Why the fear of the Duchess of Sussex?


Mr. Gilbert

What has the Duchess of Sussex been doing and saying to make grown women and men foam at the mouth with anger to write outrageous and coward newspaper articles and television comments about her?  After all, she is implacably determined to help women succeed. I am not referring to the discredited royal reporters, but people who think they are respected journalists but are misbehaving horribly and not making much sense.

It beggars belief that since the autumn of 2016, when her romance with Prince Harry broke out, the same people, who wrote disgraceful articles in the newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph have not stopped.  There are one or two new journalists adding their tuppence just for the hell of it, without new insights.  It is like the Duchess has been controlling their thought processes all along.  It is a very strange state to observe.

Before the Duchess started her maternity break, a woman columnist wrote a daft article in the Daily Telegraph to protest strongly as she put it.  Her point, the Duchess by holding her bump in public, was telling women, who cannot have children, they should cower in a corner and kill themselves.  How a supposedly experienced woman journalist could write that tosh, was beyond comprehension.  Under any other circumstances, her Features Editor would have asked her to reconsider the article, but it was about the Duchess of Sussex.  It had to be published.  Anything to ‘clip her wings‘, was acceptable, where the conservative newspaper was concerned, even though the article was inflammatory and unjust.

She was not alone.  When the Sussexes decided to keep the birth of now Archie private, no hospital step worldwide photographs, the journalists felt like they had cancelled Christmas.  The surprising thing was they sincerely thought they spoke for UK as a whole, but they did not, as some members of the public interviewed at the time sided with the Sussexes as the right decision for them alone to make.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, pose with their newborn son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

It has never been a royal tradition nor a requirement.  The Monarch and her sister Princess Margaret never did it. That is something started by Prince Charles and his wife Diana Princess of Wales.  It may be that the Prince was not all that into it but probably advised by their PR people to do it.  It achieved a PR aim then, but should not be forced on other royal couples.

The Sussexes chose the sanctum of Windsor Castle to christen their son and undertook to provide pictures to the world afterward on their Instagram account.  The British disgraceful media complained bitterly about being shut out.  Here they forgot conveniently that they did not want the relationship and marriage in the first place.  The Sussexes owed them absolutely nothing.  Royal baby christening has always been a private family affair and not open to the public.

Apart from that, the position of the chapple made it very difficult for the “scavengers” to ply their awful trade.  Notwithstanding they went overboard to find out who the godparents were, even talking to lawyers about suing to know.  They were all over the outskirts of Windsor Castle on the day, hoping for a scoop.  The christening brought out the bitchy side of. British journalism to the fore.   It was unpleasant and unhealthy.  How dare the Duchess of Sussex deny them their right to her baby and should be told in uncertain terms that if she does not toe the line she should go back to the US.  That was childish, but for those who have been contaminated by Meghanitis, any sense of reason and intelligence, have been consigned to the gutter.

When British Vogue announced that the Duchess had guest edited their prestigious September issue, the furor that caused was outrageous, over the top and very tawdry, to say the least.  A middle-aged man was interviewed on television about it and his responses were so pitiful.  He had been a journalist for almost thirty years and had never been asked to edit anything and here was the Duchess editing a magazine as prestigious as the September issue of British Vogue and he resented that.  So did all those who disgraced themselves over her honorary editorship, they resented her. In other words, they were jealous.

The thought of an American bi-racial coming into our country to show she can turn her hand at anything and succeed is having a terrible effect on these people.  During the South African Royal Tour, a Daily Telegraph columnist was so jealous of all the adoration being lavished on baby Archie that she wrote to condemn the Duchess that her son was not as perfect as she thinks.  And that was from a fellow woman.  Another woman Daily Telegraph columnist vented her dislike of the Duchess talk about her love for child and husband and warned her about first-time motherhood trap, whatever that meant.

When the Duke issued his aggrieved statement alongside the Duchess’s Court infringement litigation against the Gutter on Sunday, another woman journalist wrote in the Daily Telegraph that the Duke should not allow the Duchess to choose between him and the newspapers.  It is as if, they were lovey lovey with the Duke before the Duchess came along.  But even to write that about another couple – whether a Royal couple or not – with a baby, showed no respect to the Duchess or the couple.  These are women one would think are sensible and able to understand what the Duchess is about and where she is heading.  However, they are just a bunch of people who are bereft of ideas of what modern Britain needs and the role the Royal Family has to play to shape the future narrative.

In the Sunday Times this weekend, a journalist, Camilla Long wrote that for the Duke to call out the tabloids for abusing his wife and going on to sue two of them for phone hacking, is waging a war on them and that means he hates his family.  Why that analogy beats me.  The assumption here is that the newspapers still think the Royal Family needs their help.  They believe in their own propaganda, that they are the mouthpieces of the royals.  So if the Duke has started a war in the Courts, then he must hate his family.  What codswallop.  That is one of the most stupid articles anyone could write for a serious newspaper.  She and the others have forgotten that we are almost at the tail end of 2019 and people’s media habits have changed considerably.  The newspapers do not matter that much anymore to young people, who are the newspapers’ demographic challenge.

What I find disgusting is that these are conservative people who should give the Duchess all the support there is for her dedication and determination to help mothers succeed at finding employment through her work with the charity Smart Works.  Her support for charities, which help women help other women back to work or set up their own cake baking businesses should be lauded and supported, but instead, a few women journalists with access to the media, either newspaper or television platforms are so haunted by the Duchess they would not mention that at all.  Conservatives make so much noise about how work pays, they want to get people off social benefits into work, but here they are, conservative journalists, determined to abuse and disrespect or even stop the Duchess.  She is implacably determined to help women succeed.  One can see that helping others is clearly ingrained in her DNA.

But what about the men.  What is their gripe with the Duchess?  Why do some men pee themselves with the anger of a woman they do not know or dealt with before?  Just before last year’s May Royal Wedding, the disgusting Piers Morgan took a reporter from Canada, who was in the country to report on the wedding, to a London pub, where he said he took the Duchess, who was on a visit to England in 2016, for a drink.

He set about regaling her about being a fan of the Duchess when she was in Suits and followed her on twitter, so when he heard she was coming to London, she invited her to the pub.  He said, he even hailed a taxi for her, not knowing she was going to meet Prince Harry.  Anyone with their head screwed on would say, that excuse for a man was lying.   As someone with a penchant for name dropping, he could have asked for a selfie with a lady he described as beautiful and Holywood glamour on that day.  Mobile phone cameras were available then, so why no photograph of that meeting and no other proof.

His rants can be described as seeking attention from the Duchess or he has contracted Meghanitis and cannot stop.  He has to be put down like a wild dog with deadly rabies.  That man is just a raving liar.

The other men are just spineless idiots, who probably feel threatened by the Duchess’s stand on women’s rights.  They must feel their wives are getting lessons from her.  Why they would take potshots at the Duchess is very strange, as she has studiously stayed away from expressing any political view.

A white American television woman presenter on the day of the engagement in late 2017 quipped that her husband would be sad as the Duchess was now off the “singles market”.  Her husband probably watched Suits religiously and could not stop talking about her.

As for the other old age women journalists, like Ingrid Seward, who is old enough to be the Duchess’s grandma, she still thinks she is in the modern game.  Her magazine is as old, irrelevant and uninteresting as she is.  She, Penny Junor and others of their ilk, who have passed it and think they can make pronouncements on the modern with it Sussexes, are taking themselves too seriously.  Only trolls like their warped early eighties’ views.  No modern outward-looking person would gobble up the nonsense they spew out.

All these women who criticise the Duchess are unhealthily jealous of her, but would not admit that.  They raked over her closed Tig website, her Instagram and Twitter accounts, when she was first “outed” with the Duke, to find out, who and what she had done to formulate their views of her.  They still quote some instances from the closed social platforms in some of their devious articles.

As the Duke said at the interview on the day of their engagement, the Duchess can do anything.  Those of us, who did not know her then, are finding out now why he said that.  The Duchess should be treasured by the Royal Family and the UK Government.  She has wide and long reach around the globe other royals, apart from Her Majesty, Prince Charles and the Duke of Sussex, can ever hope to attain.

Most of her women detractors have nothing to show for their lives, apart from having children, which is okay for them.  But who have they ever inspired in their lives?  None.  The Duchess has inspired countless young women across the globe since her working days in Suits.  Some have even changed their looks physically just to look like her.

These women have not achieved much in their lives and then along comes this classy young beautiful intelligent woman from across the pond to upset their unthreatening tolerated Duchess of Cambridge.  In their eyes and warped minds, that is a sacrilege they have to destroy, even though they would not succeed.  Oh boy.

22 thoughts on “Why the fear of the Duchess of Sussex?

  1. Maureen Thompson

    Wow! this is awesome Mr. Gilbert, you are spot on💯💮 go to the head of the class!

  2. Dinah

    One can see the jealousy, envy and hatefulness dripping from afar from many of the articles and commentaries written and given in recent years, about Duchess Meghan, by manny white old and middle-age female journalists and commentators from the British media. I find it disturbing that these type of articles were aloud to pass editorial desks. I wonder if, when looking back, they take pride in their work’. Definitely no Pulitzer Prize material there, just garbage. Let’s hope that the lawsuits will yield new journalistic rules for the derailed British press.

  3. Maiu P

    Thank you, Mr Gilbert! About this Daily Telegraph I discovered for myself – it belongs to Rupert Murdoch. And Fox news! https://twitter.com/desm7496/status/1183044890848088066
    He must be blocked from UK.
    Very interesting point of view and if to think then completely true! >> “As for the other old age women journalists, like Ingrid Seward, who is old enough to be the Duchess’s grandma, she still thinks she is in the modern game. Her magazine is as old, irrelevant and uninteresting as she is. She, Penny Junor and others of their ilk, who have passed it and think they can make pronouncements on the modern with it Sussexes, are taking themselves too seriously. Only trolls like their warped early eighties’ views. No modern outward-looking person would gobble up the nonsense they spew out.”

  4. Ajoke Moses

    I have enjoyed both articles written on this forum, thank you very much Mr Gilbert for your positive contribution to enlighten the public. You are very honest and have said it all. Truth shall prevail !!! The voices of haters shall be silenced very soon, the work ethic of Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not slowing down and their impact on each project handled is noticeable by all eyes to see. Only evil people will deny their impact or ignore it because they have nothing to proof that they are better than my lovely and adorable couple of the world !!!!

  5. Cara

    .. so many of my thoughts, I agree 💯 with the article,when will these so call writers and experts give Meghan the credit an respect she deserves.

  6. Nicole

    The TRUTH 🗣
    Thank you Sir!

  7. Yolanda Torres

    I could not stop laughing ‼️ This article was so honest and freaking about the nonsense that the Duchess has to endure. Please keep educating the world with the truth, it’s what a lot of people are thinking.

    She has a lot of support, most aren’t courageous has you are so thanks

  8. M

    FACTS & TRUTH, that is what your articles are about, thank you sir. We all know the TRUTH will rise to the top. #WESTANDWITHTHESUSSEXS #DuchessofSussex #STOPBULLINGTHEDUCHESSOFSUSSEX Envy one of the deadly sins. Peace & Love to the #sussexsquad 😘🛡⚔️🌊

  9. buskyta

    Thank you for your contribution with another great article. As I don’t click or read tabloid articles about the Duchess, I’m always astonished about the depths of the british press insanity… oh boy…

  10. Lovie

    Great article again. I my self was wondering why such hate coming from women. They expected Harry’s doormat not his equal. There was a lot of mothers sending their English Rose to school to catch Harry and he went out and choose a LOVELY AMERICAN WIFE. JEALOUSY IS EVIL. She is fighting for rights of women and they r her worst critics. This woman was an established educated woman before she met Harry and he said it in his interview that he had to up his game and he saw the diamond that was sitting in front of him and he had to have her. Globally she made them relevant. #westandwiththesussexes

  11. Jessyca McCargo

    Thank you, Mr. Gilbert. I truly enjoyed reading your article. It answered a few questions I had been pondering, and I too began to question P. Morgan’s assertion of meeting and having a drink with the Duchess in his pub. I am also puzzled as to how the British media cannot recognize that there “days” are over. It must be very painful for the “older women” journalist to accept the fact that their days are over as well. Instead of inspiring younger women through the support of the Duchess of Sussex, they dig their heels in deeper, thus making themselves not only progressively irrelevant, but sour relics of the past. Peace to you Mr. Gilbert, please keep these articles coming.

  12. Carol

    Well done, Mr. Gilbert.

    You’ve captured the insanity and the obsession. They cannot destroy, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex, she’s Ms. Doria’s daughter, strong, independent and loving. That being said, human with feelings and a husband who feels everything.

  13. Deborah Fraser

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert for another powerful piece. Your articles are fearless and delve into the core of the negativity that is directed at the Duchess of Sussex. You are a valuable gem to many of us. Thank you Sir and God bless.

  14. Ravenel

    Excellent article. Mr Gilbert pose les vrais problèmes en connaisseur de la société britannique. C’est un observateur éclairé et ses explications sont pédagogiques et instructives

  15. Abena Boaitey

    As long as they have each other’s backs, no one or anything can destroy this marriage. Ingrid Seward, Penny Junor, are all reminants of the eighties and nineties. Ingrid’s magazine; The Majesty, is now a shadow of it’s former self. It is now so light in weight, I could safetly put it on the feather weight category. The other print media are all in danger of; obsolescence. ( check spelling) The Duchess did not turn out to be a dumb poodle, they could manipulate, but to their annoyance got a beautiful, well educated, hardworking, humanitarian biracial lady of great quality. They are tearing their hairs out. As for Thomas, he is allowing himself to be manipulated by Piers M and the rotten media.#westandwiththesussexes.

  16. Kate

    Thank you Mr. Gilbert. Another awesome read.
    Why hate the Duchess so much? They never know her personally, all the things they wrote about her were very unjust. They degraded her, squashed her, slander her, WHY? All those people who can read between the lines and smart enough not to believe those rubbish articles can understand and come to conclusion as to why these journo hate Duchess, because of jealousy. Envy is evil. They were expecting her to be one of those decorative royal wives, who stand aside, wear all these glittering jewels and expensive clothes and just just follow like a train puppy.
    Looking forward to your next article. God bless.

  17. C. J. McClendon

    Excellent article by Mr. Gilbert and on point. Thank you for your thoughts and opinion. I totally agree with you.

  18. Donna Edwards

    I truly appreciate Mr. Gilbert’s insight into the reasons the Duchess of Sussex is feared by people in the British Media. I am so glad to have confirmation of the reasons I believed a lot of the female “reporters” resents the Duchess. I have read all of the articles he has written regarding this campaign against the Sussexes. Keep them coming Mr. Gilbert.


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