! It was breathtaking! #WeLoveYouMeghan trended worldwide yesterday. The clip has almost 22 million views. The press relentless abuse of the Duchess and the Royal Family sanctioning the abuse is backfiring. We truly hope they all take time to reflect and realize no one deserves to be treated like this.

We have decided to record voicemails like we did for their wedding anniversary, so we can send all the recording to show them how far-reaching their love and support goes. If you are interested, use the contact page on our website to reach out to us!

We must continue to stand and fight against the abuse they face.

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